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I wasn't sure where to put this, so if it's better elsewhere, feel free to relocate. smile


Recently a local church became a Distribution Center for "Angel Food Ministries". I finally remembered to sign up last month and dh picked up our order today. I think I'm going to do it again. It is not a charity, give away or based on income type of thing. It's more like a co-op buy, I guess?


Here's the link and you can put in your zip and see if you have a distribution place near by you. Each month they post the menu for the month and have other specials you can order if you want to. There is a due date for the orders and the money you owe and then about 2 weeks later, you pick up your food.


I just thought some of you might be interested, it seems to be a pretty good bargain, compared to grocery store prices. One thing I was happy to get was a carton of Shelf Stable 2% Milk. This, of course is going straight into the prepping supplies!:)



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The quality seems really good thus far. My qualm with it is determining the 'value'. I think it is a good deal and will probably continue to get an order, but it does have some things that I wouldn't normally buy, so is that really a good deal??


The chicken tenders were like those you get in like O'Charley's. Very good. I loved the Shelf Stable Milk to have on hand. There was a freezer Queen family size dinner *yuch*, but still the kids would enjoy it and it would be an easy thing to put in the oven for dh if I was 'incapacitated'. The frozen vegies appear to be of the highest quality.


Hope this helps a bit. smile

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I tried a similar co-op and found that in the end, I didn't normally buy those things and it wasn't necessarily a money saver, though it was kinda fun. Seemed like a lot of convenience items and also veggies I would normally grow myself:?) I think they are, however, a great idea! I looked and found a chapter about 20 minutes from here. I think I'll keep an eye on the menu:?)

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That's true, and I've considered buying more than one deal. I guess if it's a really good looking menu, I would.


For instance in this one package that I've gotten, it had 2 different packages of the chicken tenders and so that worked out just fine for us when I added the fries and salad.


It tells you the exact size/weight of each item on the menu.


They did a 1 lb. bag of 13 bean soup, I usually cook 2 lbs for us. So I'll have to add to it.


One thing I did like was the combination. They had the beans and the rice and the sausage...you know, a complete meal -for a normal size family smile

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We just got an angel food program in our area.


You can buy multiple packs. They also have "other" packages, like a meat package, or a produce package, that vary each month, so it may be useful even to someone who doesn't necessarily want the regular pack.


My add-on daughter (I don't want to say adopted to confuse it with Stephanie's type of adoption LOL but you know what I mean)does it and is very pleased with it. We are going to start as soon as she remembers to bring us the info.


One of her friends went to walmart and compared prices and they were roughly half.



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I ordered one month and bought four of the regular boxes ands some specials. I also bought a box for a mother, I knew had just gotten divorced.


When I went to order, however, the lady running the site asked if I would go to the place, where each distribution center picks up the food, and help them load their truck. Then she wanted me to follow them back to the distribution center and help hand out the boxes. I said I would, but it was a 50 mile, round trip, at 7 am, with five chicks. When they ran out of the specials...Guess who didn't get one of hers and when they ran out of meat, guess whose box was slighted? So to be honest...The food is a good deal, but I haven't wanted to go back....There was no need for my chicks, where they loaded the trucks, so they just sat in the van, on a cold morning. I didn't order again, so lost the $, for what I didn't receive, and these early morning things, just don't work well, with children that are heavily medicated, at bedtime...In other words...I have to literally drag them out of bed. With the cost of gas, this was no bargain, especially when I didn't get everything I ordered and paid for. It is a great deal though..The most of meat is good quality. Some things are more basic or generic, but not poor quality, just not the best quality...One thing that stands out is the frozen pizza, another the hamburger helper type dinner. The chicken nuggets were white meat and very good quality...Some of the steaks, though, were thin and tough, and they always seem to have some name, that I don't recognize.

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Oh my, I don't blame you for your frustrations Mom11, good grief.


