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LOL! I'm waiting for my second foodsaver... This one I got on ebay for $12 and it works really well for vacuum sealing bags. But there's no hose attachment for vacuum sealing jars.


Considering what everyone has said, that you can't have enough sugar, I've been sockpiling it. I think I have about 100 lbs so far in various forms, including a 6 gal bucket I just packed up.

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I'm fairly new here and I haven't figured out where is the best place to ask certain questions. Hopefully this thread will work. Otherwise, feel free to move it or direct me further.


I am a new prepper, though I've bought in bulk for some time. This is just the first time I've started trying to do longer storage with it all.


There is a place in the area where I can get bags of wheat. (I do grind grain.) The place I used to get bulk orders from, Waltons, would send theirs in double bags to keep for a good 10 years, but the co-op I ordered that from has since stopped. This new location the paper bags. How long do you think the grain will last in the paper bags? Should I be putting them in buckets or something? We live in a fairly dry climate and it is stored in a cool basement if that helps at all.

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Hi, Cheryl. It won't keep well in the paper bags and more than likely has insect eggs/larvae etc in it already. Some of my grains I purchased this summer already had insect damage very apparent when I opened them to put into storage containers. They were from Walton's and had just been delivered. Best to get buckets or some other sturdy container and transfer the contents of the bags and do something to kill the bugs. You can freeze the grains or use dry ice or oxygen absorbers with or without mylar bags.

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Originally Posted By: westbrook
Is this food grade or feed grade?

still, I would treat for weevils


the above link has some suggestions

That link has a wealth of information. Thank you! I haven't read through it all yet but the videos linked are very helpful. I will probably sit down and try to watch more tonight.

The bags I just got are food grade - organics. I found a local place (so no shipping) offering local organics and they were less expensive than another that had non-organic. However, I am going to look into the feed grade if I can find some and compare prices. I am more interested in the organics when the price is comparable, but we are short on money for extra purchases to prepare so I really need to get as much as I can right now. If the SHTF, we won't be worrying so much about our organics.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to order inexpensive mylar bags?
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Here is the Morman "SHTF" manual. It has the basic needs, covers 96 hour BOB and even has a "monthly buying list".


This is a MUST READ for any new prepper (and even those of us that have been prepping for awhile.


LDS Preparedness Manual



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Wow! thanks That's a great one and it'll keep me busy for several days. I have seen some of this stuff but this is more concise.


I figured from their estimates that I have about a 3-4 month supply for our family, give or take, plus a 72 hour kit almost ready. My goal is 6 months no later than late March. I'll take the suggestions here and fit together my own purchase plan to fit my time line and my family's needs.


We need to cut costs to step up my goals though. I have used Walton Feed grain when it was delivered here, but now that the delivery here has stopped, I need other alternatives. I found a place that sells organics at a good price - for organic - but I cannot afford more than a little at a time. What's the going opinion on wheat meant for animal feed? Clean enough or stay away?

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Originally Posted By: CrabGrassAcres
Cheryl, when I lived on the western slope I used to buy wheat from the Fruita Co-op. It was the cheapest place I could find it. It did need some extra cleaning but made decent bread.

Sadly, I'm on the eastern slope, but I'm sure there are farm co-ops around here. Was this just a general feed store co-op? As in, generally for animals but perfectly fine for humans?

I'm thinking I will get some minimum needs to store well from the cheapest stuff that I can find to still make a decent bread from, then alternate purchasing some quality soft wheats from nicer places to rotate in once I'm feeling more secure.
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Cherly, I don't think it is the same thing. There is a thread here where we dicuss wheat and the difference. Something about the wheat for animals is cracket groats or something about that.

Mommyto3boys, I think you are mixed up with the Grande Oat Experiment... LOL Oats have an inedible hull that I STILL have not figured out how to reasonably get off. That's what you get at the feed store. You get hull-removed oat groats at the people stores.

I buy feed wheat [like CGA said...not SEED grain of any kind!! sick ] from our local feed store. Wheat is one of the grains without a "hull".

[i'm ill right now so mebbe later I'll look up the former threads on that. The thread would be back in mebbe Sept 08?? ]

ONE THING......you must be VERY careful to sift out any rocks/grit from feed grains. Grinders are expensive and VALUABLE and one bit of rock is gonna tear up your burrs or stones. Very careful.

Otherwise, it's up to each person to gather data and decide if they want to use feed grains.


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I don't know if I am more calm or just that I have a plan and I am going to keep working at it for as long as I can. I am (new) LDS and I am planning on taking some serious $ in the next few months and making a trip to the DC area Cannery.


Part of my problem is that I am not only Obsessive/Compulsive, I suffer from anxiety and depression (Bi-Polar) and it makes some days harder than others to see through the clouds. I was blessed to be able to barter some of my cleaning skills for a tent and camp stove a few weeks back, and hopefully I will be able to take a few days income every month and continue to build and plan my FS and preps.


