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So I had a complete freakout today at the Farmer's Market

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well I had a complete freakout today. Literally, sadly. I'm so freakin' embarassed.


I was at the farmer's market, and I saw strawberries that were $6/qt, for under-full quarts of sad looking berries. Then I saw *tiny* zucchini for $1 each. then I saw fresh mozzarella -- for $20 a pound. It was this tiny little 1/2 pound ball for $10. I was utterly gobsmacked.


Then I see this guy, smoking a cigar, in the middle of the farmers' market with a whole bunch of children around. I must have made a face because he shouts at me "What, you got a problem?" and I started just yelling at him, saying his cigar was disgusting and that it showed what kind of person he was to be doing something like that around small children. He then started walking toward me to holler back, and I just shouted "get that disgusting thing away from me, you pig!" and practically ran away.


I completely lost it.


I know it's because I was freaking out over the prices, and the impending doom those prices signify. But still, my behavior was horrible. I don't really want to track the guy down and apologize, because his behavior was equally abhorrent. But I am disgusted with myself.


To make matters worse, I went to the grocery store right after the farmer's market, and saw the cucumber and zucchini prices were basically the exact same - although the produce was lower quality. Thankfully the fresh mozzarella was "only" $7.49lb. (I still can't believe it cost *that*).


So yea. There's my Red Flag. Tracie's losing it.


And now I have to go to a barbeque and pretend all is well in the world with people who don't think about peak oil, food crises or TSHTF.

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For what it's worth, our local Farmer's Markets are WAY overpriced. I have a local produce stand that I sometimes frequent. I don't get the atmosphere (it's literally a plywood box sitting in the dirt alongside a country road - yeah we still have country here in California - with the produce growing in the fields behind them) but the prices are very reasonable. I can also find local produce that I don't grow myself, for quite good prices at local grocery stores. (Forget the chains) Start looking for local producer/suppliers and try buying direct. Or barter. I have a deal with our neighbors. They have a peach tree that produces way more than they can ever eat. In exchange for their peaches, I can some up and dehydrate some for them. It's a bit of extra work but it was work I was doing anyway.


Now, it sounds like you also need a bit of a break from prepping. So, go to your BBQ, have a couple of beers or glasses of wine, and RELAX! You don't need to think about peak oil, food crisis, and TSHTF 24/7! It's not healthy.




Have fun.


You can find something to can tomorrow!

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I understand completely, and actually admire you for your freakout! Obviously this was a Sheeple! I also understand, oh boy do I/we, going out with friends who haven't a clue. Have one couple we go around with who ask us questions and then accuse us of gloom and doom - well, if the shoe fits - anyhow - give yourself a break the others are correct and just keep on doing what you are doing cause we all know what is coming and it ain't pretty! Just told DH to get our food dryer in for me, am going to do stuff starting now. Where we live Strawberries are wonderful and actually up ONLY one dollar from last year - considering other prices that is not too bad nad we love dried Strawberries. Want to do Celery today though. With our health issues a garden is out of the question right now but watch for specials and the Strawberry people have a market garden that is excellent. Take Care bighug

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by Tracie


I completely lost it.


I know it's because I was freaking out over the prices, and the impending doom those prices signify. But still, my behavior was horrible. I don't really want to track the guy down and apologize, because his behavior was equally abhorrent. But I am disgusted with myself.



>wince>/bighug2.gif" alt="bighug" title="bighug" height="53" width="150" /> OK, well I hope you've had a better time today since then. I hope you took the advice already given and put all "gloomNdoom" or...reality out of your mind for a while. Take a break.


You are wise to know what really was beneath your outburst. We need to be very aware of this in ourselves and those around us. We are all like canning pressure canners. Because all of us here are on a MISSION to get READY before all this can get even worse....we are all wearing our "weighted guages" set for maximum. FIFTEEN POUNDS OF PRESSURE all the time. Gotta keep on this MISSION.


Weeelllllll, yeah, we do have to keep focused on this goal we believe is so dreadfully necessary. BUT, we can't keep up the maximum pressure all the time. We should all make a point of letting off some of that steam pressure in healthy ways....before the "jiggly thang" shoots off the lid.



