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What are you canning today?? part 3

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4 pints each of raw pack round steak, hot pack dark turkey, and hot pack dark chicken, all in broth. Also 2 pints of broth made from beef boullion cubes. WOuldn't normally can that, but was leftover after canning the steak, and no use for it soon enough that I can just refridgerate or freeze it.

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Twenty-nine, 12oz. jars, green tomato salsa. My Joseph chopped all the tomatoes, onions, peppers in the food processor...His first time and he was so proud. Emma stood on a stool and filled all the jars, put the lids, and rings on...That gave me time to make Violet's No bake, Babe Ruth Bars.....


Now, only 11 more boxes of tomatoes to go.

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Those food processors sure are a lifesaver when you're trying to do canner loads of food, aren't they? I don't mind cutting up a carrot or onion or two for a dinner, but when I'm trying to can 10-20-30 pints of something, love that food processor. smile

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Shandy, you're a sweetie! Are you still picking blackberries? I have some of mine, thawing in the fridge, and can't decide whether to strain them for juice, and make syrup,and fruit leather, or make more jam. Maybe, I should buy more apples, make more jam, make more juice, and mix it with the blackberry juice, and make more syrup...Yummmmm...Yeap! There must be someone around here, who doesn't have enough jam!

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Emma and I canned 32(12oz.) and 27 (8oz.) jars of Annie's Salsa today. We canned, one case each, for our dear 83 year old friend, and her daughter. We followed the recipe for my friend, but changed her daughters. She hates onions, loves garlic, and doesn't like sweet salsa. We left the onions and sugar out, added some red chilis, and extra jalapenos, and garlic. We took the case right to them, so they didn't disappear!

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We've been inundated with family this last several weeks and I've been working in the ER way too much, but I'm excited to have things slow down now so I can get back to filling jars.


I am going to make more salsa and more spaghetti sauce, it's starting to disappear way too quickly.


It's inspiring for me to read these posts every day to keep up my excitement. This is the first year that I've canned anything past September. You women are awesome! Thanks for the ideas and recipes!

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