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LEMONS::::: Please read


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I went to the store today for lemon juice, cause I can't grow my own lemons in Maryland, and there was a note there saying that there is a shortage on lemons. I use it in my mayo recipe and in canning. There was like 5 bottles on the shelf and I bought them all because I will use them, is this happening anywhere else???? You may need to go get some, before they run out.


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Wow, thanks for the information ! That is not good. So many people canning and no lemon juice ? I got some citric acid crystals, so maybe I should get more than I have.

I will look if I remember at the store for the bottled lemon juice.

I use a lot of fresh lemons, too. I have it in my iced tea every day.

This seems to be increasing with more and more foods.


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We use a lot of the bottled lemon juice and I get it at Costco in the large size at canning time.


Thanks for the heads up!



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you certainly can grow lemons in Maryland - grow them indoors - right in your home - via Dwarf Fruit Trees of the Meyer lemon variety.


Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees are evergreen so they'll look beautiful in your living room or other sunny spot in your house. If you want them outside for spring summer and early fall you can put them in a pot/container that is easy for you to move and just bring them indoors for the winter. You'll have a beautiful bit of greenery inside and gorgeous fruit. Dwarf fruit is often better than full grown tree fruit.


You'll also be showing everyone who comes to your home that it's possible to have beautiful and practical food growing right at home - a super conversation starter and inspiration for self-reliance of all kinds.


Nothing makes an impact better than what has it's own life and growth.

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There must be a shortage here, also. Our Shoprite hasn't had anything other than small bottles of Real Lemon, and not that many, for the past two months. There are a few bottles of an off brand, large, but it is horrible.

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Originally Posted By: Bealadybug
Cool.... I did not know that. I will have to check into it. Is there also a dwarf orange tree. My kids would prefer them over candy any day.

There is. I bought one a few months ago. It begins with an 'o' but I can't remember the name, nor find the tag. here is one from Gurney's along with links to some other citrus trees. I also have 2 Meyer Lemons that I got this past year. All my citrus plants are in for the winter.
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not here in New England. I have been buying lemons by the bagful at Costco, dehydrating them, and turning them into lemon powder for instant lemon drinks (that don't contain corn syrup or artifical sweetners) ALso lemon juice is available everywhere. I usually buy the big bottles at Costco. At canning time, I use a lot of it.

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Originally Posted By: ArmyOfFive4God

There is. I bought one a few months ago. It begins with an 'o' but I can't remember the name, nor find the tag. here is one from Gurney's along with links to some other citrus trees. I also have 2 Meyer Lemons that I got this past year. All my citrus plants are in for the winter.

I found it. It's called an Owari Satsuma Mandarin
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Satsumas are often found at abandoned homesites in the deep south. When I was a kid we often found satsumas and kumquats while looking for old graves.


Citrus is particularly suited to growing in pots, and is easier to grow in square pots than round ones. After looking at the price of the right pots, though, you'll head over to the lumber section.


Read this: http://www.justfruitsandexotics.com/JF%20ContainerCitrus.pdf

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Originally Posted By: ArmyOfFive4God
Judy, would you explain how you do the deh. & grinding thing? THNX!

I agree, I am going to call you about this one if you don't post how to use the lemons up.

I will be getting as many lemons as I WANT pretty soon. I can get more too. So I would like to dehydrate them, and I would like to squeeze and freeze like I usually do. However the lemon juice doesn't last long, and I squeeze a LOT of lemons.
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Oh...I just saw that ArmyOfFive4God of asked about the lemons.!!

Thanks for the bump Angela! I'm so sorry! I realize she posted this during my inlaw's visit when I just did not come on here. Since I always use "posted in last 24 hours for active topics, well,...some things fall through the posting cracks!




I dried the lemons in the convection oven until they were dry. Then I put them in the blender and pulverized them. Then, I sifted them because pulverizing in the blender doesn't reduce it to a powder--it makes a powder AND granules. The granules should be set aside for use as dried lemon peel. The rest of the stuff then can be made into a finer powder by using a mortar and pestle. This powder can be used to flavor anything from cookies to "instant lemonade" that you make by adding a teaspoon or two to a large glass of water along with sugar to taste. It does not dissolve into the water completely because some of the peels are teensy bits that just don't dissolve, but it doesn't mar the nice taste of the drink. I don't know if these instructions make sense--but that's just about all the entire mysterious process, LOL


(check your food dehydrator book for a good temperature to dry at. I haven't found the optimal one as mine didn't mention lemons. Still, I have done this twice and it worked fine.)

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Still find loads of stuff on this website! Woohoo! I dehydrate and store lemons, limes & oranges. I also store large liquid lemon juice...I find it at Sam's Club and stock the biggie bottles. Love the dehydrated fruit for my citrus jug in my frig, and the liquid lemon juice for spraying on my apples etc. Mix it 1 to 4 in a spray bottle...saves tons of money!



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