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I tried the homemade Laundry Soap.....

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When I couldn't find Washing Soda, I found this at www.thelaundrybasket.com






We offer Super Washing Soda in a 55-ounce carton. If you are having trouble locating this product, you may want to ask your local store manager to order it for you. It may be helpful to provide the UPC number: 33200-03020.



I took the UPC Number to my grocer and he was able to order it special order. It took 2 weeks to come in. I bought 1, and the other 11 disappeared quickly.


Our small grocery is in a small town and sells some interesting stuff. Galvanized wash tubs and washboards are always in stock.



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Ok, so here's my 'new and improved' NON-separating Laundry soap:


(Double Batch)


1 C borax

1 C washing soda

1 bar fels naptha soap


(We like Fels best - Ivory made me itch and Zote smelled like a toilet bowl cake)


Grate, 'peel' or chop soap into 4 cups of water. Let sit on stove overnight. Add 4 more cups of water, heat soap to melting.


Have 4 gallons of water boiling.


Once soap is melted, add borax & soda. Stir until smooth and non-gritty.


Pour 2 gallons of water into bucket. Add soap mixture. Stir. Add remaining water. Stir.


Let cool overnight undisturbed.


Next day, you have a gelatinous mass. I 'chopped' it up with a big spoon and used my stick blender (set to high) to emulsify everything. I use a Tupperware funnel to fill my laundry containers and it pours quite nicely.


This kept it a liquid as long as it didn't get too cold. There were still a few 'blobs' but they were about the size of a PEA. I could easily pour from a push-button soap dispenser or use an old detergent bottle.


I still give it a good shake before I use it, just to get things moving.


I use about 1/2 - 3/4 C per load. Works just the same, only the extra water and stability of the extra soap keeps it from clumping.


Also - for dishwasher use, there seems to be some sort of FILM that can get left on glassware. It wipes right off but I don't want to 'clean' the clean dishes. So, back to the drawing board for that one. smile

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kevin, first I am not a genius, Amber on page 1 (I think) posted the link!


second.. I am bald too! honest.. hair fell out after 1st chemo.. day 14.. half my hair fell out! then is has been falling out ever since. Then finally my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair started growing in.. chemo #6.. wham! lost it all again!


So we are bald together! probably I have a better chance of growing mine back though.


One thing for sure.. my head is cold!

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try putting on false eyelashes when there is nothing to keep them from falling into your eye! the glue drips down! it is a hoot!


I have several pairs of eyelashes.. a girl can't have too many pairs you know!


it is the eyebrows that drive me nuts! So about a year ago, Pampered Princess and I was at WM, in the make up isle.. (teenagers!) there were eyebrow stencils. We laughed since many girls shave them and redraw them on.. they look awful! so here I am a year later wishing I had stencils! LOL! takes me 5 different shades from dark brown to blonde, short stroke lines then add a dark brown eye shadow, then... brush the powder away.. so it makes me look like I actually have eyebrows!


Life itself is funny.


in the mean time.. I like Zote. using dry powder does just fine in my washer with cold water.. (trying to stay on topic)

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I finally gave up on streak free dishes. As I unload the dishwasher I spray each dish with white vinegar and wipe it down with a hand towel. This not only removes the streaks it sanitizes. HTH! momofmany's links do not work. What happens if you put Biz in the dishwasher?

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Not sure about Biz in the dishwasher, but here's a recipe for homemade dishwasher soap:


Dishwasher Soap

1 1/4 cup washing soda

2/3 cup borax

1/3 cup baking soda

2 tbsp citric acid


I still prefer soap nuts. They will work in the washing machine and dishwasher. You can make shampoo and all types of cleaners with them.

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I would do that, too except I need "free & clear" stuff.

GND, are you referring to the dishwasher soap recipe or the soap nuts? You can use soap nuts in the dishwasher -- they're "free and clear".


I buy them in bulk from here: http://www.naturoli.com/soapnuts/

They hand sort them to make sure there isn't any debris, unlike some other companies out there. Read all about where they come from and how you can use them.


Anyway, soap nuts are great, especially if anyone has allergies -- wonderful for babies and elderly, too. So easy to use.



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They are some dried fruits you put in your washer in a muslin bag.

I could not afford them. I get a bottle of detergent at the Dollar Tree for a dollar. It does about 60 loads for me since it really suds. I use half of what it calls for.

For me it is cheaper than making homemade laundry soap.




What is the name of the bottled detergent you get from Dollar Tree?

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