>chuckle>/wink.gif" alt="wink" title="wink" height="15" width="15" />




grouphug .......heck, lets have TWO of those! grouphug


MtRider [definitely NOT having an All-Star day myself today......sigh ]

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Please take the advice here and go have a blast at the bbq...bless your dear heart! Girl it's not healthy to think on this stuff 24/7. Even some of us that have been at it a long time take a break. We did a practice bug out this past week and in the middle of it took some time off to introduce the two smallest grands to these guys near out bol! 100_0133.jpg100_0129.jpg


So go have fun! Enjoy! TSHTF later on down the road at least you have enjoyed some of what life now has to offer.



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Tracie, what everyone else said is right on. Make sure to take some time to decompress. Last night just before the fireworks I was sitting on the grass in the middle of the park with hundreds of people sitting around me and Mt. Riders scenario #4 pops into my head. I found my stress level building up and my stomach starting to hurt because I was allowing this scenario to run wild in my head. Then I realized what I was doing and had to take a few deep breaths and set it aside because I was supposed to be having fun! You can't think about this all the time. It's really important for your sanity to take timeouts from thinking about all this...read a book that has nothing to do with prepping...go to a funny movie or rent one... There is a thread out there somewhere about dealing with stress. I'll see if I can find it.




Here is the link to a past thread on dealing with stress...


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Tracie, and all you others who are feeling the pressure build. I'd like to suggest that you DON'T take a break....



Okay, okay!!! DON'T start throwing things. It IS time to stop for a few but not to play (you can do that in a moment). Instead do something that will be even better. Take some time to do an assessment of what you have already DONE. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what we have to DO yet that we lose sight of what has already been accomplished. All your buckets and boxes and food and gadgets can be setting in plain sight but you don't see them. All you see is the NEED.


Well, we all know there IS a NEED so just accept that it's there, is going to be there, and isn't going away unless we intend to just bury our heads in the sand and ignore it. But we cannot let it push us over the edge or we won't be able to prepare at all. The best way, even besides taking a break, is to know that you have been working towards being prepared and that you ARE doing the best you can.


If you can't get your head wrapped around what to consider an accomplishment go read my post at the top of this forum for new preppers even if you've been doing it for years. Get out some paper. Make some lists (it gives you a rest at the same time as helping you see the reality) Make sure that you don't just put "I have ten boxes of macaroni and cheese under the bed!" Really stop and think about you and your knowledge, your experiences, and anything else that might make it apparent to you that your chances of survival is greater than many. Even things like spending an hour a day on Mrs. S (or four or six like some of us) is worth listing. The knowledge you gain here is worth several points on that list at least.


Sure, we all need to take some time off from worry and tension. It's bad for us to be under constant pressure. This forum is particularly tension producing even just by it's name but it's Name says it all. ARE you really ready? How are you going to know unless you take stock of ALL your preparedness, hidden preps that you aren't even aware you have. Strengths that would offset your weaknesses. You have them, you just have forgotten or have never looked for them.


I would bet that once you start to figure out what you HAVE (food, knowledge, tools and equipment, spiritual, and etc) your tension will start to ebb, giving you a chance to take a deep breath and prioritize what you need to do next.


Now I join in those grouphuggrouphug2


Tracie, here's a special one for you. You did what I have wanted to do a few times myself. grin




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Tracie, sweetie, I know how you feel. I get stressed out every time I go shopping these days.


Through your behavior wasn't up to the high standards you have for yourself, I thought I should point out that HE STARTED IT. Smoking a cigar in a crowded public place is an aggressive act, or at the very least, really bad manners, something like excessive farting. Pee-u. (Our local farmers market is non-smoking, BTW.) And, he did speak to you in a less than polite way.

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((((Tracie)))) Bless your heart is right...the situation was enough to get on your last nerve!


Hope you went to the BBQ AND took Mother's advice on what you HAVE accomplished. Just NOT being a sheeple and being aware of the problems around you concerning our food distribution networks is a VERY good thing!


My jaw dropped at the $4.88 I just paid for no-brand-name store MILK. I was muttering comments to fellow shoppers and the cashier...I guess they were thinking I'd lost it too!



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Thank you everyone so much for your kind words!


I did go to the BBQ with DH and DS (it was at DS's classmate's house). It was a really good time. DH suggested that he be the designated driver (usually I am) and that I have a couple of beers. He also did what mother suggested, and started enumerating the many ways we are so much better off than most people - especially the knowledge we have ...


Thank you so much for letting me admit what happened and helping me get over it. You guys are wonderful!!




Now I think I need to find some advil and water, then tuck DS in to bed. I'm not used to drinking! LOL


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Hugs. You had a moment where you "acted out" but it is now gone. Send your apologies to the man as a whisper on the wind or a prayer on his behalf ... then forgive yourself too.


