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Oh, wow!!! Have we made it to 30 already?? bouquet



Becoming more self-sufficient is in each and every post in these threads... whether it's one of the bigger victories, or another baby-step on the way, or offering help or encouragement!







Part 29

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woohoo WTG everyone smile


This week....I cleaned out my van. Not really a prep but makes it easier to load preps in it lol. And I switched out the seasonal BOB in there to include suncreen, hats and more weather appropriate clothing.


I ordered my prescription meds right away to give me a backup supply of the newer prescriptions.


I tried to keep my spending to a minimum this week, paying my tuition bill in the same month as life ins is painful. But I did buy some hand lotion which I was almost out of, and some extra dental floss. Feels like the tiniest prep week ever but I used it as a chance to be very frugal and rotate a few more preps.

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Well, mine's a biggie! Finally got a purchase agreement on my house so I can move out of Hurricane Alley! Had the thing on the market for almost a year, too.


Now to nail down where exactly I'm moving to, but getting a buyer for this house in Katrina country is HUGE!! Praise the Lord!!

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YAY Abigail! That IS a real feat given the state of the housing market. I hope you get a screaming deal on a place you love!

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I got real, 5ft high fencing around my apple trees and vegetable garden. My cucumbers are sprouting! The 5ft mesh fencing was expensive, I'm glad it will last a good long while.


I'm thinning out a grove of maple trees to make the remaining trees healthier and to get some firewood.



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Looking at foothills region of North Carolina as a first choice...not sure yet of an exact town; haven't made any firm commitments yet; I've been trying to do my homework on it...affordable property and good schools first priorities...rising 8th grade daughter to consider.



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The two stores that carry SAF yeast were out all week. I almost has to buy Red Star! When it finally came in, there was no increase in price. I bought all four they got in. Others can use the Red Star!


I spent lots of time reading various threads here! Education counts, right?!

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Education DOES count! Just make sure if you save any info, you print it out.


That's what I've been working on, well one of the things. Organizing those things I want to save so that I can get it printed.


Also doing a year long menu focusing on home canned foods that are relatively easy to make-thinking that if there is a major TEOTWAWKI situation I can dump a few quarts of already cooked soup into some pans, make some bread, and have dinner. Then I can get together a list of ingredients and have more focused preps. I will need to build my short term preps again once DH starts getting paid again, since we've been living off them.


Got my canner finally. They were done with it but then we didn't have money for gas to go get it. Not that we really had money now, but we ended up HAVING to go because DH's new job is Mon-Fri.



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canning another 7 quarts of snap beans and have 7 more measured out for tomorrow, and put up 4 dozen corn in the freezer and have 4 more dozen ordered from the farmers market. Bought 6 large cans of sweet corn, 3 bottles of dish detergent, made some more jelly. Bought 10 lbs each of flour, cornmeal mix and sugar and 10 lbs of coffee. Bought 8 boxes of jar caps and 4 boxes of surejel. Also planted 4 rows of peas, and will be planting 2 rows of peanuts on the 20th, and the okra I have in small cups. DH also cleaned out the outside shed, and did some major cleanup around the yard. Still watering the garden so that I can do some more canning soon. Butterbeans are filling out pretty good also and field corn is making pretty little corn already. praying for rain still!
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i'm new to the board and i've been in prepping hyper mode for the last few weeks. to summarize... a mormon friend has been an enormous resource for me. i've been out to look at her food storage and we've had quite a few discussions. her husband works out of town and before he comes home he makes a stop at a bishops storehouse which sells bulk goods at really low prices. so i was able to get 100 pounds of wheat and 25 pounds of quick oats from them for $29, and i pick it up at their house so no shipping. their church has regular meetings on food storage, preparedness, first aid. next month they are meeting about bug out bags and they will be laminating important documents. so that has been my number one accomplishment. other than that, i've been updating our bobs, deciding what stays in the car in the heat, what stays in my purse, etc. we have quite a bit of bulk foods now and i'm keeping a list of what we have and what we need. course you can never have enough since we'll be rotating. our next goal is to start a container garden. thanks to everyone for the advice and support!

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Welcome mommabear! Sounds like you are off to a great start. It definately helps to have a friend that is into prepping to help you along. There are some great people here with a lot of knowledge, so don't be shy about asking questions or chiming in with info and knowledge you have.


Canning blackberry jam, drying apples, peaches, and strawberries.

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I feel so blessed because my gramma gave me her two pressure canners and pickle crocks this week. It's going to make the job of canning so much faster!




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boneless chicken breasts are 1.79 a pound this week. So far I've bought, rewrapped into meal size and frozen 20 pounds of them. I think I'd like to get to 40.


Sausages are 1.99, they are a big summer food with us so I've bought 12 pounds and want another 12.


Frozen veggies are .89 cents a pound, considerably cheaper then the canned kind, darn it. The freezer space not being occupied with meat is filling up with frozen veggies. I am understanding why people have more than one freezer! I'm starting to want a second.


I need to gather my courage up and start learning to can. Yipes! But I want some canned veggies.

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