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Emergency Prayers Please

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Glad to hear they will be accepting some help. That is exactly what it's there for bighug Such great news too that they are doing so well so far!

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Thank you folks,


Things are going along slowly. It's a learning experience for us all. My sister is keeping the most in touch with the docs (her hours are better than mine). The cancer assoc. has been hooking my SM up with drivers to take her too and from radiation and PT. A total blessing.


My Dad...is trapped in 1962, I swear... I don't think he's quite got it that she can't spoil him like she used too but that's another story and it's generational I'm sure.


I cannot thank you enough for the prayers. I know I've been feeling emotionally up and down but I am feeling more trust in God's will (I'm a work in progress crazy ). This powerless thing on my part is hard. (Okay, mildly THICK headed...LOL).


Thanks folks, you do not know how much we appreciate your prayers and support.

Thank you!


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