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I have 8 half-pint containers of strawberry jam in the water-bath canner right now! Woot! Canning's not so bad, I guess, as long as I don't try to do insanely large batches (like last time I tried, 2 years ago, with 60 lbs of strawberries!!)

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Introduced myself to our new neighbor. She is going to try to get into the nursing school for next year and has 2 kids the same ages as my two youngest. They seem like really nice people and I am excited to have a potential nursing school study partner living next door. Maybe we can commute together to save gas!

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Cookie! That's a great idea and prep practice with the bartering. I really think we'll be seeing more and more of that in the future.


TeamB - 10 gallons of blueberries, that's a whole lot of those little bitty things! Hubby and the boys went and picked blueberries this weekend too. I've got them in the freezer to get ready to make jelly when our MrsS class gets underway.


Tracie - Good job on those strawberries!


Becca - Getting to know your neighbor plus having a possible study partner! woot! good job! I can't seem to make any progress in that area...getting to know the neighbors I mean.

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Just got my Colman Camping Oven today. I WILL be using it this fall for baking ON the wood stove.

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I canned 12 quarts of green beans from our garden and put up 7 more jars of blackberries. Tomorrow is another picking day. crazycanner

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I got some discounted chicken, and canned up 3 pints of chicken, plus 9 pints of chicken soup, plus 3 pints of dog-chicken (no dog in it, but chicken for the dog to eat: necks & gizzards).


Edit: and I froze enough chicken for two meals.

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OK HSmom.....glad you clarified that about the dog chicken.....LOL! Had me a little concerned there for a moment.


Got 2 canners of greenbeans ready for the canner. Went and picked another gallon of wild blackberries this morning...think this will be the last picking, but have been picking for 3 weeks, so I think I have enough. Picked wild cherries yesterday and have the juice ready to make jelly.

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Haven't done much this week but I did pick up more canning lids for the jars I got a couple of weeks ago. Also bought a few new bath towels as ours are all getting ragged.


Sold something I was hanging on to for sentimental reasons and got $1,100 for that. I am not sure quite yet what I will use it for but putting it in the safe deposit box for now until I decide.

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Hi all. Still kind of new but have really been getting some prepping done!

I canned 5 pints of chicken breast ($0.99/lb). 4 pints of pork loin.


Got my new dehydrator broke in by drying everything I can get my hands on. Summer squash, spinach, green peppers, and peas. Some were frozen (peas and spinach) and the rest from garden.


Bought 10 small jars of Skippy PB for $0.52/jar, which I plan to share w/DM.


Visiting MIL next week and picking up 18 1/2 gal canning jars and a wood cooking stove--ye haw! Oh and she found me a wash board at a flea market for $10.


AND I just got an email that my CL mill should be here by the 14th.


Thank all of you for all of the good ideas and for getting me off my butt and doing things as well. I really appreciate this site. While DH and I are frugal and prepped to some degree in the past, nothing like we needed and really didn't know how to get started in some areas. You all are the BEST!!!





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I just received and washed my new dehydrator. I'm itching to try it out, but I think I should wait until tomorrow so that I don't go to sleep with stuff dehydrating and wake up to scorched powder.


i also got a foodsaver sport plus on ebay for $50 today, with all sorts of accessories and a few bags. this is my second one ordered on ebay -- the first was an older model for $12 which I will probably give to my mom or a friend.

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I canned some apricots that a friend gave me from her tree, and froze a pound of organic lettuce greens. I was given 6 18 packs of fresh, fertile eggs, so some baking is in order, before it gets too hot (111 forecast for tomorrow.)


Another friend is butchering some young male goats soon and is going to give me some meat. WESTIE! What do I do with goat meat??

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Hi! I'm not Westie, but thought I'd share some our family favorites when it comes to goat(chevon). I had posted this on another board, so here's a quick cut and paste:



We raise most of our own meat, and quickly discovered that we really like goat even more than lamb. It has a milder flavor than lamb, and as with all the meat we raise, we like to produce a finished product that is lean and healthy.


I apologize in advance, but I don't always follow exact recipes and measurements...


For ground goat:

we used it just like we would use ground lamb, pork or beef. Since it is very lean, if you want to fry it you'll need to add a fat (like no-stick spray).


A "burger" recipe I like to make: puree vegetables (bell pepper, onion, carrot, fresh parsley, mushrooms, garlic, whatever is on hand) and add 1/2 cup per lb of ground goat, 1/4-1/2 cup breadcrumbs (to make a stiff mixture), salt, pepper to taste. Form into patties and chill thoroughly. Then broil, fry or BBQ as you would a regular patty.


