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Here is a listing of links to making clothing for your dogs.


I know this sounds weird to put your dog in clothing.. but.. in a survival situation dog clothing may be very necessary!


Think about the heat of the summer and your dog is having to walk on hot asphalt! you are wearing shoes.. think your dogs feet aren't burning? or how about walking in the snow?


A nice warm coat in the winter to keep them warm in the freezing snow or a rain coat when having to walk in the rain.


I bet you are thinking.. What? they wear their coats!! yes this is true...but if you find shelter.. who wants to smell a wet dog?

that dry dog is nice to curl up next to in the freezing cold and a wet smelly dog? um..no!


Also bringing your dog into your tent keeps the tent warm.



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I combined this all into one post, how to measure your dog and free

patterns. Don't want to leave out WOman's best friend!


measuring a dog.. notice there is more then one person doing this.



Here is a great diagram for measuring I also measure the legs as done

in the above link



another link with a form to fill in



start with this coat pattern or the dress pattern to the right




Fleece dog sweater (scroll down for more patterns)



make a sweatshirt



reversable coat



make your own dog booties





dog dress



dog harness vest




Belly Bands - boys - often times used for dogs that lift their legs in

the house!


http://www.welldressedcrested.com/bandpattern.html click on step 1 to

start (I had to move my cursor a bit above step 1 to get it to work)


Look at any site for belly bands and you can easily figure them out.


how to make... measure dog around tummy and add 4 inches, make it wide

enough to cover the leaky part , cut two pieces, stitch

together, add 2 inch wide velcro on the ends to close. You can use

menstural pads to soak up the urine. Others make layers like making a

diaper, some put a piece of netting in and insert diaper material that

can be changed out and washed. the size of the pad depends on the

dog... a little tea cup pup doesn't need the same size as a Monster dog!



Female Diapers- sorry no matter how I have tried to find a free

pattern, I haven't been able to find one.


In a pinch.. use boy brifs (underware) insert a menstural pad inside

and use the front slit for the tail by putting the underware on backwards.




No sew dog wrap



dog boscuit mix in a jar



coat pattern



rain coat



dog boots




knit or crochet patterns







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I was about to make a funny comment about this when I saw the thing about hot asphalt...that's very real in our area. And since it's been so long since I've seen any rain I guess sleeping next to a wet dog would be pretty rank. Just don't think Abby would keep anything on....

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while some think this is funny... let me tell you a little story...

then I will get to how to get a dog to wear clothing.


My nephew was getting married to a young lady in school to be a Vet. She wanted everyone to bring their dogs to the wedding which was outside at the beach.. very pretty... a point with grass and a long winding path to a gazebo which over looked the ocean...


My sister, the grooms Mother has a black Poodle, My Mother the grooms GrandMother has a tan poodle (excuse me.. cafelatte). the wedding was done in Sage green and a pale yellow.. sounds kind of strange but actually was pretty.


So.. the request comes in..... in my DM and DS most whiney voice.... 'could you make our dogs matching dresses.. and here is the color of the wedding'.


I didn't want to... but ok, so my sewing is going to the dogs!


I made the black dog the yellow dress cause this cafelatte (tanish apricot color) can't wear yellow but the green will be perfect.


Now they buy strollers! and they want me to do what? decorate them too???? like what do they think I am?


ok, I make these dresses.. chiffon and satin... a couple of rhinestones, some bows for their ears, draped the chiffon around the sun shade thinger on the stroller and laid satin inside using opposite colors that the dogs were wearing.


and so starts a little dog clothing business! do you know I got paid $60 for an identical dress for another lady in pink! from the wedding.


so laugh as everyone might... I get more for a stupid dog dress then I get to a child's dress!




as to how to get a dog to wear clothing.. the first thing we do is put a garment on a dog and then laugh! well the minute you crack up.. the dog is out of the clothing!


so what you do is make sure every one is ready.. put the item on the dog and praise the dog! oogle over him and pet and tell the dog how beautiful and do not laugh!


silly I know..


can't remember.. will check later... to see if I posted about diapers and belly bands!


as our dogs get older it will be come necessary to use some kind of protection for them.


It also helps if you are traveling to have them.. more people will let the dog stay in if they know the dog can't wet.


If you are traveling and need to stay in a hotel.. not all hotels will take a dog, especially large dogs... be sure to LIE!!! and say... "we are going to XXXXXXX to a dog show" they will say 'you have show dogs?' and you say "yes we do" then they will let them stay!


I do have show dogs.. just I wasn't exactly going to a dog show that time all dogs are show dogs.. we show them off right? so it is just a little lie. LOL!


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Wow! Thanks for posting these links. Some of my dogs do wear coats in winter if they are shaved or have short hair. The littlest girl has the cutest little pink parka with hood. She looks so cute in it and loves wearing it. smile


Also, 5 of my dogs, all but the biggest 2, have rain coats. (stop laughing) During hurricanes and tropical storms, the doggies gotta go do their business and the rain coats keep them from getting their hair drenched. I just need to make some for the biggest 2 dogs since I can't find their sizes in the pet stores.

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If I still had a dog I'd try to get her to wear doggles. Nice eye protection in a car with an open window and the head hanging out. Plus they look cool! http://www.petstreetmall.com/Doggles-Eyewear.aspx


I like the idea of boots too. Great on hot cement or in the snow. Gees, they have orthopedic boots now. Probably better quality than my shoes. https://www.neopaws.com/catalog/dogshoes...a4695fa2e49dc98

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belly bands (for boys)


Free belly band pattern




you can also use a feminine napkin inside to keep from having to wash the band.


this is great for boys that mark their territory in the house, older males that can't make it outside anymore, and I know some use it for potty training.

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Giving this a bump. I just got a new dog - finally, a pocketbook dog - a toy poodle. She's full grown at 5 lbs. She will be needing some little coats and things this winter to keep her warm as I keep my house near freezing. There are some cute outfit sin the stores, but they are so pricey for the size and quality, so I'm going to try her wardrobe. Hopefully she'll stand still long enough to be measured and fitted.

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As a professional groomer i can tell you she will need to be clipped SHORT to wear winter clothes. Otherwise her clothes rubbing on her fur will make her matted. (Kind of defeats the purpose, IMO.) I recommend a scarf for around her neck. If you crochet or knit be sure to leave a high enough cut away for the male dogs so they don't urinate on their clothing.


Belly bands are a very useful idea as well as female diapers and all the warm weather clothing for cold weather states.If you cut the foot off of a large sweat sock and fold it in half a sanitary napkin can be placed in the center of the fold to be used as a belly band for a small male dog.


One thing a lot of people do not realize the importance of is boots for dogs. In case you have to hike or go hunting. A LOT of bird dogs or hunting dogs have waterproof boots. Chamois makes a great dog boot and is easily padded/insulated with fake lambskin.


A lot of people will gladly put a calf jacket on a calf but, won't try to protect their large dogs from snow.

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I just ordered a pattern for dog clothes (sewed) off ebay last night. Pattern $2.50 Shipping $2.50 I think the pattern in Walmart was $16 or so. I know it was too much for me.


GND- Thanks for the reminder that I will need to cut the furnishings shorter. I remember the matts!

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