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My garden update

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I originally started this thread when it was still cold out. I was really excited about the progress I was making with my first garden. Everything leveled out and I lost that excitment, at least until we started getting blossoms on everything.


There are some other pics in this album if you are interested, including my watermelons. Here are a couple pics of the current crop. We have horrible soil and we are hoping to move, so these are almost all homemade self watering containers.


We've been picking a couple beans at a time, and have had a meal of the snap beans and will have another soon.



The peppers are doing great. Growing big, and getting blossoms.


The japapeno in the back of this pic is just about 2' tall. I had to turn the containeraround so the other pepper could get some sun.



We've had 2 salads out of the lettuce and obviously this is ready for another clipping. We have not replanted this lettuce, just cut it back and let it recover. Because lettuce doesn't do well in hot weather, I keep this pot under the patio table so it's out of direct sunlight.



The first batch of limas didn't survive moving them outside. So I had to replant them. I decided to also try using some of the surface to try some carrots. The limas are doing pretty well, as are the carrots.



The zucchini is producing squash, the cukes have blossoms, and the tomatoes are just starting to show signs of blossoms.



While this garden isn't quite as big as some others, I'm happy with our progress. Espescially since this is out first garden ever.


Oh yeah, except for the 2 celebrity tomatoes and the tabasco pepper, everything here was grown from seed.

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f_m, that looks great. Much better than my containers. Stuff is blooming, but not setting fruit much in the containers. Our dirt is actually mostly rock, and the stuff I can buy is not very good. The bulk of the green beans I have harvested are from my Daddy's garden next door (a raised bed).

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm a proud papa of these plants.


Virginia, us moving is only part of the reason for containers for us. The other is our poor soil. I'm in a townhouse. My end of the group is where all the heavy equipment was brought in. So my yard consists of compressed crushed run that is like concrete. Under that is heavy clay. On top of the crushed run, the builder just layed down sod, no top soil at all. But it looked good when we bought it.

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Beautiful Fritz!! I have to confess I'm positively green with envy (while happy for your success!) You must have the touch to have done so well on your first attempt...just think what you'll be able to do with *good* soil! star


My first attempt failed due to not enough sun (I think) so as I'm moving too I went with the containers this spring. I must have a black thumb...or black cloud over me...NO...what I do have is a BLACK LAB who destroyed almost every container just as soon as my back was turned! furious I did manage to salvage a few and brought them inside...no luck...I guess the poor things were too traumatized! shrug


No matter...your container garden has me inspired to do better next year (the Lab is my son's dog and will NOT be moving with me!)


What kind of soil/mix did you use in your containers?...I used the premium miracle gro stuff...should have been good, but what with the dog trauma I can't tell...


I'll just stick to sewing and knit and regroup once I get settled...



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f_m, our problem is mountain soil, mostly rocks. The "stuff" I mention is buying dirt or top soil. We can buy super dirt, but it wasn't much better than the regular stuff and very high priced. We are working on it. What do you use for soil in the containers?


Your garden is way ahead of this area.

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I used Miracle Grow potting soil. I hate having to pay that price for dirt. But it seems to have worked. Next year if we can't move and have to do containers again, I'll look at what I can make to use in the containers. Those containers have 7 big bags of dirt, that's an extra $77 that I had to spend on dirt. If I can make some potting mix, I'll be able to do additional containers.


Anyone know if you can reuse potting soil? Maybe use that as a base and add compost and perlite?



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Well, so it WAS the lab beating up on my poor plants. After I get moved I'll try again for a FALL container garden.


Good to know the Miracle Grow soil works so well...

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Abi I have a big dog who is brutal on plants too. I made a fence from light weight posts and chicken wire. I stapled the wire to the posts and closed off the garden area. Voila! No doggy in the garden. (No kids either, no toys, basket balls, no bikes, etc.)


Fritz, nice work on the squash!

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Originally Posted By: Jules
Abi I have a big dog who is brutal on plants too. I made a fence from light weight posts and chicken wire. I stapled the wire to the posts and closed off the garden area. Voila! No doggy in the garden. (No kids either, no toys, basket balls, no bikes, etc.)

Fritz, nice work on the squash!

I may just do something of that kind when I move. My son is keeping the Lab here, but I have another dog too...a mini dachshund that looks just like the one in my avatar. She never bothered my flowers much, but with edible plants, she may be different.

I've had two massive failures now with veggie gardening. Oh, well, third time's the charm, right??


Just noted your reference to your earlier thread...I'd missed that one...That green herb container is exactly like the kind I used. My Wal-Mart also had round ones in different sizes that were similar...water resovoir at the bottom. What do you think of that type container? It's the long rectangular green one in this picture:


From your pictures it looks like you made your own from the link you provided for the most part. I've got way too many irons in the fire and also I don't have the tools to do that...so do you think the Wal-Mart self watering ones would do a similar job?

I'm trying to nail down everything I did this time that could have possibly contributed to the complete failure of my container garden...other than the Lab, of course!

I will not be defeated!!

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That green self watering container came from Walmart. Worked fine, but the reservoir is pretty small and they aren't very deep, so they wouldn't work well for veggies. The only thing that is still in that container is basil. The oregano didn't take off, the parsley and cilantro ran its course.


As for making the containers yourself, the only tools involved were a drill and bits, a way to cut the PVC and a way to cut the lid. I used a hacksaw for the PVC on one container and tin snips for the lid on that container. After I got that one built, I went into production to build 5 more, those I used more power tools.


Take a look at the instructions and if you have any questions, please ask. They take about 45 minutes to make the first one, about 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.

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Thanks so much...I think I'll keep them for flowers and such then...I'm going to regroup after I move...meanwhile, keep up with the photos! They're so inspiring.



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Thanks for the kind comments. You could also plant herbs in them.


Don't give up. If I can grow a decent container garden, I'm sure you can also. I think you have a substantially long growing season compared to me, so I'd think you would be able to plant pretty late.

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