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Well I did it. I bought Iodine -0- for possible attacks of the nuclear type, for the kids and I...and enough for my Mom, Dad and brother and his wife.



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Originally Posted By: Tracie
Yay Angela!

We're all gonna be ready for anything. :-D

Yes I will...eventually. LOL. I went to WalMart and got the kids ready for school. Home school again this year. We still needed things. Paper, notebooks (.05 cents each!) crayons, color pencils, glue, rulers and erasers. We are set.

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You could also just dump the gel out of the bottles and refill with fresher hand gel. I buy my hand sanitizer (12 ounce) at Dollar Tree. I use that to refill the empty smaller bottles. Pouring the gel is tough, so I just pump it from the larger bottle into the smaller one.


CrabGrassAcres – Thanks for the tip that “as long as the gel hasn't dried out it is good.” That’s good to know.




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I keep a small travel size bottle of hand sanitizer in my Jeep at all times. Because of the temp changes, it went to all liquid instead of gel. It's still good (it burned a paper cut I had) but I have to be careful about pouring it out because its watery now.


Good idea about refilling the bottles!

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I have been continuing to brainstorm about my homestead I want and work on relaxation despite these times troubles that are affecting us all. Mental Preps. I did chores today, setting things in somewhat better order, at least in the spaces in my apartment that I have done so far. But really trying to relax and not let things get to me that are externals, and trying to determine how to do the hardest chores of sorting.

I deleted stuff I do not use, on my computer today too.


Just want stuff I can use while I have electricity!


Was considering making some lists I can refer to, based on each month and the priorities of the things I need. I will just do them on the computer. Saves paper for right now, and then when I have it done, I can take notes each month and run a line through what I have, or make an 'obtained' list.....

does this help anyone else when they are trying to figure out how to do things more slowly, but still make efforts due to finances being tight?

Last night I figured out a rope and frame bed would be much less costly than a whole lumber frame and the braces underneath. It should work with the light mattress I have. Would love to get a feather bed for on top in the winter time, but other times.... it wouldn't be needed, so thinking some good blankets and making a comforter-quilt should be in order instead. More practical.


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Originally Posted By: Jeepers
I keep a small travel size bottle of hand sanitizer in my Jeep at all times. Because of the temp changes, it went to all liquid instead of gel. It's still good (it burned a paper cut I had) but I have to be careful about pouring it out because its watery now.

Good idea about refilling the bottles!

FYI - sanitizer and paper or leaf litter can also be used as a fire starter. It has alcohol and is quite flammable! smile
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Realizing that my goats will have babies....in a few wks... eekDarleneSwoon


SOoooo I begin a massive research on any last minute pre-natal, birthing, etc.


I read coffee2 all over the goat websites (AGAIN!) and asked a lot of questions down in Country Homesteading and made a whole bunch of copies of lots of reference things that I can't stuff into my brain and rely on it still being up there when I need it. wink



So envision my tiny house with slippery page-protector sheets lying about...ALL OVER. {sigh} So I took time outta my frenzy to ORGANIZE my Goat binder. Got everything into sub-categories. grin I love my binders!!!


Made my final selections for my BIG (save on shipping y'know!) goat stuff order. Plus two smaller special orders. Wheeeeew! That's done. 3-5 business days for it to arrive.


Placed order with my local lumber yard [which closes *literally* at 11:50am on Saturdays...we found out rollingeyes ] for the sheets of roofing material for the goat house. The 3 walls are up. The hardware cloth "screen" window and closing shutter is in. The safety glass window is in...for those long winter stormy days so they won't have to sit in the dark this year. The door is constructed but...alas, we did not have the long screws we needed to install it....cuz the lumber yard closed.... lol.



So the goal is to bring home my PG goats this coming weekend. star





Then I'm gonna hafta wander down to my neglected garden and see what needs doin' there!



MtRider [almost there!!!!!!]


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Hmmm...let's see. We're using the Old Fashioned Education curriculum for homeschooling this year, so I've been busy downloading ebooks and getting the boys' homework binders together.


I'm working extra hours at work so that I can pay off some bills, put some preps into storage, and get some money set aside. (I hate every minute of this. I detest having to be away from the kids even more...but this is just temporary....)


And then there's all the garden stuff I've put up this week, along with stocking up the freezer with chicken. Yay for the farmer's market!!

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DS took Saturday off work and went with DH and I to Sam's. He bought a "barrel" of his cheese balls lol. Also 50 pounds of pintos, 6 cans chili, 6 cans Spam and a whole pork loin. Got to the register and the total was almost $300.00. He just pulled out his debit card and paid for it all! We really appreciate the fact that he has a job!


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Just another little note about my, bought at a farm auction, cast iron dutch oven/kettle. I had started the bidding at $20, but the auctioneer didn't see me, so I was happy when he dropped to $10. I should have waited for a $1 call.........


Mine was the only bid!!!!! I couldn't belive I was the only bidder, as I do know the retail price. (The kettle is a #8)


I had told my dh I wanted to go to the sale to look for a cast iron pot. He found it, and asked me to bid for him while he was elsewhere - without his even realizing that it is exactly what I was telling him about. It is the only thing from the whole day that he wanted.


He can think it is "his" but it is really MINE.



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I sent an email to my Mom, outlining my preps. My Mom will keep her mouth shut. I told her where in the house everything is, what to do in the case I am not around (Kids meds, cats, bird etc), what is in our bug out bag, how long the food in the house would last.


I also told them where my medication is kept so if I am ever sick or something happens to me they can retrieve it.


Just emergency information they could use.


I got the potassium iodide today. I have enough for my kids, me, my parents and two other adults.



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