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An article I read was talking about the milk problems from China, as I remember it some countries were banning a couple of types of chocolate candy because the milk products used in them were from China.


Even if the food was not produced in China, that doesn't mean that some of the ingredients came from there. Let's hear it for producing our own from scratch.

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Have DH learning about canning, we are going to give it a try this weekend. Dh does about 90% of the cooking (he is SOOOOOO much better than me, in another life he was a chef)


Sold a bunch of baby items we nolonger use and thats freed up some $ for more supplies.

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thanks Virginia! I'll remember that.


I went to my warehouse club yesterday, figuring I'd rather have the household account( my groc. and kid account, not the big mortgage and savings stuff. that still has a couple months reserve in it) cushion of money as preps right now rather then sitting in my local bank and got a round of all the cleaners, paper products and such that we use. I also got the big plastic barrels of pretzels and animal crackers, and several economy size drink powders.


This is not normal for us, but Westie keeps saying that snack foods and drink powders are very useful preps and can keep kids happy and feeling comforted, so into my prep stash they went.


Batteries in the big flashlight D cell size and kid entertainment AA size completed that. THe bill was painful, but-better in the house then sitting uselessly in the bank at this point, I think.

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25lb. of cocoa powder was added to my storage this week - NOW I'm ready, lol! grin 15lb. of baking powder, 50lb corn starch and tapioca starch, 100lb. of oatmeal, now I'm working on the "notabsolutelyessential" list, praise God.

And the biggest thing we did this week..... band We got our taxes paid! YAHOO!!! banana



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I just did a shopping trip to piggly wiggly.They had some awesome sales on meat.


I got a 25 lb box of catfish for $20. And a 40lb box of chicken leg quarters for $25 banana A whole chicken for .88/lb


I got 4 4lb bags of sugar for $6(1.50 ea.) clap

bacon was also a great deal and i picked up a bunch of boxes of corn dogs. i don't usually buy corn dogs but at 5/$10 i thought it was a steal.

I got a whole bunch of other things but those were the best deals. Tomorrow I'm going to one of the local stores for more sugar. 10lbs for 2.99 banana

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I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, so I'm not going to be spending much quality time with my canner or out in the fields this weekend, but...


DH and I just got back from signing the papers on the refinancing of our home. This is a big deal for me, because with the refinancing, the bank is also paying off three of our credit cards and one other loan. Our house payment will only go up by $100 (and we don't even have to start that until December 1st), but we're getting rid of about $700/month in cc payments. This will be a BIG HELP, since DH's unemployment ran out last week.


So yeah, I'm pretty stoked. I consider that a step in the right direction as far as getting finances under control, which I believe is part of preparedness.

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Originally Posted By: Dee
Hey LivinSimple, how are you? I've wondered what you're up to, haven't "seen" you for a long time now. How about Bee and Drone, I've wondered about them for ages too.

Hey there! We're all doing just fine. Tightening the belts and trying to finish up the preps before whatever is going to happen actually happens. I've been too busy with work lately to have too much computer time.

As for what I have done this week. Well, I didn't get a lot done but I did buy 1 and 1/2 bushels of apples to can and/or dehydrate. I'll do that this weekend. I also found a really good deal on a Coleman Camp Stove. Almost brand new, still in the box for just $10

I am heading to Aldi's tomorrow to do some stocking up, after I raid the ATM and get what I can from there.
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Well now that the buggy rice and bugs are gone I have moved on to dry beans. I have bought gallon plastic jugs and have stored dried beans in them. I don't have near enough preps and I can't afford to have bugs so I am bug proofing.

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Jacob's Cave is where I got the Camp Stove. I sold a dog and put the cash into preps.


I did not make it to Aldi's today, I had to work later than I expected. But I did make it to our local discount grocery today.


I picked up:

10 pounds of salt

16 pounds of canning salt

several boxes (probably 12) of Microwavable Hamburger and Chicken Helper - hubby takes this on the truck for cheap eating

6 cans of spaghetti sauce

6 boxes of Velveeta Shells and Cheese

6 small bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 - 12 roll packs of Scott Toilet Tissue


I know there is more but that's all that I can think of right now. And I only spent $80.00 on it. The back of my Explorer is completely full.


