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-->Rate this thread collection!<-- What to do with all these beans?

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This collection of threads has been handpicked from over a year's worth of beantalk here at MrsSurvival's. Everything (and then some more) that you wanted to know about beans...





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After thirty or more stars are voted by members, the thread nominator will submit the link to this thread containing all the votes to:


"Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival":









Bean recipes (thread started Apr 9 2008)






Undercooked beans can be toxic (thread started Sep 21 2007)






Question on soaking beans (thread started Apr 14 2008)






They can't stand beans!!!!!!!!!! (thread started Feb 26 2008)





Wish me luck with beans! (thread started Jul 20 2008)






Pinto beans (thread started Jan 11 2007)

(This thread also contains HSMom's famous Pizza Bean recipe. Kids of ALL ages enjoy this one.)






Beans in the Pressure Cooker (thread started May 12 2008)






How to make your own Soy Milk from Soy Beans (thread started Feb 28 2003)

(also contains a recipe to make your own tofu)






Canning dried beans...Can the Ball Blue Book be right on this? (thread started Apr 12 2008)






??? about canning pinto beans (thread started Aug 12 2007)







"Sanitizing" Beans and Lentils for safe sprouts to eat (thread started Oct 18 2007)





Need a way to get the kids to eat beans? (thread started May 15 2007)





Gas problems from beans?? (thread started Apr 7 2007)







...and no bean collection is complete without a few rooting tooting BEAN JOKES:



Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Taster Named Frank, who was visiting Texas:





Baked Beans





Truck Stop Meal



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Wow, more than I ever wanted to know about beans. Three stars!

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~~~Beans, beans, the musical fruit... The more you eat, the more you toot!~~~



(Just a lil' something my hubby taught me after marriage. rollingeyes )



We're working on the older posts. wink



Another AA.gifAA.gifAA.gif !!!






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How old are we?!?! rofl


In our house it wasn't beans, but a certain VITAMIN that caused moose calls...dead in the middle of the night I would get woken up...good gracious! Needless to say, we switched vitamins...and here I thought I was pretty well ahem...prepared for anything... DarleneSwoon




Definitely a valuable thread...3 STARS! ! !

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