I think the main thing is what Mo7 has already said, each distribution center is run independently. For instance our pickup time is at 10am on a Sat. and that worked out very conveniently for us as the church is only about 2-3 miles from us.


I personally think that you should go to the website and tell them your experience. Perhaps they will 'make it good' or at least they'll know that there is a problem with the way that center is being handled.

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I guess volunteers from their church, go Saturday mornings, to pick up the food. It is all on different pallets and they go around and pick up, what goes to their site. Then all the food is brought back to the church and separated into the individual orders, then passed out. I just, kind of, felt taken advantage of, when they ran out of stuff,and it was mine that was confiscated. I ordered lots of boxes, some for people that wanted them, but didn't want to come and get them, and one I bought to donate to another family. I had to turn around and go back, in the same direction I had come from, only father, to take it to that family. That was another 60 miles.


I'd like to order again, but don't want to do any of the above again, nor, not get what I ordered. My family is large also and it takes more than one item, to feed everyone. When some of mine was taken, that just left me with a bunch of odd food items, that wouldn't feed everyone. PLUS, I paid in full for everything! I'm not saying I mind volunteering, but this isn't my calling. I'm just a sucker...


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mom11, what a nightmare! Such has not been the case here. We have been getting Angel Food for several months. We love the price and the variety. Filet Migon and Ribeye Steak had not been a part of our regular meal prep before. I am working with a local church, and hope to start a host site locally. (Pick up is currently 90 miles from here) Has anyone else been involved in setting up a host site? We have been waiting for training materials to arrive for 6 weeks frown

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Several churches in my area participate in the Angel Food program. I always get the monthly box and will get one of the add-on packs on occasion. In September, one of the add-on packages consists of frozen meals that are suitable for seniors - low sodium, cholesterol, etc.


The church that I purchase from has a large and organized volunteer group. Takes me five minutes to pick up my order and I don't even get out of my car. Buying from Angel Food helps others and cuts my food bill at the same time.


Regarding the quality - many of the items in the monthly pack are big name brands, others are lesser-known brands, but I've found the quality to be very good overall.

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Mom11, I frequently call myself a "pushover" so I know just what you mean! wink


The church that is doing ours has a drive under awning, they come to the car, ask your name, walk out with the box, you're outta there. God Bless them for their hard work!


Rezgirl, I've never been a part of getting a distribution center organized, I hope it works out smoothly for you. 90 miles is a long way to drive for a good deal.

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Rezgirl, I've never been a part of getting a distribution center organized, I hope it works out smoothly for you. 90 miles is a long way to drive for a good deal.


Yes it is a long way, but a friend an I take turns going. I need to go that way every 2 or 3 weeks to do grocery shopping anyway, so I work AngelFood pick-up into that schedule. It's not always convienent to live 65 miles from the closest traffic light. smile sigh

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We've never tried it as I'm soooo bad at planning that far ahead. However, I've only heard good things about them so this is a bummer to hear you had a bad time of it.


It was my understanding they should have had a few extra items on hand in case of a short count or damage. I agree with the others, call them smile

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Our local organization was doing Angel Food and had a dispute with them (over the cost of freight). They set up a similar program using local wholesalers and were able to keep the costs down better. I have been the contact person for our church since we started with them, and rarely have had a problem. If they run short of an item they at least let you know of the shortage. Last month they mis-ordered on the meat and ran very short, so they took some volunteers (most of whom are getting community service hours for their work lol) and got more meat. They asked us if we were willing to wait, rather than just make us sit.

We are personally lo-carb, so do not often buy a box, but pick up all the orders and deliver to those that ordered. (Longest delivery for us is about 15 miles round trip. It is a good ministry - for them and for us.


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Hi Carmen,


No, it's not all frozen, but some is. For instance, there was a pack of sausage that needed to be refrigerated and dried beans and rice and frozen chicken nuggets.


It's kind of based on what the menu is for that month. Also, you'll notice extra packages for fresh fruits and vegies, etc.

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