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My garden update

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Great container garden!!!!!!! Very innovative with containers, and beautiful plants!


Succession planting is possible for so many crops. I will be starting seeds for my fall garden in a few weeks. So it is not too late for most people to plant and harvest many, many crops yet this year. So keep on trying Abigail!


Dogs can be trained to stay out of gardens. You might want to get some of those "shoo" type products now. See which ones work with the dogs. The presence of a dog around the garden (even a container garden) is a huge rabbit deterrent, so if you can train the dog to not actually go in the garden to dig, nibble, etc., they can be a real asset to the garden.

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Just returned from a 5 day vacation and the garden did wonderful. We came back and picked 3 more zucchinis, a bunch of beans and a cuke. The watermelon vines grew a lot and are starting to climb the fence. I also have a couple small tomatoes, but the plants are getting huge. I had them staked with bamboo, but it is not strong enough, or maybe it is just too flexible. Tomorrow, I'll be staking them better.

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Isn't it exciting to see the tomatoes developing? Mine are still green, but I'm already anticipating that first, wondrous ripe red beauty from the garden. When they vine ripe and warm from the summer sun, often they don't make it into the house - they get eaten right on the spot! YUM!!!

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I'm not a big raw tomato fan. They just don't seem to be done. Something about all that jelly stuff in there. But I'm growing a new variety called Furry Yellow Hog. These are grape sized tomatoes that are slightly fuzzy. I'm looking forward to these.


I looked around the peppers better and have several bell peppers that are getting bigger. I also have over a dozen jalapenos in various stages of development. I use some of these, but I have no idea what to do with the rest of them.

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Thought I'd give the next update. The limas are growing pretty well now. I had carrots planted in the same pot as the limas and when the limas took off growing, the carrots got shaded out. So, I pulled the carrots that were in the lima pots.


Here's my first carrot harvest. The biggest one is only about 4" long, but they are tasty. And we did get a harvest instead of the limas completely shading out the carrots.



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Don't worry, I'll be posting pics of the Furry Yellow Hogs. (if they ever grow fruit) I was going to post a pic of one of the watermelons. It's only the size of a pea right now, but distinctly a watermelon.


I could really get into this vegetable gardening thing.

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Thought I'd give another update. We've gotten 10 or so zucchinis. We've also harvested 6 or 8 cucumbers, and my wife just counted 14 cukes over about 2 inches on the vines. We picked all the carrots, they didn't do that well, at least part of that was we put them in too small of a container. Still have yet to see a ripe tomato, but there a a bunch of green ones. The limas have a ton of pods on them but I'm waiting for the bean itself to bulk up a bit.


As for those watermelons, both must not have been pollinated since they both shriveled up on the vine. But this morning I tried my hand a hand pollinating. I pulled an opened male flower from each kind and tried pollinating one of the Cream of Saskatchewans and 2 of the Golden Midgets. Just from this morning, the watermelons have grown, simply amazing.

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Your garden is great! I love looking at what you have done with a small area. I checked out your online album and you have done a fantastic job. Everything looks so healthy.


P.S. You can dry the peppers you aren't going to eat. My son dries them and then puts them through a regular pepper mill. That way with a twist of the top, he has fresh ground jalapeno pepper to season with.

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Well, here's the harvest from our lima beans. We had 7 plants that came up and it looks like this is a single meal's worth of limas. What this tells me is we will be growing a couple hundred lima bean plants next year, as long as we can sell our house.



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Here's the first real harvest of the jalapenos. We have picked a few a several times, but I decided to harvest all that was ready. There's still a lot more that need to grow more. I think the rest will be left to turn ripe so I can make some chipotle peppers.



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