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ooooo, good point, DD. Our garden soil will not produce much if I don't have the additives to reduce the Rocky Mt. granite's alkalinity.


Planted purple potatoes in dust last week. DarleneSwoon This land fights ya every step of the way. It's kinda raining today....good cuz the wildfires have begun.


star I bought the makings (4-yr UV-resistent greenhouse plastic & tubing) of a hoop row cover. Will get more when I know how this one works to build. (might make modifications) No need for it just yet mid-season, but in another month we'll be heading for frozen ......Well shoot, I mebbe should cover at night anyway. Last nite was the FIRST nite our temperatures haven't been in the mid/upper 30's. Low was 41 degrees. Chilly year.



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Twin nephews staying the day with me tomorrow, going to get more blackberries, every jar counts. garden starting to come in picked greenbeans, squash, potatoes, and onions yesterday, guess what is for dinner today? that may not be much in preping(sp) but it saves what I have got stored back. crazycanner

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My DH went with me grocery shopping (to escape the 90+ degree heat) and we came home with several bargains - I don't remember WINCO ever having a SALE on canned goods in late June! We stocked up on black beans, kidney beans, and refried beans and a few things for his job.


I was grateful for the blessing.

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I don't have a garden as I live in an apartment with no outside area to call my own. But nature is right outside my window here.

We are getting ready for a big rain storm this afternoon and evening. Flash Floods, flooding in my neighborhood may happen with one to three inches an hour.


crazyI live smack in the middle of all the watershed for this high ridged valley and a bigger river is here within two blocks. It flooded some years back all the way up to the top of the first floor stores, businesses and all of us on the second floor had to evacuate so they could make sure everyone was safe at the shelter in the county buildings.


I think my apartment will be ok, and my cat is set up with lots of dry food and boiled water and a clean litter pan.


I have the option of boogying up to a roads end and going into the woods and setting up a camp before SHTF today, but I also want to see what their system is about the shelter if its necessary to open it.


I can pitch a tent behind the museum I bet or over on a distant edge of a cemetary, but would have to use toilet facilities at the gas station in town and I don't want to deal with that if I have to. Not having any of my friends up in the high up neighborhoods rather sucks right at the moment.

If it floods I wont be able to get to that neck of the woods either and right around me although there is a ridge past the creek behind me, its private land and I dont want to be a trespasser there and piss off someone. So I have my buggin out pack with enough dehydrated food for several days, and yet I could just go to the shelter. It is wise to bring your own food I figure, if they don't supply at least one meal a day.

I have inventoried my buggin out daypack, and I could camp if I needed too. But this is a storm with lots of punch later on, so If I need the shelter, I hope its open, but could rough it.

Wish my luck ok? thankyou! ! !


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Dang, Arby. I wish you were telling us that you are doing a Dress Rehearsal for your prepping. But this is the real thing! Well, when you get back safe and sound, we'll want a thread started on WHAT you LEARNED from this, what you did right, what you'll do different.



Sheeesh, the woman is contemplating a nasty, dangerous nite & I'm giving her homework! brickwall



Seriously Arby, I'm glad that you are probably much more prepared than many others in your community tonite. Choose your options wisely!!!!! And watch your back!






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this weekend we attended a gun show and purchased another handgun and some ammo. we also purchased a gun safe and some other supplies. now we need to schedule me in a course to learn how to use the darn thing! a self defense course is also a good idea. i'll have to put that on my list.

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Hey good point Tracie. No, the lanterns and oil and propane, etc are in the garage. The food is in the basement. smile


MoM, Have you looked on YouTube for the WhizBang Chicken Plucker? If I need a good laugh I watch some of those videos. Watching those yellow feet spin around and around just makes me giggle. Am I demented?

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Don't know if you're demented, Katie - But it makes me laugh too!


On topic - I bought a sewing machine!!! Aaaack! I am going to need to sew! ...shudder...

