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DH has worked his regular office (chiro) AND a full-time night job for the past two years. He was able to quit the night job a few weeks ago and is getting back to normal. Well, he's running the office with no staff.... shrug Today...he NOTICED that "gee, the duckhouse is falling apart...we need a new hinge and screws and paint and....". {thank You, God!} Y'all know about Honey-Do lists? Oh HONEY, do we have a LIST! I've been holding down the fort as best I can but....we are gonna be spending some quality time together.....BEFORE 9am. Cuz in the past three days...Colorado decided to do SUMMER! We took heavy damage on the rhubarb (that hasn't happened before) only last week due to overnight low of 25 degrees. frozen and now I'm doing MS heat meltdowns. Sheeeeeeeeesh!



So TODAY we planted 3 plots of overly sprouted purple potatoes. We do NOT want to lose this variety....we've had them growing here for about 7 years. They do well in our odd climate. If we get nothing else in, 'taters are the priority. I have boxes of snakey purple sprouted 'taters wanting soil NOW!



A GOOD DEAL: Our Safeway grocery sells (year 'round) very LARGE bags of carrots for $8. DF got a bag and split it with me. (sometimes they are over-large but these were fine...a few crooked ones shrug ) They do juicing. I put mine thru the slicer and a quarter of a bag has filled my 8-tray dehydrator. I've been picking up large (economical size) bags of frozen veggies and dehydrating them too. No freezer space till I can do a major clearing out.


AND I am finally making progress ... months of frequently not feeling well turned my house twister ..... and I am s-l-o-w-l-y seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Or, more specifically, I am seeing more of my couch, kitchen table, bedroom floor, side table tops, .....need I go on? laughkick This makes me star I LOVE to be organized!


Now if I can only stay outta the sun.... DarleneSwoon



yahoo Abigail!!!!!




MtRider [who's house is a magician's hat! ]

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I have been educating myself as well. Up until 3 or 4 each morning reading. Cleaning out stuff and making space. Started making spreadsheets to organize my thoughts, what I need to do, what I need to get and what I have on hand. I am now looking for things to start printing but I have two agendas....I want to start printing for myself but also I plan to make up a few packets for a few friends and family and so I don't want to overload and they not take seriously....just bare basics to get their attention.


I had to make a return on a purchase today so I had $35. Went to the Family Dollar and got:

100 ft clothesline and 1pk of clothes pins

chicken bouillion cubes

Extra lg can ravioli

2 bags dried beans

5 cans of mandarin oranges

Potted meat (many)

Vienna sausage (many)

Cooking Oil

OH>>>they had put out a huge box of garden seeds 5 for $1...got a bunch and plan to get more to put up if they will keep.

and a few other things I can't remember


Ran to Home Depot and grabbed a few fans, 2 cases of water and I got 2 of those big flashlights that run on 9 volt batteries for $2!!!


Plan to grab some clothes drying racks tommorrow...quit using my dryer or atleast almost quit and hike that thermostat on up.


I'm very behind and I am getting nervous. Need to find out how to get ahead on prescriptions and how to dehydrate food or whatever you were talking about doing with the large bags of frozen veggies.


Oh...I also pulled all the carpet out of my living room. I'm BEAT



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I have been putting off until tomorrow what I should have been doing today. Today I didn't put it off. I got out my Tilia food saver, bags, cleaned up the tilia, made bags, and loaded rice into 2 cup bags. 40 pounds of it.




I have another 20 lbs to go

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Finally sold our old house and property today, signed papers with daughter. Now we can pay off a usda loan and release our other property. star

Put up another 6 quarts of snap beans (dropped one of the jars b/f I could get it filled and chipped it, so now I have an extra quart of beans I will cook for us tomorrow). Picked up 6 dozen sweet corn coming out of town and just finished blanching them and putting in the freezer. That made me 10 dozen corn on the cob so far. Will use my field corn I planted to cut off the cob for fried corn to put in the freezer. Think I need to buy me another freezer soon also. I am getting sleepy and have to get up early to pick more berries and beans. Never ending job this summer! Need a break soon couch2

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Originally Posted By: Mommaofmany
I canned for the very first time today!! I put up 11 pints of plum jam. All three recipes I looked at did NOT call for pectin, so I didn't add any. I hope it turns out right!!


