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-->Rate this thread collection!<-- Buckets for long term food storage

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Some foods can last for many years if properly stored in the absence of oxygen. These threads can help to take the mystery out of long term food storage in buckets, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.




'Storing Foods in Buckets & Use of Oxygen Absorbers'












bucket lids






"Food Safe Container Marking"






"Beans And Rice Storage"






"Quick review" (about food safe containers)






"Packing Buckets"







Rate this thread collection!


3 stars .......If you think it is really great


2 stars .......If you think it is good


1 star ....... if you think it has great potential with more updates or added content



After thirty or more stars are voted by members, the thread nominator will submit the link to this thread containing all the votes to:


"Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival":




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three stars for me ... very good for us newbies

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ONLY SIX MORE STARS TO GO to be another winning thread in the Best of MrsSurvival class!


That means only two more members voting with three stars apiece, can make it happen! Come on! Dontcha think this is a great collection?


(see the first post in this thread for the EZ how-to's!)

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