My New Years Resolution is to have our BOB's done by the end of January! Including some car pots to heat water in case we get to that point. I always try to never go below 1/2 a tank of gas and I do plan to try and put cash aside a little at a time as well. I also hope to build my own first aid kit vs. buying one already built. And, I am definitely going to put some emergency food in the car and pray that the boys don't get to it! (Maybe just keeping a small bag with my cleaning supplies to disguise it will be the best plan?)

My one question is that one of my children is in a Theraputic Foster Care Home and is not nearby. If we have to bug out, should I have a BOB for him at that location too?? I am not even sure she has any clue about preparedness. I do talk to my friends all the time and now I at least have one friend on board who is asking about BOB's and other stuff she might want to have on hand. I send small "lessons" via e-mail every few days so as not to overwhelm her.


My Food Storage is in boxes and crates in my dining room along one wall. I know I don't have enough for a month yet, but I keep plugging along. For some reason I lost my Food Stamps this month so when I do get them it is money to put directly into Food Storage.


My biggest fear is when the time comes to bug out, where to go and how can I take my FS with me if I need to? My mom is 200 miles away in Northern NJ (I got her 2 bags of rice for Christmas to start her Food Storage though). She thinks I go overboard so I don't tell her much anymore. I am trying to convince my sister to at least do BOB's for herself and her husband since they live in and near NY City (they have an apartment in Manhatten and one in the Bronx).


So, as each day closes, I thank God for what I am learning here and on other sites, for the desire He has given me to try to be prepared, and for all the ways He allows me to accomplish even some sort of preps. Ultimately though, it is my faith that will be my best preparation.


If I could have one wish though, I would love to own a piece of land, with a cabin and a garden and a way to be more self sufficient. Now that would take a winning lottery ticket!

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Congratulations on getting started. Just try to do one thing each day if you can. It's nothing to stress over. Food & supplies you get now are items you don't have to spend higher prices on later. Other than that we don't know what is before us in the future as far as emergencies or disasters. I live at sea level and could be wiped out in a second by a tsunami wave and all my supplies instantly gone. We never know.


Yes, make a BOB for your child that is 200 miles away. It can always be used by someone else if circumstance dictate.



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chefddr, It sounds like you're making some strides towards your goals and making some good decisions too. That's great. Being a part of the LDS church will certainly provide you with some good resources and information as you strive to set aside provisions for your family.


Before we bought our place here I had to get creative when it came to self-sufficiency. We didn't have a place for a garden, so I started planting in containers. You can do potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, peppers, just about anything! We have several threads in the Urban forum about container gardening.



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My husband is retired military, so we shop at the commissary every two weeks. I will start buying a lot of things now that I know how to proceed. Instead of one or two cans of tuna, I'll buy 3 or 4, and doing things like that will at least get me started. I've seen them hold case sales, and next time they have one, I'll take advantage of it for a change. I'm new to this, so I've been reading a lot of the posts in my spare time, and getting ideas. I'll also be going online to find out storage life for different foods, and other ideas. I started with some basic things and printed them out so that we will have them ready when we need them. This all takes a lot of investigating, thinking and planning. Making lists is important so that I can keep things straight. Now I need to find a place to store everything I get. Guess my extra bedroom is as good a place as any.


I've read that a lot of people store wheat, etc, but think I will probably stick to baking mix, etc for breads...just keep it stored in tight containers and rotating it before expiration dates if need be.


Everyone is being so helpful. I feel confident that soon I will be ready for any emergency or situation. Money is always an issues, but told hubby that as we have a little cash, I will spend it on supplies. I don't have to go into debt just to get some items each payday.

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Gapeachlady, I came to the realization that most new 'preppers' seem to go through stages. Well, at least I did.

I used to pick up a couple extra items that would be on sale, and then I began adding 6 extra.


I just buy a whole case of whatever it is and be done with it. :lol:


But I think sometimes that a person can feel so overwhelmed by it all, especially if you've looked at those wonderous long-term food storage pantry pictures around the web.

It almost makes a person want to quit before they even get started.

But I had to keep telling myself to just start somewhere and it would begin to accumulate and it does.


Now I'm noticing that more & more that when I go shopping, I'm shopping to add to my stockpile.

I don't have to buy my regular groceries as well as extras for my stockpile.

My plan is that if I keep at it, I will eventually never have to shop except for going to the local Farmer's Market to buy fresh veggies, or to buy something on sale at an exceptionally low price.


I think stockpiling, prepping, food storage, whatever you want to call it comes in stages and we just learn what works best for us, as we go along.

At first I would buy extra canned items or cleaning supplies.


But now, I'm buying extra shelving units and getting into dehydrating, and just recently I also started with ordering some #10 cans of items.

I also am looking into putting some food away with the bucket & mylar method.

