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I need everyone, who might be so inclined, to put westbrook at the top of your prayer list.


I got a call from her...she's in the hospital. She has a MASSIVE tumor in her stomach area and they think it may be cancer. She's also suffering from terrible migranes, she's lost alot of blood, and several other things.


This is very serious and I'm shut down big time just to write this post.


She's my sister, although not by blood and I and we need her to be ok.


Please start a prayer chain, for those that might have access to one.


Heavenly Father,


I've been talking to You since I got off the phone with westie, interceeding before Your holy throne on her behalf. You are God, we are nothing so I'm asking and pleading that You interceed in her life, arresting this tumor and stopping whatever is trying to threaten her life.


Most of all, I ask, and plead again, that You give her to Jesus, Holy Father.


That's all I can say for now.


In Jesus Name,

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oh NO.

for anything bad to happen to Westie is unacceptable.



...sending my ol' hippiechick reincarnationist thoughts on this whole matter Upstairs right now...






((((((((((ALL US))))))))))

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Oh dear Westie...


May you be a cancer survivor...


Keeping you in our prayers daily from now on. Fight it, Westie. I'm a 24-year cancer survivor who had three months to live. Fight it with everything you have in you coupled with the power of all the prayers here.


Hugs..keep us posted on what's going on.



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Originally Posted By: cookiejar
Is there anything else we can do chica???
Sending the prayers too


Nothing that I know of right now. She's waiting for the doctor to come in tomorrow to tell her the results of the tests. Once he does that, she'll come home and will move ahead with anything that needs to be done.

I guess for now, just let her know how much you (we) love her, and most of all pray.
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I am stunned. We never know what path God has for us but we know that He walks with us. Know that you are at the top of my list friend. praying








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It always takes us "aback" when unexpected news comes our way...Lord, we don't always know how to approach YOU, how to ask of YOU, how to ask for our friends and loved ones......but LORD< we KNOW when the UnExPeCteD things come in our lives....we know LORD, that YOU are there....THAT we can always EXPECT YOUR presence, that we can always EXPECT YOUR mighty hand to be in the midst of it........Lord, as we fret over our dear friend, we thank YOU for the unexpected expectation of YOUR presence not only for us, but for Westie...Lord we ask that YOU would just place YOUR Mighty hand in a bubble of protection around her right now, that YOU would guide the hands and minds of the doctors and nurses who are caring for her right now, LORD that she would get the absolute best care possible.....Father, lighten her heart....and fill it with YOUR precious JOY!!!....with YOUR JOY LORD, that she finds herself immersed in strength and a renewed vitality that she had not ExPeCtEd.......IN JESUS' HOLY AND MIGHTY NAME................AMEN.....................

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Dear Lord,


First, I praise you because you are the God of everything. If it is in your will, I know that Westie will be cured. I thank you for the time I have had to get to know her on this forum, and pray that you give her your peace and strength through all she is facing. Please let her know how much she is loved, both as your child, and as our friend.



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Westy, I haven't gotten a chance to tell you how much I've come to love you though I've never met you in person.


You have to get well. I am sending thoughts and prayers for your recovery. I am also sending intentions for same.


Darlene, I feel you pain and am there with you in thoughts as well.




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Dear Father,


I humbly ask that you cover our dear freind Westie with your grace. Heal her in body and spirit. Grant her peace. We lift her up to You, Lord, and give you thanks and praise.


In Jesus' name,



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**Joining the others in prayer... and prayin' HARD...**







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will add her to my prayers as well Darlene thanks for giving us the heads up and such a wonderful prayer to add onto with our prayers.

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Westbrook, Get well!


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I am so, so sorry to hear this. Just today I thought, where has Westie been? I've been missing her.


Darlene and all, I'm joining you in prayer. I know you haven't reached chapter 8 in your Romans study, but I'm praying that

"all things will work together for good".


Westie, God is more than able!




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Heavenly Father, please lay your healing hand on Westbrook. Please give her your peace, and please guide the doctors, nurses, techs - everyone involved in her care. Please be with her family and with us. We all love her so much. Please take care of her. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Westie, you're just too ornery to put up with this kinda thing, and I can just imagine you trying to beat it into submission, Westie-style.


Hmmm. Between all our prayers (mine included), modern medicine and the ol' Westie evil-eye...you'll be soon stomping around looking for uncharted Walmarts to terrorize.


Lots of love, hugs and prayers,


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