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Hi! I've been reading your public pages for a while and decided to join up. This site is what I have been looking for! I respect the knowledge and time your members have put into this site. My DH and I have "sorta" prepared for a while now, but are VERY serious now. Before I just worried about food/water etc. Thanks to this site I will be much more prepared (hardcore). Going next week to get a wood burning cookstove and other essentials along those lines.

Again Thanks for the wonderful site!

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Welcome losmom...we're so glad you've found us!


Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you reach your goals.

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did you bring chocolate? as I am eating a piece of fudge at 5am! one can never have enough chocolate you know. And since chocolate is a vegetable gotta store up on lots of that!



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I'm JOy married and a SAHM of four children. We live a very simple life in a rural area of Virginia. I lopve to can dry foods, make soap and knit. My latest venture is making sourdough and makinghoney suckle jelly

Have a Blessed Day



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I need to get a good, working woodstove too.





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