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Hi aussiemama,




Here's the link




I just got the starter kit myself, my first order from there.

this link no longer works,

Karla, if you go to ldscatalog.com, then look under the "Home and Family" section, then "Self Reliance", you will see the things for sale, like cases of wheat and rice. Hope this helps.

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How nice, Sendee! Your first post is one to help someone else! Hope to read more of your posts now that yhou've come out of "lurker" mode!



Thanks, Martianchick. It's good to be on. I have never actually ordered from the LDS website but I've heard that it is a wonderful resource. I'm blessed to have lots of LDS neighbors that are willing to take me to the local cannery with them so I can get what I need. That is an awesome benefit for me. I've also borrowed their can sealer for the #10 cans a few times. It is really easy to operate and makes quick work of a sack of wheat or flour or whatever.

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Mother, thank you for posting this...this was a great reassurance to me! It feels like it has been so whirlwind crazy for me. I got curious about an alternative news station, so I started listening to it. And so quickly, it convinced me that it is in the best interest of my family to prepare for WHATEVER. I don't know if all the things they talk about are true...but what if they are?? I want to be prepared if they are! So thanks for the encouraging words!!



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You are welcome, Jl. And welcome to Mrs. S. I'm glad you started to pay attention to what you were hearing. Even if none of what we hear happens, it is still prudent to be prepared. We cannot predict the weather, especially lately, and we cannot always predict adversity. Prepping is a process and a life style. Oh, did I mention that it might be addicting :grinning-smiley-044: There is such a good feeling to being ready for what comes along in life.



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I agree totally about the addicting part....just starting out and already I am in love with my tiny stash of beans and rice and water, lol. I am so excited for my new storage area in my basement I can't wait for it to be finished! And all day long I mentally plan my BOB's, my veggie garden, canning, etc....yes, I am hooked! Thank you so very much for this forum! You all make me feel not quite so crazy!!



You are welcome, Jl. And welcome to Mrs. S. I'm glad you started to pay attention to what you were hearing. Even if none of what we hear happens, it is still prudent to be prepared. We cannot predict the weather, especially lately, and we cannot always predict adversity. Prepping is a process and a life style. Oh, did I mention that it might be addicting :grinning-smiley-044: There is such a good feeling to being ready for what comes along in life.



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...."not quite so crazy", eh? :laughkick: No, we're all crazy. But we are also foresighted, thoughtful, able to plan ahead, disciplined enough to save for tomorrow instead of having to enjoy it all today...... Yeah, solid people who talk about gardens, goats, TEOTWAWKI, and such.


MtRider [....Pssst, I'd say she'd caught the bug. :happy0203: ]

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Shhhh.... I do too but maybe we shouldn't tell her yet. She might end up in the Nature's Prescription forum trying to find an alternative medicine to get rid of it. And you KNOW what it's like there. She'll catch prepping fever even worse once she gets in that door.... :whistling:



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Wondering how I missed this thread? Guess I'll have to "snoop" more often! Like all of you...preparing for emergencies etc., came on gradually for us, then we got real serious when we began to search the web for ways to garden etc., and began to run onto serious prepper articles and web sites. We pretty much plan with the buy two method, and add something new when we can. When we fill up a shelving unit, we buy another. We added equipment by using some of our savings. Just felt it necessary.

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Hi GrammyG! :wave:


Grabbing a case of commercially bottled water is fairly inexpensive. Just slowly increase your supply. But a CHEAPER method would be to just refill liquid containers like:


--emptied juice bottles


--[NOT milk bottles...can't really get milk out and their plastic breaks down anyway]


--sturdy commercial water bottles [raid the office trash cans and sanitize them thoroughly?]


--emptied soda or other drink bottles


--any larger FOOD SAFE containers that can seal and won't degrade.


You can ask your friends to save these bottles for you.



Thoroughly sanitize the emptied bottles to reuse. Might do a sterilizing hot water. Can do a bleach water soak....to make sure you have the soda, juice or whatever completely out of the emptied bottle. IF YOU HAVE CITY WATER, you can just fill them. That water already has some chemicals for keeping out algae, etc. But it's still a good idea to empty, sanitize, and refill occasionally.


If you're on WELL WATER, you can add a bit of bleach to stored water. It's clean water already but just to impede the growth of algae, etc. Use unscented, new bottle of bleach...since bleach degrades in strength after a few months and then you have to add more, but not too much. Gets complicated and you don't want to be too careless with the amounts.


The usual ratio for completely purifying 'dirty' water is 8 drops bleach per gallon. For just adding some to WELL WATER....you probably wouldn't need as much. I'm on well water and don't add bleach. I just try to change out my stored water frequently ...with varying degrees of success. :busted: You can always use older water for washing/toilet flushing ...if you're unsure. Remember, city water is an advantage in this case of already having algae deterrent.



Here are a couple sites to read about water. Note that these sources of data are slightly different in the amount of bleach. :shrug:They are both talking about 'dirty' water....not particularly applicable to your question but.....good data to know anyway.









MtRider :bev:

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Mt Rider gave very good advice. The hard plastic juice or pop bottles are a good choice. Milk bottles are a poor choice not only because you can never really get rid of the milk smell but also they are made to break down in a landfill so after a time they will leak. The small personal size bottles of water you can get in the 24 pack will also break down after a few years. They are good for rotating through but not so good for very long term storage. Lots of people had wet floors after Y2K.

After awhile, I bought some of the empty 5 gallon plastic water bottles from Wal-Mart. I'll give you the link but if you decide to go that route and have a Wal-Mart close to you...DO NOT buy them online! They are $17.00 online but around $7.00 in the stores!



Just wondering, do the plastic juice bottles degrade after a time. Like for a landfill? I have no idea. :scratchhead:

Juice and pop bottles are very good for storing beans and rice etc. too.

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One gallon per person per day is the first rule of thumb. I started with a three-day supply and then built to a two-week supply. I have a pond next door, but relying on it might not be the best of plans.

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Ooooh, what a great idea. I am so going to do that and store them with my med. supplies. Sterile water! I have some half pint jars that I'm not using and that, or pint size, would be good for medical use because once they are opened they are no longer sterile. The lady in the video is using half gallon size which she will use for a CPAP machine. :thumbs:


I have one question that I have always wondered about. When you can, you don't tighten the lid down too tightly so food can expand and seep out. I have noticed when I can something red there is always traces of it in the canner water after the processes is finished. What I've always wondered is, can that liquid that comes out of a jar also go into another jar? :shrug:

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I figured with all the talk about the future of our economy that I better just get serious and DO SOMETHING! :bounce:


So, I bought 2 gallons of water today! It didn't break the budget, either! :)


I have been collecting extra canned tuna, salmon and soups. I'm a low carber so I'm limited on what I can eat. I've also planted my winter veggies from seeds and they are doing great. The summer garden is coming to an end. I think the knowledge I'm gaining from gardening is very valuable for a failing economy.


Thanks, again!

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Sounds like Georgene has her ear to the ground and her eyes on the future :-) You'll find tons of info around this site, from gardening to canning and then some! My suggestion? Put aside some time to browse THIS web site. Just type a subject into the search bar and see what you come up with :-)

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