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Happy Birthday Trip

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Happy B-day Trip.... I will give your B-day present in October!!!


Green beans with onions! your most fav!

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We're goin' on a trip for a birthday??? shrug



Who's birthday? Where we goin'? Will it be fun??



**always the last to know...**














Happy birthday, big guy... I hope you made it great one!!





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Oh..I missed the party!! But Happy Birthday belatedly!


and of course, Hugs.

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AWWWWWWWWW thank you all bighug I been so busy I didn't even know you threw a party!! eek


I hate it when that happens..


My mom says after a point ya just wanna forget BD's... she's gonna be 89 in Sept...doubt she will forget it...coz I'm gonna be there..!!


And Westy..you come near me with Grn beans and onions and your gonna be in the turtle soup! might ruin the turtle tho so maybe not... rofl


Thanks again all...was nice!!


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IMSORRYINPURPLE.gif I'm late, but want to wish you a Happy Birthday. smile





thHappyBirthdayBalloons.gif to you and many more. smile Hope this was the best one ever. smile








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