For shoulder roast or large roast pieces:


1. Low and slow: cook at lower temperatures and slowly.

2. Add moisture: braising is a great way to really bring out the flavor of the meat. And it makes it so tender, it practically chews itself!


Let roast come to room temperature. If chilled when starting, you'll need to add to the cooking time.


Using a dutch oven (or pan lined with HD foil): Slice a large onion into rings and lay on the bottom of the pan. Liberally season goat with salt, pepper and place in pan. Mix tomato sauce 1 to 3 with chicken stock to make enough to pour over goat and make about a 1/2 inch puddle in the pan. Sprinkle with chopped garlic. Seal with HD foil and then the dutch oven lid to make a secure, vapor proof package. You want to keep all the steam inside as it is baking. Bake at 325 for 2 - 2 1/2 hours, or until a quick check tells you it is fork tender.


The left over braising liquid makes a great "au jus" for dipping the meat.



Goat and Lentil soup


When we get the meat cut and wrapped, we take all the usable parts, including neck bones. First: stew off the neck pieces: simmer in stock or water, with salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and spices blend of choice: (I like an herb's de Provence blend or simple bay leaf); cool enough to handle and remove meat from bones. In a separate pot, saute shredded carrot and minced celery and onion. Add lentils and just enough liquid to cook until tender; add in the shredded goat meat and cooking liquid. At serving, add a liberal sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon; Serve with thick slabs of a a stout, crusty bread, some fresh butter...yummy!





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I am very new to this and after Y2K got very complacent. Well, now it's not just hubby and I, it's us and 4 kiddos. So, I have to up what we have. I started stocking up on hygeine items, switched from dryer sheets to dryer balls(cheap and works great), started stocking up on food, decluttering so we have room to hold everything, started stocking up on clothing for the kids at the thrift store(mostly jeans and sweatshirts). Have made it fun for the kids to work with Mommy in the yard, so we're going to start a garden, they actually like it. There is a A LOT we are behind on, but I thought by reading through the threads I'll learn a lot that I need to know. I have also been getting the kids away from tv/video games, having them play outside more, reading, etc, I didn't realize how much tv they watched, how much time they spent playing video games, I am ashamed of that now. It's a whole lifestyle change for us in a lot of ways. Whew, okay I could keep on going, but I'm going back to searching the threads.

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I got a 55 gallon water barrel. This will cut down on the huge mess of miscelaneous water bottles in my store room, which will give me more room for basic preps.


My kids and I are having lots of fun going to u-pick places for fruit (strawberry, raspberry, cherry and blueberry so far) We are making jams and syrups and canned fruit with what they don't eat. They are learning huge lessons this way, and I'm getting an easy introduction into canning.


I'm finding it tough to keep 3 backups of everything, the kids will use something and not tell me since they see so many more. argh.I may lock the storeroom soon.

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Bellapink, don't be ashamed! At least you are recognizing a problem and DOING something about it.


Debbie, I'd lock that storeroom. I had to move a lot of stuff into a locked room and lock the fridge because my daughter would find something she liked and eat it ALL. She also dumped a lot of stuff into the trash that she didn't see a use for. That gets expensive in a hurry! She ate a huge bag of dried Mission Figs one time and a pound block of cheese another. One day I found her finishing off the gallon jug of orange juice I had put in the fridge 1/2 hour before. Then there WAS a chocolate stash...

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Originally Posted By: NYDebbie
I got a 55 gallon water barrel. This will cut down on the huge mess of miscelaneous water bottles in my store room, which will give me more room for basic preps.

Debbie, did you get your water barrel on line or in a store? I've looked everywhere locally and can't find them anywhere. I'd like to save the shipping cost if I can. Also, the fact that neighbors would see them being delivered or worse, sitting on my front porch.
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I looked for one locally for a couple of months with no luck. Not in the Walmart, not in the huge camping/hunting store, not anywhere.


So when someone put a 10% off coupon code for Emergancy Essentials I gave up and bought their 55 gallon kit. Expensive, but it solved a space issue and gave me 10 days water supply.


The barrel came in a box, so it wasn't obvious what it was. The boxes do have the company name on them - my only complaint with the company.

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Originally Posted By: Jeepers
Originally Posted By: NYDebbie
I got a 55 gallon water barrel. This will cut down on the huge mess of miscelaneous water bottles in my store room, which will give me more room for basic preps.

Debbie, did you get your water barrel on line or in a store? I've looked everywhere locally and can't find them anywhere. I'd like to save the shipping cost if I can. Also, the fact that neighbors would see them being delivered or worse, sitting on my front porch.

Here you are - INEXPENSIVE 55 gallon water barrel.


55 Gallon water barrel, $84.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING. I have purchased several from this person and am quite happy with the quality, price and delivery time.
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