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Teach me about dehydrating!

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I have a nice, new dehydrator that I have *gulp* never used. blush


It's a couple of years old. What do you recommend I dehydrate first? I bought it to make fruit roll-ups, but never went out of my way to get large amounts of fruit, and eventually forgot about it.


I had never thought of dehydrating for preps before. What kind of things work for that?

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got kids?


here is one... dehydrated carrots!


Peel carrots, quarter them and then dice them. Place on trays to dry.


they will look like raisins and about the same size when dried. Place in a candy dish and tell the kids not to eat to much candy or they will ruin their appetites!


Watch them disappear! these can be used in soups or anything else you use diced carrots in. I also can add this to dog food when I make my own (I prefer to rehydrate for the dogs)


Carrots are cheap enough to try this on.



I use my dehydrators (I have 5 of them) to dry beef liver to make training treats for the dogs.

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