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Hi From Central California!

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Hello Everyone..


My dear friend and sister got me on this site.. I'm from C. Calfironia and I am married near 7.5 yrs and have a 2.5 yr old son.. I love to read and hang out with great people and just love life and my faith in God.. Amen. So wantted to give a shout! HI!





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welcome5 Hi MommyGrace! Glad you said howdy! That is so neat that you and your sister are both joining, I'd love it if my sister would do that. She is very prep minded but not too much into the computer stuff.


I live in Alabama with my dh of 25 years and my 7 children. We are home educating homesteaders! I am also a servant of the most high God.

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Hi MommyGrace, I'm glad you and your best friend are both here!


Welcome to MrsSurvival! I think you will enjoy it here as much as I do.


I love the way a lot of the threads here evolve into many new ways around old problems! Sometimes, threads get a little off track, but keep reading, because sometimes the juciest fruit is buried where you least expect it!


Mais cher! Don't miss out! There's lots to see! sCh_reader.gif


Welcome to one of the most progressive "all-purpose" preparedness/survivalist sites on the Internet! dance013.gif Be sure to check out the for-members-only sections downstairs!


If you're new to stocking your pantry, here are a couple of a must-see kinda places, to help you get started...









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