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So, let's say your internet is going to be turned of in 24 hours...forever

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OK. So the internet is a great thing. Yes. We all know that.


So is okra, and I don't care for it.




Seriously, yes, I can see the benefits of having the internet, but I can also see the steep cost, and I'm not talking money.


Tho I haven't yet made the call (and will I really have the courage to do it?), I'm interested to see how we fare without it.


Is it like Lay's potato chips? You can't just eat one?


Or is it imperitive to our lives to have it?


for some, like with Crazy4Canning and her dissertation and folks who work via the internet and many others, it's a necessity.


I want to know just how necessary it *is* to my family.


I have a sinking feeling it isn't...necessary, that is...to us, anyway.


But we'll see.


And these links and ideas are great. I'm going to be up late copying and printing and mailing for free catalogues.


Any more book ideas? I have a pretty good library, but preparedness stuff would be nice. I've got the basic ones, like Carla Emory's and Stocking Up and The Ark one and...oh what is that one called? the Basic Prepare one but that isn't the title. I have some gardening books...only 2 canning/preserving books (Stocking Up and Blue Ball).


Anything else you'd add to my library?


Anyone can butter/margarine? Does it really work?

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It is unsafe to home can butter or margarine (or any dairy).


If you look over in the Preserving forum, you will see the lowdown. Just way not worth the risk of poisoning your family. Much better to purchase canned or dehydrated butter from a reliable, commercial source.


I've gotten canned butter and margarine powder that stores long term for cooking and baking. I think I got mine from Honeyville or Emergency Essentials. There is a canned butter for spreading that lots of folks recommend, but it is a tad pricey. I think it's called Red Feather?

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I'm another that would turn off the internet last. You can use it as phone, mail, library, even TV.


If you will still be having electricity, just no internet access; download everything you can possibly need onto your hard drive.

Use folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders.

Put them on back up discs. (I back up my entire computer every month or so.)

Rename them with descriptive tags so you can search for them easier.

This is a little snap of my set-up, if it'll help.


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Cricket, thank you for that info on butter.


Leah, thank you for the snap! smile


I'm in big trouble. I just found Frugal Squirrel, and I'm not completely thru reading *this* forum.


Well, I guess I can download and read and work toward shutting it off when my brain is full. Well, maybe not *that* soon. LOL



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no canning butter the way the tell you! look up "Ghee"


and have I mentioned I can't live without the kingdom of loathing?!



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We don't use any internet for our homeschooling. We do just fine.

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We don't use the internet for our schooling either. Maybe for finding something spur of the moment, but it's not as helpful as going to the library and coming home with a load of books.


My sil is really concerned about us turning off the internet while schooling our children. There are many many children without internet access who are excellent students. I try to assure her, but it's kind of like turning my kids into latch-key kids in her eyes. Oh well. If they were her kids, they'd do more on the internet, and probably wouldn't be any better...or worse...off for it.


So that doesn't really figure into things here.

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I know what you mean. We love the library. Just because the internet is extensive, it still doesn't have everything (just seems like it). Our library at home and our public library is more than enough! Perhaps over time your SIL will come to see how all of you are thriving without internet. Every family is different....I'm sure she would agree to that.

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I have lived for 6 weeks without the internet once. I was getting withdrawal symptoms. I tried accessing it using my mobile phone!


We use the internet a lot. Yes we do waste a lot of time, but we also save time, and petrol, not driving to the nearest town, or even down to London (60-70 miles), for some things. And quite often when you get there, the shop only has one item, so I have to special order, and make a return trip, while the on line company can send the 10 items I need, through the post. And some things aren’t in any local shops. I got a good deal, on an electric grain mill, but I bought it from Germany!


Any money we spend on the internet, saves us such a lot of stress. I find driving at times can be a nightmare. The roads are so crowded, everyone gets frustrated, and the odd person acts like a complete idiot.


But also in the UK you get a lot of companies that offer goods on the internet at 10-20% off the shop price. And don’t forget - ecodes. I just got 12 pounds off an 80 pound shop. I struggled getting that one. We have an awful lot of soap powder coming!


Some companies even refund the delivery charge, if you spend enough with them. In the last month, I have saved, at least 20 pounds, by shopping on line. And for big ticket items, you can shop for some real bargains. We saved over 1500 pounds, off the best dealership price, many thousands off the list price, by buying a car on line. That is an awful lot of internet.


I find books are cheaper on line, than in shops. And I can get oddities, like “Little Heathens”, on line, which I don’t have to special order through a book shop.


Life is so much better when I shop with a few clicks, even when I do have to pay a delivery charge of 5 pounds. So, yes I can live without the internet. I have done that. But why should I when, IMO, it brings me enormous benefits.




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Here are links to some of the stuff I would download (well, anything I haven't downloaded yet that I might possibly need):




On the next link, click on the Master Guide on this site. Then click on the section on the left hand side that you are interested in. This will bring you to a page were there will be links to pdfs on the left side.




Lots of good poultry info:



The laptop friendly disaster library is here. I'm going to convert it into the pdf version that my palm uses and keep a copy on micro disk in my pda which goes almost every where with me:




I'm not LDS, but I think the The LDS Preparedness Manual has some really good info:



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Internet is my source of enjoyment. I research a lot and learn at lot, but I keep in touch with people also. I might go to town once a month, I get lots of free patterns and designs. I think that internet would be very hard for me to get along without. Carolyn

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ok, I know I'm off subject, but what is KOL? how do I get there, love to play. Myself, if I loose the internet I would definitly go crazy.

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