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ABC Prep/Homeschool Unit Study - Wanna Play??

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I had an idea this monring to do with my kiddos and thought I'd invited y'all to play along! Anyone up to a little online play date??? flowersmilie


To get my kids thinking about the wisdom of prepping and through a little schooling in too!


Starting this weekend, I'm going to go letter by letter by the alphabet and let them think of corresponding things we should stock up on or do. Then the next week...the next letter. for the littlest ones, they may draw a picture about their suggestions. The middle ones may have to alphabetize our list. The oldest ones may be required to do a little research about a project, etc.


Sound fun?? For example,




Aspirin (a report on when NOT to use aspirin)

Applesauce (also have that for a snack one day)

Arrows (practice shooting for an activity)

Apple Chips (try our hand at dehydrating)


These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, what do you think? feedback

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that's a great idea!


One questions, does it have to be stuff to prep? When we get to "H", can I tell my children, "HUSH, don't tell anyone we are prepping?" DarleneSwoon Yep, I've had to scramble and do a duck and cover after they revealed more info to others than what I was wanting. whistling



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I think Hush is a great H word....and I'm planning on trying to add things we should be "doing" not just collecting or stocking.


You know what, when we get to "O", I'm going all out for Obedience. You talk about important to surviving in a crisis situation...and important for my day to day sanity as well!!



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Okay, here's our official "A" list. ( let me know if anyone thinks of another "A", cause we'll be working on this all week.



Some of these I've already mentioned...


Arrows (big boys are doing an inventory of what we actually have and discuss with their dad how we might need to supplement. Tomorrow we're having an archery target shooting event)


Applesauce ( had it for snack today and plan to buy up a good amount of it next time at the store).


Apple Chips ( going to pull the dehydrator out and make our own, study about how to best do it, let older ones peel and slice, younger ones spread out on pan, etc.)


Aspirin and Acetimetophine sp? (how are they alike, different? What does our inventory look like? exp dates, etc.)


Animal Care (Proverbs 12:1a The godly are concerned for the welfare of their animals - we'll cover this in a broad sense that addresses our responsibilities and the animal's dependence upon us for care.)


Ammunition (Inventory time, study of different callibers, etc. Safe storage and handling, etc.)


Attitudes!! (How we must stay vigilent and yet not lose our joy)


Anger ( Good anger vs bad anger and how to properly channel it)


Affection (How to show love to others during crisis times as well as day to day life)


Asthma ( two children and myself have this to deal with. Will discuss possible alternative medicines instead of inhalers.)


Aluminum (recycling, foil usages, probably have the older boys do a research paper for us on how it is recycled, have the younger ones collect cans, etc for a project and turn them in to be recycled)


I'm loving this!!


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Absolutely! And I'm so glad you posted, until you did I didn't realise that I hadn't posted our "B" list. So here it is!


"B" of the ABC's of Prepping


Banana chips (pulling out the dehydrator once again for hands on)


Board games (for off the grid entertainment and good logic dev.)


Bicycles (maintenance and ssafety and physical excercise)


Bandanas (to wear on head or over mouth/nose for protection)


Boullion (how is it made? how is it used? cooking and taste test)


Blackberries vs Blueberries (nutritional value/picking both)


Broken Bones (Basic First Aid and the types of breaks)


Birds (go bird watching and plant birdhouse gourds)


Boats (Basic Boat Safety and boating in the pond with inflatable)


Borax (Added to our stock and explained why)


Beets (Buy, taste, and explain why we only stock what we eat)


Botulism ( A great safety and science report)


Burns (First Aid for treatment and Safety for prevention)


Buckets (for storage, or a thousand other uses)


Beans (We can eat 'em/ sprout them and even do a craft with them)

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Originally Posted By: Mommaofmany
Botulism- know the signs for not eating that can of food!

If I could get past this fear, I would actually fill the ten zillion empty jars in my shed. I know it is just stupid. It is kind of like diving into the deep end of the pool for the first time.
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Originally Posted By: prayed2baMom
Good additions to the "B" list ladies!! Adding BURNS and BOTULISM!

Preparing pssst....I'm right there with you, just can't seem to take that first step.

I am not afraid of the applesauce, jelly, or relish, or pickles. We are eating that and it is really good. I have chicken soup and carrots from the pressure canner and just cannot eat it yet. I know if I boil it for over 10 minutes it would be safe. I am not afraid of the thing blowing up anymore, so I got past that. It was so much fun too! I am so close canning lol
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OIC preparing...you're way ahead of me in the canning... I tried to do sugar free jelly last year... it was a flop.


Buckets!! and of course BEANS...what was I thinking??? Where would a prepper be without Buckets and BEANS! Adding that to the "B" list! Thanks!

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fyi "C" List time!


Please add any you can think of!!





Canned goods (stockpiling, organizing, reading nutrition labels)


Canning canning (Hands on and safety and history)


Corn (and corn meal, corn bread, hominy, grits etc.)


Candles (check stock of them, study process, call local candle store and ask for a demonstration and SAFETY also)


Coins & Cash (Saving them, collecting them, spending them CAREFULLY, values and banking system etc)


Charcoal ( How much should we store, what is it anyway?, safety)


Calendula (commonly known as Marigold, and it's medicinal uses)


Catfish ( we have a pond and consider it one of our major preps)


Cockarels (we have three-by accident- meant to get all pullets)






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Originally Posted By: prayed2baMom
Mommaofmany!! What a good "B" can't believe I forgot BOB'S

Michael or Lori! Glad to see those C's..., they're great additions. I esp. like the camping gear (and candy smile )

Well this time it was "US"
we love playing games and this one looked like so much fun. It realy makes you think and just talking about it worked the old brain for other things we could do.

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thanks Those were really great additions to the list!!


Another little hint or two about how to "do" the list.


Whatever letter we're on, I let the little ones go through old magazines and cut out pictures of corresponding items. Then I let them glue the pictures into a collage. They love it.


I think we're going to turn this inot a big keep sake scrap book, pictures that they've drawn, photos of us doing stuff, reports they've written, lists we've made, etc.

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