I have plenty of buckets, I just have to get my mylars & oxygen absorbers, which I've been putting off ordering. :rolleyes:


I sooo miss shopping at our military commissary!!

We are retired Navy and I was like you, I would go every 2 weeks.

I don't think people sometimes realize how much money they really save shopping there, until they no longer have one close to you.

I know I sure didn't. :whistling:


Good Luck to you in your stockpiling adventures! :hug3:



Michelle in middle Tennessee

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Cheles or Michelle,

You are so right about this prepping going through stages. At first I just kind of read, thought and never really did much. I just bought some lamp oil, matches, little things like that. Then as I saw things getting worse around us, and heard all the 2012 predictions, I began to make lists and buy other things, but just one or two at a time. Now I'm buying more and feeling like I need to do it soon.


Last night hubby went online to find some ammo...and had a hard time finding it. Finally we found some that we need, but the prices have almost doubled. I told him that it doesn't matter. We NEED to start stocking up on that in case we need to find food or protect ourselves. I followed a link given to me on here and found out that people all over the world are prepping...I thought we were the only ones..LOL


My list of things to do, and buy grows daily. I even found a website that sells hybrid seeds, so will order some and put them away. I'm going to do the bucket and mylar bag thing too...am planning on four, baking mix, rice and some other things. I'm hoping that by the end of summer I'll have a good start and will keep on as long as we can.


Retired Navy huh? Hubby is retired Air Force. Yes, the commissary is a lifesaver sometimes. There are a few things we can get cheaper at walmart, but only a few things. Shopping for two weeks is also a help with having some things on standby..but I want to get things like spam, canned chicken, etc that we don't normally eat, but would if there was no electricity per se. Hadn't thought too much about cleaning supplies, but the dollar store would be a good one for that. I also want to buy a few more oil lamps. We have about 5 and use them in power outages, but would like to have a few more. We also have lanterns and now I need to add batteries to the list. Do you make lists or just buy on impulse? There is just so much info to remember and so I have a notebook I'm using.


I saw that you're in Tenn. What took you there? Are you originally from the area, or what? I love the areas there I've been to.


Well I'm going surfing to look up some things for prepping. Take care

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by gapeachylady

I even found a website that sells hybrid seeds, so will order some and put them away.




Peachy? Was that a typo? Cuz if you want to be able to gather the seeds and replant them to grow true, you are wanting "heirloom" or "open-pollinated" seeds. :D Hybrids won't grow true to the parent plant and you can get some real weirdo-non-productive results.



MtRider [just checking]

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yes, they are non hybrid, Heirlooms seeds. Sorry about the mistake. My fingers didn't work on that one..LOL

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What has worked well for me is the 'if you need one, buy two' philosophy. I have slowly built up my peanut butter, apple juice, toilet paper and the other necessities of life with 4 kids in this fashion.



Hope I've helped!



because if my income limitations any time i buy something cheap i get two or more as well. i'm always on the look out for coupons, sales and the like.great thing to have is product coupon, store coupon and sale!!!

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Do you make lists or just buy on impulse? There is just so much info to remember and so I have a notebook I'm using.


I saw that you're in Tenn. What took you there? Are you originally from the area, or what? I love the areas there I've been to.


Well I'm going surfing to look up some things for prepping. Take care



Oh gosh yes, I have lists upon lists. Teheheheheheeee!!! :lol:

I keep an ongoing list that I add to as I remember things that I need to purchase, and then an ongoing food storage list whenever I use something or need to begin a stockpile of a certain item.

I try to keep this list more on a montly basis.


It looks kinda like this:


mayonnaise~4 jars~~WM

olives~6 jars~~WM

toilet paper~2 packages of 36 double rolls~~Sam's Club


etc. that way I know which place has the best price and how many I need to get to a certain point.


On some items I'm completely stocked for 6 months, others, only about 3-4 months.

So I'm trying to bring everything up to a 6 month supply and then make sure that I have enough variety as well.


I've just begun to put away some #10 cans for longer-term storage, so my goal is to keep an ongoing list of what I have and what I want to order for each month on these items as well.


When I go shopping my grocery buggy really does look funny, 'cause I'll have like 4 jars of taco sauce, 8 bags of sunflower seeds, 4 jars of mayonnaise, 4 packages of feminine pads, etc.

Not your typical grocery buggy by any means! :008Laughing:


As for where we are in Tennessee. We are West of the Cookeville, TN. area.

Yes, we are both originally from Tennessee and were stationed in Jacksonville, Florida when his retirement time rolled around.

He got offered a job with the Army Corps of Engineers and here we are.


Tennessee is a beautiful state, especially in and around the Eastern part of the state. The mountains are sure beautiful in the Fall when all the leaves are changing colors that's for sure.


Sorry to have gotten off topic there.

My apologies to everyone.

Edited by cheles2kids
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