Congrats! Welcome to the most addicting, satisfying & useful hobby ever!

If it didn't turn out or 'set' the way a jam should, you can always use it for syrup or ice cream toppings or waffle and pancake toppings or adding to lemonade for berry-ade or...or...or ..whatever tickles your fancy! YUMMM! yumyum

Oooh oooh, since it's plum, you could also use it with chicken or pork (so I'm told, I don't eat pork) as a sauce or glaze!

Don't forget to fridge or freeze any jars that didn't seal (if they last that long! smile

Great job! I'm sure they look lovely!
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Well, my week tried another bread recipe, and today I fought the wahoo-school-is-out-for-the-summer crowds and went shopping.


Got 50# of rice, 25# of beans, and 50# of flour (I REFUSE to pay $6 for 8# when I can get 50# for $18!)


I got a chance to talk to a Vietnam Vet (he was wearing a service pin in a hat) while in the produce section (his wife almost rolled over my foot with her motorized scooter). We had a brief talk about the economy and he said with great clarity that we are beginning another depression...I thanked him for his service and he looked me up and down, grinned, winked, and snapped me a salute.


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When I notice a vet (usually they are wearing a WWII service hat around here), I always approach him and ask if I might shake his hand. I thank him for his service and (motioning to my children), thank him for protecting our family's freedom. I usually tell him that we, as a family, strive not to allow his service to have been in vain, and that we seek to use our freedoms wisely, and always honor Christ above all. I ask where he served (but only if I have the time to truly listen). I also thank his wife, if she's there, for her sacrifices during the war,, and it seems she's old enough to have been through it.


The men usually tear up at the recognition. It's the bit I can do to honor those men!


My children usually do not participate unless asked a specific question, but I know they will remember Mom talking to all the WWII vets and when they are grown, they'll wish that they had the opportunity to speak to one of the Greatest Generation!


Once we were blessed to be able to meet and read the Bible to a very elderly gentleman who came to our local nursing home just before his death. He had fought in WWI! He didn't seem very aware of his surroundings, but I hope we blessed him anyway!

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Momma that is a wonderful way of thanking a veteran. You cover everything so nicely and appropriately. I like your quotes in your signature line too. They are certainly appropriate for this time as well.

Lets see, I am working on my little BOB, going to be organizing and sorting some things ( mail and stuff on one desk, my bedroom, where I need to figure out how many five gallon buckets and approximately what some boxes of no 10 cans, what number is likely to be able to be put in the upper large cupboard, getting a canvas rucksack made, baking bread and learning how to deal with my vicious electric oven, while doing so.... cleaning and washing up some more clothes by hand and getting them all dried and ironed and put away... cleaning and mending an older daypack that I can use for extra camp food, and medical stuff, a really good emergency first aid kit over time.

Maybe getting material ready to sew into curtains for the bedroom windows!

Talking with my new friend who is into hunting and prep too, who has a darling two yr old daughter, whom he spends most days of the week with... he works graveyard shift. Might be a possible DH one day in the future. Don't know that yet , just becoming friends slowly when we can grab a moment and communicate.

( I wasn't even looking! ) Its long distance at this point but he doesnt seem the typical guy in a chat room which is really nice to see! He and I are both navy aviation veterans, and our sincere interests are our kids and getting ready as much as we can for what may come, and what is here and will deepen. vacuumingamericanflageek

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MommaofMany..when I meet Vietnam vets, I say " Welcome Home!" and explain that I feel they didn't hear that when they needed to so I'm saying it now. They really, really get emotional.


