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Help choosing a grain mill

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Hi, I'm new and have just been soaking up all the info available here. I really appreciate the time people put into this site!

I have been prepping like mad and have really come a long way. I am ready to purchase a grain mill and was wondering what is the best for the cost. If the Country Living mill is the best I can justify the cost but being somewhat frugal I would like the opinions of more experienced preppers.



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I can't help a whole lot losmom. I recently got the Country Living unit and it does what everyone says it will do. I did lot of research before I purchased it and felt for the money it was the best way to go.






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I bought the Country Living Grain Grinder and it came about two weeks ago. I honestly can't tell you if it works well or not. I am so frustrated with prepping and having everything undermined around here, that when the mill came, I threw the entire box, into the back of my storage room. One day, I'll get over it and bring it out, but doubt it will be soon. I bought the corn/bean auger, repair kit, and was given the power handle and flour bin, from the gentleman, who took my order. I bought a blemished model. He threw in the power handle. My bi-polar boys were horrible, while I was on the phone, trying to ask questions, and place my order. I apologized to the man and right away, he said "How about, I throw in the flour bin?!" He was very nice and answered patiently any questions I had, even when I had to repeat myself, since I couldn't even hear myself think, that day (Or any day, for that matter!) He gave me $50 off the regular price, for a blemished model and he said, only those involved in the manufacture of the mill, would notice the blemish...I haven't even taken it completely out of the box, so don't know if I will notice the blemish or not.


I do have the Kitchen Aid grain grinder and it works well. However, you can only do a small amount of flour and then the Kitchen Aid gets too hot. I had read about the motors being burned up, by grain grinding, and knew that I needed to get a manual one anyway, so went ahead and bought the Country Living Mill at tax time.


My sister's husband called Country Living and they were given the same deal, I got. He asked for it and said I had just bought one. YES...Her HUSBAND called and bought her this grain grinder...Just flabbergasted me...Her HUSBAND! I'm so happy. He asked for the deal I got. So just call Country Living and tell them you want the same deal that the mom with the VERY LOUD children got. We did wait a few weeks, since they were back ordered. The company was lovely to work with.

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We got Lehman's Best grain mill because cost was a factor and we really like it. In fact, we liked it so much we began grinding up a lot of flour from different grains and my hubby went on a bean flour jag! (He got a kick out of grinding) He loved the stuff I was baking---but then he got sick of hand cranking and the next thing I know, a UPS man showed up with an electric grain grinder (the Whisper mill I think they call itnot sure). The message on it said " With love from the tired old crank."


So now I am truly enjoying making cups of flour in seconds (well except for that one time the hose wasn't quite connected and I blasted myself with barley flour and looked like something out of a bad comedy when I removed my glasses and had clean spots around the eyes)


We still have the hand crank mill set up permanently in the kitchen and will use it to keep our hand in, but for quick flour, we will use the electric.


Of course, looking back, I'm thinking that with the two mills, we could have just spent the money on the COuntry Living Mill to begin with. But I do enjoy that electric mill so much after having ground it by hand for awhile. Still, it's good to have the manual for preps and power outages...glad we got that one first, it was most important for preps.

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I have been considering getting a mill for some time now. The CLM is the one I have been considering if I bought a manual. What I am concerned about is the amount of time put into grinding. My goal has been to use the basics with as little time/effort as I can. I fear that if it is a burden, no one else in the family will want to make food. For those of you who own the CLM, how much time has using the mill added to your cooking?? Also, the have said about the grinding plates wearing down after a year or so of 'normal use' . Has anyone wore these things out? I'd be curious to know how often it may need maintaining.. thanks.

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I did it! I ordered the CLM last night. It won't be here for approx. a month but it is just a relief to get it ordered. I also ordered 150# of wheat to add to my preps. Getting there little by little. Thanks for all of your input.

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Unfortunately the cheaper the mill, the harder it will be to make flour from grain. I do NOT recommend the Wondermill Jr.. I got one and tried it. It is stored until I am desperate. I use the Wondermill electric all the time and it works well for the smaller grains. It tends to jam with corn and beans.


If you can find one of the older Bell grinders in decent condition, grab it.

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Losmom, make sure you order the auger that will do beans, corn and such. We have a CLM and love it. We got the additional auger and make bean flour and cornmeal. You could probably do mesquite bean flour with the auger too. It is worth the bang for your buck. The corn I generally dry for cornmeal is just cheap froze stuff but it dries and grinds great.


Hope this helps.

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I do have the Kitchen Aid grain grinder and it works well. However, you can only do a small amount of flour and then the Kitchen Aid gets too hot. I had read about the motors being burned up, by grain grinding, and knew that I needed to get a manual one anyway, so went ahead and bought the Country Living Mill at tax time



Except for people who need to grind their own in regular daily use, I've never understood the point of an electric unit for a SHTF scenario.

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Definitely, GP.


I've had the one from the Lehman's catalog that has attachments 1) for veggie/fruit slicing/grating..2)for meat grinding...3)for oatmeal flaking (cereal)....4)and grain grinding. It's worked VERY well for years. It's been used a lot! Grinds to very fine flour or larger [there is a dial to chose]. The salad slicer is GREAT for dehydrating.


Initially we got the motorized base. Later, for just the reason GP mentions, we also purchased the non-motorized base. Quick/easy to switch back and forth....especially if DH is day-sleeping and I need some ground wheat. :rolleyes: It's a bit slower to hand grind but not at all hard. The other attachments work well with the hand base too.


Also purchased a spare set of metal grinding [um...whats-its] just in case I ever got a rock in the gears after Hooey had hit the fan. I might be using some feed-grade wheat and would have to carefully pick out all chaff/grit/junk.


MtRider [... <_< can't think of words tonite! ]

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