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Paid off, cancelled, and cut up another credit card!!!! Does that count? Purchased a couple of items hubby "just has to have", but am trying a cheaper brand, just to see if we can switch. Made a list of "specials" to pick up at local grocery. Cooked up a big batch of "Nana's Kick A** Soup" (thanks Cat). Sent some to an elderly friend who was dealing with a pretty bad "cold". Made a believer out of him. Painted 1/2 of the exterior of the house, hopefully finishing up tomorrow with hubby's help. That's it for me this week.

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i am trying to get money together to buy some canned meat...

and trying to come up w/ more space for preps. organized my stuff downstairs, but almost out of room there. my hubby isn't " on board".i have OCD and he thinks i just like to hoard stuff. any ideas where i can " hide" things w/o him finding them.

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I am still learning to can. I was able to glean unlimited amounts of plums this week from a friend's neighbor's orchard. I have made 5 qts and 6 pints of jam, 32 trays of fruit roll-ups, and have two more gallons of puree ready to make more rollups, and many buckets of plums left.


The orchard is very old, and likely not hybridized or GM, so I am going to try to grow a few of the pits. Anything else you can do with plum pits?


I borrowed a pressure canner from a friend and am going to learn how to use it this weekend. I'll be browsing for recipes in the "Preserving the Harvest" thread and working on that next week.


Will my kitchen ever be clean again?

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I heard it might be hard to get spices in the future since many are imported so I went online to Amazon to get cinnamon and nutmeg. Sure enough all the McCormick's cinnamon was out of stock so I went to spiceplace.com and ordered large cannisters of McCormick's cinnamon and nutmeg.

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Ive been cleaning out all my unnecessary stuff. I have a lot of stuff that does nothing but take up space.


Been watching sales closely and stocking up on things that go on sale. I like having snacks to pack in lunches, so Im trying to buy up that kind of stuff.

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I dehydrated about 20 peppers and got less than a quart of dried peppers. Sheesh.


I got 8 lbs of brocolli to dehydrate, as well as about 20 lbs of pears and 10 lbs of apples. I got 20 lbs of flour to start making bread. A Friend is going to be sending me yeast (Hi Judy!!)


I bought some sea rations to go into the car and I am going to buy water too. I am getting a black backpack or maybe grey whichever is less noticable in my car to put in a survival bag.

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Monday I had a big prep- some surgery I've been needing for a long time. Now I'm going to go through some more treatments to help me regain my strength, which is a HUGE prep item for me. I should be well on the road to recovery in 3 months if things go well.


I've got green peppers in the dehydrator now, I did two batches of apples yesterday. That made a half-gallon mason jar of apple spices and pieces. I've got a Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer, so I set it up and let the kids turn it for me and help me lay the slices into the dehydrator. It was easier than I thought with the slicer and them helping. I was able to get about 15 apples into my little dehydrator using the thick slice attachment.


I'm making a batch of stock in the canner now, and I'll can it into soup once it's done and have that wrapped up before bed. I've made and canned a lot of chicken stock this week and have some backs left in the freezer to do more later.


DH is outside building the chicken coop. The chick babies are 3 days old now, and they're doing well. I ordered 25 and received 26 and so far they're all ok. He made a stock-up run to the store today, and it wound up not being a stock-up run. They were out of most everything we'd buy. frown At least he was able to get some potatoes and carrots for me to make the soup with tonight. And he got a couple of small comfort food items for the kids.


My kids both have birthdays before the end of the year. We went ahead and ordered their birthday gifts online so I won't have to worry about that- we got them a matching set of sleeping bags. I know my family will be mad since it isn't a 'frivolous' gift, but we're just going to make like DH will be taking them camping and leave it at that- we won't mention the kids will be sleeping in those bags through the winter since they're so bad to kick off covers. wink You ladies are so full of good ideas and wisdom. I really appreciate this board.


One of my big preps, my parents moving here, happens this coming week. So I'll have a house crawling with company as everyone who is helping is staying with me. So I won't have much prepping time this coming week, since I'll be doing the cooking for a whole gang of people into the following week.

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I cleaned out a cupboard for more space and reorganized this week. Also instead of stocking stuffers for my daughter for Christmas I bought her favorite regular sizes of "basics" in makeup and beauty items. Her stocking this year is a Box! LOL!

Also bought some bathroom hand towels to replace the ratty frayed ones and a couple cheap winter sweat shirts for me!

Lots of people were clothes shopping for kids with sales going on.

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Wow, a lot of sorting thru and organizing going on this week, ladies. Wanna come help me clear/sort my garage/basement?????? prettyplease


Percy'sgirl, what a great prep that is...a step toward better health. Get up to speed soon. Sounds like your life isn't slowing down much tho. laugh


LOL Angela....that's one thing about dehydrating. It's not *quite* as satisfying as canning all those shiny jars. But it's much more portable and takes up less space. clap



We took hay delivery this week. Today DH put gate/fencing back up...has to be removed to make room for truck to back to hay shed. Returned horses to the pasture with shelter just as it began to rain. Blanketed my old horse tonite.


Dug half of the purple 'taters from garden. ......most of that was done in 2 1/2 hours this morning ...before the storm/weather front was to hit. Packed the rest of potato beds and the turnips & beets with extra blankets, tarps, etc. More than I HAVE already been doing each nite since August. Don't know how this weather system will turn out but it's damp and chilly. Rained while I sat in hot tub [hoping to avert locked muscles from all that digging. stretcher



MtRider [winter cometh..... mecry ]

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Hi Bikermomma,


I understand, my husabdn (along with 98% of my family) think I am nuts! Have you tried under the bed. You can just stack, Cover or place inside of plastic bags for dust. YOu can place cans behind books on shelves. Depending on the shelf, you can get 5- 7 cans per shelf AND NONE knows they are there!


for canned meat.. try www.werlingandsons. Good meat.. Cheaper than anyone else online right now. THey ship fast





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I bought a case of Jiffy cornbread, those warm blankets someone mentioned on this site and canned bacon. Ordered Oats (they already shipped them!) Plan to get printer paper to create my notebook. Took out more cash (still have to make smaller bills) Will go to Sams and get 10-packs of tuna and price bulk spaghetti. Check the commissary (which reminds me.. any of yall near Military bases? if you are and are not military yoursleves, find.make a friend and go shopping with them. You cant pay for items but you can give them the cash. Many things are A LOT cheaper) for reduced produce to dehydrate. FInd and buy 100 lbs of beans and pray for more time....(lot of catching up to do)




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Got all of our pumpkins and butternut squash canned up - 44 quarts! DarleneSwoon What a day! Went to Sam's and got the rest of the oil and honey that was on "the list" yet, so we're good there. Got more Toilet Paper, too! :woot: Since our income has greatly decreased, we're only buying what we absolutely will need!

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Haven't done much prepping since DH has been off work for the 2 week shut-down. We did take tax money and get a tile floor put in our kitchen/dinningroom. It was a must the old floor was coming up from the walls. I did get a few things today that was on sale: 20 lbs. chicken leg quarters and 2 boston butts to can. Dried beans, ketchup,lemon juice,tomatoe juice,borax,and some spices. Gas is finially coming down some places are $3.38. Oh and I frozen 2 gal. of okra a neighbor gave me (we trade my eggs for her extra produce).

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