I hope your stress level comes down a notch soon.



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I'm feeling your frustration. I had to call the police on my neighbors tonight. I've had to call a number of times for various things before. I hate to do it but I'm just sick and tired of listening to them while I'm in my own home. They were setting off fireworks again tonight. The big bomb type. I put up with it last night but this is the 5th of July...not the 4th. They were still at it at 11:30pm so I just had it. At midnight the police still hadn't come so I called them again. They finally showed and it stopped. I'm not talking about firecrackers...I'm talking huge mortar type. AND fireworks are illegal here!


Yeah I feel like scum and they will make my life miserable for awhile, but I'll get over it. Last year, in our county, a fireman shot 5 people and killed 3 of them over fireworks on the 5th of July. On the bright side at least I called the police first.

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At least you did not lose it with your DH or DS. It sounds like you are married to a wonderful man (I have one, too so I recognize the breed) so that can go at the top of the list of your assets when SHTF


Anyway, any man stupid enough to mouth off to a woman with THAT look on her face deserves what he gets. stretcher


As stated earlier, it says a lot that you can correctly identify the real trigger of your "upset". We all throw an occasional hissy fit, so don't beat yourself up over it.



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I'm glad you went to the BBQ, and I'm glad that you reviewed your preps with your DH (sounds like you have a gem there!!!). We all have bad days. We all do things we wish we hadn't. I agree to send the man a prayer and then forgive yourself.


Sometimes these things happen for a reason. We need to step back and take a look at why it happened. And we need to try to learn all the lessons from it that we can.


You have had some good advice here already. I would just add that you might want to look at CrabGrassAcres' gift to us all in her barebones plan for feeding a person for one year on the cheap. Would you feel better if you had that as a back-up?


I think what each of us needs to do, not just you, is to assess our areas of greatest need and address those first. Is it food? Water? Defense? Shelter? Start with the weakest area and do something to address that first. Once we have at least a good start on that area, work on another weakest spot.


You are doing well to recognize that you have issues. And you are doing well to review the ways in which you are prepped. That will help enormously in deciding how to deal with the areas that leave you feeling scared, stressed, vulnerable ... and ready to lash out.



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Thank you guys!


Jeepers - it sucks to have neighbors like that.


Cricket - LMAO -- and yes, he's a good man.


Cowgirl - thank you so much. I think my biggest worry is the question 'what sort of world is my son going to inherit?'


I think we'll actually be fine. We have skills, knowledge, a bit of land, and DH may have one of the most secure jobs around for quite a while. Between us we can garden; can; cook from scratch; knit socks and sweaters; teach college level English, Math and Physics; build furniture; earn a military marksmanship medal; make pottery; wire a circuit; build a house and more. We have already built up a decent food storage and expect to have it complete by September. I think my family will be just fine. It may be hard, but we'll survive.


But it's very stressful to see this happening to the country and the world. It's stressful to think about the other families in my son's class -- good people who are not ready to hear the truth, and who are going to be in for a very rough ride. It's stressful to think of our own family members don't want to hear any of this and who are so deep in debt there's not much they could do anyway. Or stressful just to think that "the party is over" - KWIM?


Thank you ladies!!

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Yes, Tracie, I know what you mean. It is upsetting to watch the world around us beginning this spiral. It is upsetting to see people who just don't get it, and wondering what will happen to those people, especially if they are people you care about.


And, too, what will the world be like for our children? My son is just grown and out on his own, spreading his wings. And I know that the changes he will see in his life will be huge. But, I talk to my elderly father, and he certainly has lived through amazing change in his lifetime. He grew up farming with horse power, he grew up with the concept of hitching up a team to drive to town. He never saw a movie until he was grown. And now, the world is TOTALLY different. What changes he has lived through, what upheavals in society he has seen.


I think back about my grandparents and the changes they saw. Grandma, born in a sod house on the prairie. When she was about 13, she was in charge of driving the family herd of cattle while her dad drove the covered wagon, when they moved again. And later, she flew over their farm in a plane piloted by my Dad. And ... the world around her changed so fast!


We are blessed or cursed to live in an interesting time. The only thing inevitable is that our world is still fast changing and we must adapt to change. Our children too must adapt to change. All we can do is to teach them as best we can, the skills they will need to cope in this ever-changing world.


Still, I too feel sad sometimes for the way our nation, our world, does not "get it." So much pain could be avoided if only people did.

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