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Oh another thing. I am learning to sew. Starting with learning to quilt, and we will work our way up to patterns and clothing.


We have four quilts cut out. We started on mine. Then we will do Tya's, then Katy's and Ricky's. We figure it will take us all working about two months to get them all finished, minus the hand quilting part.


THAT is a marketable skill.

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I got my potassium iodide delivered yesterday. There's enough for my family, my SIL and my parents, plus one extra child.


I ordered buckets, gamma seals and mylar bags from Emergency Essentials. I also joined a "buying club" for United Northeast - an organic&natural foods distributor in New England. So I'll be getting their catalog and be able to order bulk items a bit cheaper.


Hubby's planning an amazing garden for next year - really doing it right. He's getting a truckload of manure and setting it all up over the next 2 months.

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Children and nursing or pregnant women should have priority for the KI. Older adults really don't need it. Also, you can paint iodine on an adult's skin and they will absorb some. Apparently the amount absorbed can vary, but I would suggest starting with a 6" square of skin with iodine on it. Those of us over 50 probably wouldn't be affected so much by radioactive iodine anyhow. It takes a number of years after exposure to develop thyroid cancer. That is why it is critical for the younger ones to have the KI, not the older ones.

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My husband was a Navy nuc. He understands the whole radiation thing. I would give it to my parents because even though they're 58 and 61, my mom has a severe anxiety disorder and I think given a traumatic situation, she'd function better if I dosed her and my father - may not treat cancer, but would treat her anxiety.


that's the only family we have anywhere near us.


If TSHTF, we may change our plan, but for now I'm only prepping for my family.

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You might want to get some Miso to have on hand too. I've read that it is effective for radiation sickness. Also, if you have milk animals, they need to get the KI as well so they won't pass radioactive iodine along to the people who drink the milk.

CGA, can you start a thread somewhere (Country forum mebbe?) about that please? I don't think I've heard of dosing animals...esp livestock. Do you have any links to charts of the amounts, etc?


And if anyone saw the guy on the show Jericho *drink* the iodine....remember that it was a MISTAKE and he got really sick. Do not take iodine internally!!!!!!!!! jawdrop

MtRider [now back to our scheduled programming..... smile ]
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