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New from VA


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Hello everyone. I have been reading this board for a very long time. I have learned so many things from everyone and enjoy all the posts. Thank you to everyone who posts here and for passing on the knowledge that you have acquired.


We live in the Shenandoah Valley, between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. It is breathtaking country. Mountains everywhere you look.


We have a farm and raise cattle and I am just started raising chickens. DH and I both prepare for any kind of situation that arise. We are always learning and being here has taught me many things.


Thanks for this forum and for letting me join.


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Glad you see you here! Welcome!

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Greetings! I, too, live in the beautiful state of Virginia - Northern area for me. I am finding more and more people here in our home state that are taking the signs seriously. Good to meet you!

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Hi Cap, was just in "your neck of the woods" last month. We wanted to visit Jefferson's home and other sites but my health deterioted so quickly we just cut short and came back through Appomatox Courthouse. Beautiful country you have. Welcome to the site and hope you like it here. wc

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Hello Cap, Glad to have you join us.... I live in WV. so were sort of neighbors. I love the Mountains here I wouldn't trade it for anything.. I hope you learn as much as I have here. The people are fantastic. We can all learn so much from one another. God Bless and have a Great Day...

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Hi Cap!! I'm glad you de-lurked. LOL!!! Welcome to our family. I think you will enjoy it here as much as I do.


I love the way a lot of the threads here evolve into many new ways around old problems! Sometimes, threads get a little off track, but keep reading, because sometimes the juciest fruit is buried where you least expect it!


Mais cher! Don't miss out! There's lots to see! sCh_reader.gif


Welcome to one of the most progressive "all-purpose" preparedness/survivalist sites on the Internet! dance013.gif Be sure to check out the for-members-only sections downstairs!


If you're new to stocking your pantry, here are a couple of a must-see kinda places, to help you get started...









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