(Been hunting all over the internet for patterns. Have posted a bunch of links to online patterns down in Homemade Memories, if anyone is interested.)


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I FINALLY managed to get in a big load of hay. This has been a horrible year for hay around here, as it has been unusually wet, and the rains have been ill-timed. I got in a little more than 5 tons of hay today, and so the pressure is off a bit. I want another 5 tons on hand, but will have to wait. The farmer I deal with has promised that I will get them, but it is sunny right now and he needs to be baling. So fine, I'll not pester him for a couple weeks about the other 5. smile


It is a big relief to have that in now. I'll be REALLY relieved when I get the other 5.

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I know that feeling Cowgirl. I HOPE my wonderful supplier will have enough for us all this year. We are getting dry lightning storms (& fires) and today there was *nearly* 2/10ths of an inch of rain. He's not growing very good grass with that allotment.


Too much rain and too little rain. frown



MtRider [always feels GOOD to get your hay! ]


OH...PS: I CANNED canning 6 qts of hamburger today. [price was .99/lb ] yahoo Sherman and I have begun!

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ok,, the coast was clear about 3am last night when I awoke and checked the parking lot behind me ( dirt) by the creek. It was roaring a bit, but had not overflowed. Looks like the big storm cell went right around us here, and went up to Montreal and NE of there in Canada by 3am last night. I let the cat out since there was little rain and he was really wanting out, and he came back this evening and is sleeping off his running amuck in the neighborhood.

I needed some cord, batteries for my radio and larger oopsflashlight. I could use a lantern and fuel for it for sure. I had rope for the tent or the tarp I would probably have put up for a cooking place outside the tent entrance. I need to go set up my tent as it is new and I need to know how to put it up and take it down quickly, gee........ um, and make sure it all works correctly! busted

Need to beef up my first aid kit and finish my bigger canvas pack ( eh hem! ) that is the temporary one til I get the Kelty pack I found online. Another water bottle. Fishing survival kit improved to supplement the dehydrated food.

Learn more knots backwards and forwards from my really cool new knot book~ eek


I am really glad we didn't have a flood here last night, but it certainly is a summer that is showing us its possible in many regions of the country! or fires from any cause can also be a real problem in a mountain and valley town. awwman



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Originally Posted By: Mt_Rider
......Well shoot, I mebbe should cover at night anyway. Last nite was the FIRST nite our temperatures haven't been in the mid/upper 30's. Low was 41 degrees. Chilly year.


What do you make of that, Mt? I'm further south than you, but last night as I was closing the windows, I'm thinking "Normally when it's this hot during the day, even with an afternoon storm, we keep the windows wide open all night." I know you're at a higher elevation than I am, but doesn't the weather seem not quite right? Too hot in June, but too cool at night? Makes me wonder what kind of winter our mountains are in for! It's been cooling down enough with the storm fronts moving in that I can easily bake, which is unusual. Usually it cools down a bit, but then warms back up. Of course, no rain out of the fronts, well, not here, down closer to Trinidad they got a LOT Of rain, they had to pump out the trenches at DH's work site yesterday.

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Definitely! It's been extra cold night temperatures since about December up here. We're never THIS cold in mid-summer....we ARE mid-summer, right? Brrr. But can get up to 85 daytime....briefly. Then clouds up and gets much cooler. No rain tho, up here either. I'm always watching my hi-lo recording thermometer to see what the trend is.


SO that affected our garden plans. I didn't put in ANYthing that would be expecting long sunny days. Located between steep (but not high) ridges, we are short on sun hours anyway. Potatoes, peas, greens, tunips, carrots, beets. I WISH I'd been able to start broc sets this year. These cool years produce the sweetest, largest broc I've ever seen.



Nice for sleeping but...it may be a another cold winter. frown



MtRider [not MS-overheating much this summer....]

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From the Sportsman's Guide website (search 'sportsmans guide' and when you get there, in their search area enter 'game cart'.


