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I'm new here!

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Good afternoon! I am Mommaofmany, a new member here. I live in Central CA, and am blessed to have a wonderful husband and eight little Lambies to call my own. My eldest is 12. We homeschool, using Ambleside Online (I thought it was funny to read a thread on our curriculum here!)


I have spent a few days reading the forums in my spare time and have already learned so much! I look forward to gleaning some knowledge from all of you.


I have a question...what's the best prep to do FIRST?

I have a decent store of grains, beans, pasta and a good electric mill and a hand mill (a small one, though).


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welcome5 So glad you joined up. You're going to love it here! I know I do.


I'm a Mom of Many myself, seven, five boys and 2 girls, ranging in ages from 4-13


I'm also a homeschooler, but don't know about Ambleside Online, I'll have to check it out.


Sounds like you have a good start on food storage. There are some very knowledgable folks here and some great threads to glean from. I would say to start with your water?? Maybe??


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Hi! I'm late with welcoming folks, these days!


Welcome to MrsSurvival! I think you will enjoy it here as much as I do.


I love the way a lot of the threads here evolve into many new ways around old problems! Sometimes, threads get a little off track, but keep reading, because sometimes the juciest fruit is buried where you least expect it!


Mais cher! Don't miss out! apple.gif


Welcome to one of the most progressive "all-purpose" preparedness/survivalist sites on the Internet. dance013.gif Be sure to check out the for-members-only sections downstairs!




P.S. Everyone's beginning preps are different, but here's some good guidelines to go by...







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Welcome to Mrs. S!


We also homeschool, but we use Prepare and Pray for our curriculum. It is a Christian curriculum designed to teach prepardness to the whole family in a way that is not "doom & gloom."


I think a first good prep is knowlege and reading. Make plans and lots of lists. Educate yourself on every aspect of self-reliance, emergency situations and pandemics. All of this is here on this site, but there are lots of good books available as well.

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Lets see you have 8 children, you home school and you have spare time DarleneSwoon I am totally impressed.

I hope you love it here as much as I do. Yes you have a lot of reading to do. But that is the fun part!

Ask question we love questions.

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