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A WINNER! Doing Laundry in Hard Times - This collection of threads is the best!

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This is a great collection of useful threads about doing laundry in hard times...These threads include a variety of laundry recipes (from scratch, and not-from-scratch)...to line-drying techniques...to really old fashioned laundry tips...and much more!


I've included the dates that these threads started because there's so many threads with similar titles which makes it hard to keep track of.


(If you are new to the internet, clicking onto the individual thread titles will take you there. Click onto your browser's < 'go-back' button to return to this page.)



1. "Home made laundry soap" (thread started 10/23/08)


2. "Growing up with clotheslines" (thread started 8/1/07)


3. "Washing clothes the old fashioned way" (thread started 4/14/08)


4. "Clothes line making comeback" (thread started 8/25/07)


5. "Laundry soap recipe?" (thread started 8/25/07)


6. "A new laundry soap recipe" (thread started 10/31/04)


7. "A laundry soap recipe"? (thread started 11/29/02)


8. "I tried the homemade Laundry Soap..." (thread started 6/10/08)


9. "Survival Laundry Equipment" (thread started Jan 15 2009)



These threads are all about making soap from scratch...


10. "Making soap" (thread started 2/24/03)


11. "Soap Making" (thread started 8/17/02)


12. "Rendering Lard for Candle or Soap Making" (thread started 10/19/08)






(Please cast your one vote on the entire collection, not on the individual threads.)






Rate this thread collection!


3 stars .......If you think it is really great


2 stars .......If you think it is good


1 star ....... if you think it has great potential with more updates or added content



After thirty or more stars are voted by members, the thread nominator will submit the link to this thread containing all the votes to:


"Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival":




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Three stars for me as well.

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I love all these threads and bunching the laundry together sounds great (Just remember to seperate out the whites for hotwater :D)


Three Stars!!!!

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3 stars for this and don't forget...since you are using only 'green' type soap, recycle your wash water and water the veggies with it. The soap drives away pests and does not hurt the plants one bit! Good idea for the dry season.

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This great thread collection about "Doing Laundry in Hard Times" has exceeded the required 30 star rating that qualifies it to be listed among the Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival!


Keep voting, folks! The highest ranking threads will qualify for the ultimate Gold Thread Awards! (More information about that will be announced.)



See it here:




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