I feel much better now. smile


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Funny Livin, I went to town with DS today and he was buying food to have in his truck this week too. He's learned it's much cheaper and healthier to have his own food over fast food places. He has a microwave, little fridge, tv, dvd player and I don't know what else in that truck. It's his little home out on the road.


I froze rice and beans mommato3boys before putting them in the larger soda bottles but am afraid to check on them. I really did fairly small amounts because of being afraid of bugs. Guess I need to check and see how they're doing.

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wave Hi everyone. I haven't been able to do anything extra in awhile (been short of money after buying my big generater for the storms)and taking care of Sis after her cancer surgery.

But we found the Scott tissue on sale last week and I bought 4 12pk rolls, so I am back up to 12 pks now((144 rolls) plus the 2 opened ones in the bathrooms and in my camper.

I finally went out and planted 2 rows of greens (1 mustard and 1 turnip). So I hope it isn't too late for them to make b/f the frost.

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Went to a gun show at the Big E in Springfield, Mass to get a high powered rifle.


Wake up time !


Besides OUTRAGEOUS PRICES, you have to have a permit to buy ANY gun in Mass. Waste of a day and gas.

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I mentioned to DH at the "scratch and dent" store that we could use some more paper towels - there were none on the shelves. Later with DS we went to Sam's, and DS bought paper towels - 12 mega rolls, which will be a year's supply at the rate we use them now LOL. Also got duct tape, bird seed, candy bars, walnuts, and a whole pork loin which is now in vacuum bags in 3 pieces each either a roast or a meals worth of boneless pork chops yumm!


Last week he got us a case of splenda and a case of sweet & low, along with ritz crackers and a case of crackers wrapped 2 to a pack (the church is having a chili supper next week).

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Today I walked back and forth to the store, who let me push my basket home, to get 10 gal. of bottled water, some 2 liters of soda ( for variety and to stretch the fluids), koolaid, lemon drink mix, two london broils and a platter of boned chicken breasts, salt pork ( 2), more dried peas, a good sized box of instant rice. Some small canned meats, 12 cans of small cat food servings cause my 'attack cat' Smokey is needing both soft and dry food.

I got some dove dark chocolate pieces! ( Eating two now). Got two pint size jars of raw shelled sunflower seeds, one of almonds, one large jar of peanuts, big jar of peanut butter, one big jar of dill pickles, two cans Hunts spaghetti sauce, raisins, V8 juice, a big bottle of lemon juice, a few yogurts.

I want to get more canned juices but Im hoping all is well come Oct 14 when I can get to Plattsburgh and shop at walmart, or I may go tomorrow on the local bus to the other one I can reach by bus. It seems worth it to go tomorrow, but i will see.

Being concerned about any October Surprise, makes me think go tomorrow!

The only thing I could find for my folding stove were two paks of the tiny sterno. I think a simple square barbeque grill might be a good investment for cooking, but I have alot of metal coffee cans for that. In fact that would be a better option. Boy Scout stoves would be hotter I think than a spread out square bbq, for outside, boiling water if things keep getting bad.

I know I got some other stuff, but this is enough to beef up preps and most of its easy to eat stuff. Along with baking supplies, and beans and regular rice. I thought it was wise to get that kind of stuff, and its portable during a bug out if necessary to the woods, depending on conditions on the ground, if tinfoil

P.S. I have other bottled water too, so this extends it about a months worth, and a creek for flushing the toilet or to boil for washing if necessary.


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I added the following to the preps today:

10 cans of ham

10 cans of chicken

5 boxes of Rice A Roni

4 boxes of Lipton tea bags


Also added another year's worth of liquid fabric softener and another year's worth of laundry soap. I am up to two years supply now.


I did a bit of rotating on the canned goods today and passed some down to the neighbors house. They are having a bit of a rough time so I figured it might help them out a bit.


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