Big Game® Carry - All Game Cart is a heavy - load helper!



Click image to enlarge...




So you brought down your prize buck, eh? Congrats... now pull it back to the truck with this Carry-All Cart!


Strap up your deer or antelope to the cart with 3 cam-buckle straps, then either wheel it with the padded hand grips or strap it around your waist for a hands-free pull! The durable steel construction can hold up to 500 lbs. Folds up for easy transport to your hunting area.


Take a load off:


Rhino-rough 20" heels are made of hardened rubber

Weighs 40 lbs; Dimensions: 23 x 82".

Don't strain your back trying to drag game across the forest! Pick up your Cart ONLINE today!


Big Game® Carry-All Game Cart



This is from the "Sportsman's Guide" web site, price is up again, now off sale. I esp like that it folds flat for storage.

I just copied this tonite (July 1) and they show two types, one a little cheaper, holds 250 lb. I will probably get some canvas and make a litter-type bottom to rope on to the frame if I have to haul people. Should not be too hard. Sorry I cant figure out how to get the picture to paste over! Still not too bad a price for us that want to be able to carry more than a backpack!

Hope this helps!

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I can't really take credit for the idea, it came from a book called "dare to prepare". Lots of ideas, lots of lists for dreaming, but most stuff they mention have to be purchased, not done yourself. Still it was a good idea.

If you search for "The Sportsman's Guide" (a sporting goods mail order place - good stuff cheap!) then when you get there search on their site for 'game carts'. They still have two kinds listed, but prices are a bit higher, they are off sale now.

I plan to get some canvas to make a litter-type base I can strap on the frame for carrying things and people if need be. Game does not care about lying across bars, but my hubby would certainly complain! He'll be holding shotgun, watching our backs. (I hope all I have to use it for is firewood!!)

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Good news and bad news. The good news is I averted a major (and expensive) food catasrophy. The bad news is I discovered that 10 of the last 12 containers I packed WERE NOT airtight eek.


These containers (all from Wal-Mart) were filled with dehydrated vegetables, instant potatoes and powdered milk. I had filled them all within the last 6 - 8 weeks and had put oxygen absorbers in the containers. They were the clear plastic ones with an "airtight" lid. The centers had popped up (I always push the center of the lid down to force out the extra air in the container) !!! I only discovered them because I had to rearrange one of the shelves.


Thankfully all the food is still good (made up some of the milk and potatoes to be sure).


Wal-Mart got a very nasty email about these containers (Mainstay brand AND airtight lids are listed right on the containers - 10.6 quart) and even though I no longer have the receipt, I am asking for store credit.


Now to go and find some airtight containers and repack everything. Oh well, better to find out now than when I need the stuff.

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Campy -


Did you also pack in mylar bags? It wouldn't have mattered if the lids were tight if you used mylar bags. I pour in whatever I'm storing, add some 02 absorbers, maybe a bay leaf or two (buggers HATE them!) and seal it with an iron. This has been foolproof and leak-proof for us.


I'm so glad you averted the disaster! We are checking our buckets now!

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I ordered two cases of pork and beans, they were 15 oz, 3/1, so I thought two cases would be enough. Now I am rethinking my order wondering if I should have ordered four cases.




Then I bought 18 bottles of bbq sauce for 50 cents each. When I go back the sale will be off. Shoot.


Tomorrow the sales come out. I am hoping my exhusband puts money into the account so I can take advantage of the sales.

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I'm dehydrating carrots this week. It's a sloooow process. I hope to get a 1/2 gallon jar filled by Friday. I already have one of peas and one of corn. This is the first time I've ever dehydrated. So far, so good.


I plan to do one 1/2 gallon jar of peas, corn, carrots, green beans, peppers, celery, onions, tomatoes and leeks. After I get one jar of each, I'd like to do a second jar. I'll probably buy potato cubes and mushrooms already done.

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