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Can ya just picture the pair of them together...telling the docs where to get off at?


This would be a sight to behold.



angry013.gif <---Darlene, telling doctors and nurses how it's gonna be...


896.gif <---Westie, telling Drs. Jekyll & Hyde what one of the many side effects of a goat castrating procedure would look like on a human male.



All kidding aside, Westie dear...you are so loved! Many, many prayers are going up!


Thanks for keeping us posted...


Much love, hugs and prayers,


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Darlene and LunaMother......y'know...it might not be a good idea to make Westie laugh so hard when she reads this thread! See this guy ----> laughkick does he look like he's holding onto his tummy for dear life? grin



I was just thinking that the guy on the stretcher was the RN who missed her vein.... stretcher



Seriously Westie, I'm glad you liked the oncologist. One NEEDS confidence in the doc who will mess around with one's innards. Will be praying for that doc/team and for you.




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I'll be hanged if Darlene and Westie don't both sound like a couple of old nurses!! rofl Dilaudid was probably the pain med..only thing I can think of that would come close...think synthetic morphine okay...I really hope all goes good with the surgery and will be keeping you close in prayer girl!



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they gave me fake morphine? it felt like morphine! does nothing for the pain, makes it hard to focus on an object, feels warm and a bit overwhelming at they are putting it in.. 3 seconds later I wished they hadn't.


yeah that is the stuff! .... fake morphine! now I am really mad! like what I wasn't good enough for the real stuff?


I had to drive home on morphine last year. I was in shock.. they give me this stuff (IV) and 2 hours later send me home! never asked me how I was getting home or who was driving! ME!


hard for me to believe people like this stuff... yuck! a nice half gallon of chocolate ice cream all to my self is nice.

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The feeling so mutual Westy. 'bighug

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Oh Westie, what can I say? I am so sorry that your treatment has not been "stellar" to say the least. It does sound like Dr. Jekyll and the oncologist are worth keeping. My prayers are with you and will continue to be with you, and so is our love for you.

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What an ordeal at the hospital!! I hope that everything goes smoothly with your surgery. I'm glad you like your oncologist! We will continue to pray for you and keep you close in our thoughts bighug

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Westie...I am so sorry you are going through this. We will offer ongoing prayers for this surgery and for your health to return quickly. You are such a special person and have touched my heart so many times. I will pray for your lovely daughter as well. She is young and this must be an especially difficult time for her.


My chicks and I love you! Your strength and spirit are inspiring!

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Originally Posted By: westbrook
I just love you all so much!

We love you too. Try to get some rest. Know that you are loved and appreciated. You are in my thoughts and my heart, love you buddy...


P.S. Try not to talk goat castration with anyone you think might be involved with the surgery. We color that a no. wink
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Originally Posted By: westbrook
I just love you all so much!
Right back atcha!

West...I really am sorry that you are facing all of this. But you do so with such grace that I laugh with you. OTOH, I am constantly praying for you. Love you, girl!
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Originally Posted By: westbrook
I just love you all so much!

Love you too, now behave today no goat castration talk, praying for you and sending you big Mrs S grouphug2

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Still praying! praying


I am also praying for Doctors and staff -mainly to have some common sense. And that you would not just be a # but a case they take special interest in. I am sorry you are in there and hope they will release you so you can recover quickly and comfortably at home.



I am a terrible patient too -that is why I have not bee to hospital in 10 years since last DS -and if I had it to do over I would have had him at home!

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Gotta share a funny with ya'll...


Westie PMd me about 30 minutes ago and told me she was printing out a map to the hospital, and off she'd go.


As a parting shot she said:


"...wonder if they will let me keep it? sell it on ebay! "



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well, clearly-

as a resourceful woman, it goes against the grain to just throw something away that's only been used once rofl

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I know this is silly, but I keep praying that when they get "in there," they will just find a big, ole ugly fibroid. I had a friend and they though she had ovarian cancer too, but it was a fibroid near the ovary. Westie could probably keep THAT! She is so precious and doesn't deserve all this.


We are praying, we just can't stop!

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