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How To Make Charcoal From Newspaper


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Oh good one! Thanks for a justification for being the newspaper hoarder. :lol::laughkick:


In the discussion that follows, they mention that newspapers are printed with non-toxic soy-based inks. but the colorful flyers, magazines, etc might be petroleum-based inks and should be avoided. Cardboard boxes might be recycled this way too.


What a neat project for kids to particpate in. Get your hands into gloopy paper and make....snowballs! I have to try this. Drying these in arid CO will be no problem.



MtRider [....So, do newspapers store more efficiently if they are in 'charcoal balls' or in their flat, original shape? :P ]

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Looks like a low tech version of firebricks/starters.


You need a mold, an appropriate weight, and a shredder.


If you have an 'office' paper shredder, shred that paper. Much easier on the hands. Get a trashbag full before you start.


The mold can be wooden, or metal. I use some small square pie pans that I had my DH weld 'cartridge heaters' onto. But one can also use the oven. Wooden molded bricks can be sun dried but too slow for me.


The shred should be compacted by using weights, I use bricks. But not too tight, as the brick can not breath, i.e. light and burn. It needs to be a bit porous. One can buy 'brick presses', I think Lehmans has one.


A neighbor scored some five galleon drums of floor wax, she uses that instead of water. She makes hers an inch thick, and breaks off chunks and lights to start fires.


I sometimes use slivers of wax, such as candle or paraffin, for 'starters', and none for 'bricks'. The wax can be a binding agent, depending on what kind of paper.


I use some incense in mine. Apple being a favorite, but you can also use sawdust of woods, like apple, to give a pleasant smell.


WARNING: Some paper inks will hurt a catalytic on a stove. Especially computer printer inks that use dyes. I am not sure of the word here, 'anolyne'? Avoid.


Another tidbit: If you are chemically inclined, you can make your own 'match', think of the head of a match. We have several formulas here at the Librum. One can also buy it in a brush top applicator.


If you learn the correct 'pack', you can have some nice flames, instead of a slower 'coal' burn.


Typed while a few are burning...



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