Anyway, to stay on topic, I will now say what I did this week -- I cleaned out another section of the basement and this is big... considered selling my mom's old electric wheelchair. I never mentioned it to her but just thought about it. Today, out of the blue, she said, "Judy, I want you to sell my old wheelchair and use the money to buy a moped." I had the chair refurbished because we thought she would use it at our house and her new one at the nursing home. But she prefers to use the transfer chair instead and we haven't used this one in two years. So...I'm going to do as she said. We probably could get $750 or so for it. She feels that with the gas prices, I should have alternative low-gas transportation for around town.


I also got a couple crates of #10 cans of pinto beans and rice. I forgot I ordered them...and they showed up, LOL




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I had a major canning day...12 Qts of spaghetti sauce, also dehydrated 6 pounds of cooked hamburger. Today I'm going to can up chicken breasts I bought at Sam's. Wow I sure love canning! No freezer/fridge needed. I ordered a solar battery recharger and got one of those camping drinking-bottle type water filters, supposed to be good for 500 Gal. My list of items-to-buy is slowly being whittled away. Unfortunately my to-do list keeps growing. I think that would be a good thread...what's on your list of things to do before it hits?

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Since we've been living on preps, I did some major re-evaluations this week.


I am making lists, concentrating in three primary areas: BOB, three months, one year.


For the BOB, it's a pretty in depth list, designed to bug out and live in a tent for three days with my five children and one dog. I figure if it can cover THAT, it can certainly cover having to stay with friends (and being able to provide our own food, so we're not a financial drain) or having to SIP for a time with no power. We could SIP with no power for considerably longer, but would probably have to use some BOB goodies.


For the three months, that is a financial hardship kind of prep. I want to put together meal packets for that time, so I know exactly what I have. Re-reading that old post of mine about starting slow made me realize that, if we have another financial hardship, we'd suffer from lack of variety. I'm assuming use of my freezer during that time.


For the year, I'm assuming SHTF scenario, and am relying heavily on home canned foods. Having that first year to acclimate to a much different lifestyle without having to worry about food supplies will make it easier to deal with gardening and hunting and other issues that will come up. The one year scenario includes heirloom seeds and herbs for medicine.



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Started picking green beans and squash from garden, this helps save supplies that I have putback. Also blackberries are starting to get ripe will be picking them and trying to can some to have for pies or just straight from jar. brought 6 boxes of mac and cheese 4 cans ravoli, 2 large cans spaggetti-o's, w tubes of teeth glue(husband and I both have false teeth), bought several tubes of musle rub(for hubby)

clean small freezer and have several bags of catfish(caught from our ponds), cleaned larger freezer, now can start putting stuff in it crazycanner

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Bought 2 each of the following freeze dried stuff for the preps in storage:


diced beef

diced chicken

ground beef

chicken teriyaki

beef teriyaki

beef stroganoff

sweet corn


Plus this also:


5lbs dehydrated broccoli

5lbs tomato powder (need to get more of this though)

10 lbs of spaghetti

10 lbs of pasta shells

10 lbs of pasta rigatoni


The budget for this month is TOTALLY gone.

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Originally Posted By: JCK88
she said, "Judy, I want you to sell my old wheelchair and use the money to buy a moped."

Oh yeah -- there is Judy --zipping around town on a moped! LOL LOL LOL I want a picture Judy!
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Originally Posted By: Campy

The budget for this month is TOTALLY gone.

I totally believe that! What a haul! Great job!
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Originally Posted By: Michelle_3kds
I think that would be a good thread...what's on your list of things to do before it hits?

I think this would be a great topic all on it's own. Thanks for the idea! I think I will start or find a thread and bump it.
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I am thrilled to report that I got 6 dozen quart and 3 dozen pint jars for free today! My BIL & sister are cleaning out his grandma's house and they were in the basement. So I had told her if there were any jars I would love to have them. Had no idea there would be so many. But I am sure excited! Now if my garden would just begin growing. We've had so much rain everything is growing slowly and looks a little puny.

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