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I found them in non-food, near where the seasonal things are.


I bought a sprouter and some sprouting seeds.


to keep prices for my family of 6 down, I have been buying frozen veggies and I stopped buying fresh OJ. I'm worried this is impacting my families health, so I'm trying sprouts.


I make a trip tomorrow to a hunting store and possibly a gun store. This could wind up being a huge expensive prepping expedition.

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DenimDaze, don't forget pine needle tea. It's a good source of vitamin C and being in NY state, I'm guessing you have access to a few pine trees.


Also, I remember reading that the frozen veggies actually had more nutritional content than some of the fresh stuff, at least when the fresh stuff was out of season because of the time the fresh stuff had to travel before getting you to you. Most of the frozen stuff was frozen relatively soon after picking.


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Pine Needle Tea! I've heard of it, but never tried it, sounds like a good project for me and the kiddos this weekend! thanks


I found this link...





BTW, most of the other places I read did not have you chopping the pine needles and they all warned about overheating (boiling) the pine needles as that would rob them of the Vitamin C.

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I thought frozen where as good too - but going to frozen veggies and not buying the expensive fresh OJ where big changes this year and the colds and tummy bugs keep coming in. frown


A lot of it is haveing a 2yo who plays with other kids in the YMCA, but it is getting old having every single illness get us. cough


I'll try the pine needle tea, I like tea!

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I'm pretty sure we had our own threads about pine needle tea. Could someone who has tamed the MrsS search function hunt it down for us? I shoulda printed it and will this time, promise. I made some at the time and it was tasty.


Sorry about the tummy bug thing Denim. I remember than from when my DS was two: I think we had four different versions of the urpies that year. It ain't fun, but it did get me to store an extra set of bedding for each bed in a box under the bed plus an extra quilt for each somewhere nearby. Probably one of my first prepping steps! Plus I labeled the linen closet. DH was hopeless about figuring out what was what. Ya'll are probably laughing at me, (I'm laughing at that former me), but it was a big step for a person with my, ummmmm, temperament. rofl



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Originally Posted By: Canned Nerd
Wal-Mart is weird on where they put their canning stuff, if they have it at all right now. If you can't find on your own, ask a clerk.

If they're anything like the ones I've asked at they'll look at you like you have 6 ears, 2 noses & 3 eyes.
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LeeAnn- I saw your earlier post,gentle hugs on the bad news on the economic homefront.I also wanted to say in my eyes you're not lightyears away from being prepped,but lightlight years ahead with any amount you've been able to obtain.I felt this way too,felt almost overwelmed and caught myself comparing my preps to others here,and I allowed myself to feel inadequate. Then I reverted back to what I know best through all my adversities I've overcome,I am doing what is the best for me at this time,with what I got,and I'm not going to give up and in,so then I took a look at the things I have stockpiled,and saw that I have come along much further than I was letting myself see.You are doing the absolute best with what you can,that is the blessing.Give yourself a hug.


Mods,if this is not appropriate,I apologize,for I still am new at where,what and how it belongs here. shrug


For those looking for ways to store things in hiding from "not on board" hubbies,I hid things from my now defunct,out of my life abusive first husband.Take a look at the bottom drawer of bedroom dressers/chests,in any room such as kitchen cabinets/bathroom.Bottom drawer on floor,pull out completely to see if there is no baseboard sealing it off,it not,you can hide things on the floor,slide drawer back in,and none the wiser.Just be sure not to have any thing jutting up as to jam the drawer if pulled out by anyone.Got shoes,boots that you have pushed in the closet that you usually don't wear?Slide small things down in them to hide/store.Baskets for decoration,or to hold craft supplies,stash things in them,then cover with whatever for "decoration".


As for the blackout material,I've found good deals,material to use from the adhostery sections for the fabric shops,Walmart,ect.Since being back here in the states.I needed to blend in with the German's in village that I lived in with my son,they all used the blackout curtains for the "old reason",bombing, for using them,not just the heating bills.I quickly learned to use the thinner upholstry material to back curtains,for I couldn't afford the real thing.Now that I am back in the US,I still don't want to fork out that money that the cost of panels for blackout drapes.


Just a thought/suggestion.Mimi




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Great sale going on at my grocery store this week. Combining sale + coupons, I've gotten almost $300 worth of food for $45. Notable storage things are 60 lbs of flour, 31 Progresso broth, 60+ Progresso soups, 12 boxes cereal, cake mixes, shampoo, detergent, lipton soup mixes, muffin mixes, etc. Plus a bunch of stuff we'll eat right away.

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Originally Posted By: Violet
More toilet paper and Kleenex stocked. Got a good deal on hot dogs. Ok, not the best thing in the world, but it is food that is frozen. If we are hungry we will eat it and not complain one bit. Got another bottle of cooking oil on sale. I don't know where else to store things. I have things in the craziest places !
I am still looking for some reasonable priced heavier curtains for winter. They should help hold the heat in. Going to find some for my daughter, too.

Check the Linens N Things going out of business sales. When our local LNT closed a few months ago I got some nice insulated blackout drapes for my dd's room for 75% off.

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Mimi 54,


Thanks for the kind words. I will give myself a hug as I consider that just 60 days ago, I didn't even have a flashlight or a battery in the house, let alone several months supplies of food. On one of these posts a few weeks back, I said I went from sheeple to preparer in less than a week....so maybe light years ahead is more accurate.


Thanks again for the boost

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Yep LeeAnn just being here shows you are lightyears ahead. Just remember, prepping and survival are a mindset. If you have the will to do it you'll find a way. You'll survive anything because you have the courage to do so.

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I have been concentraiting on buying things when I can, on loss leaders. My church is helping with food (LDS, they have a 'store' that you go 'shopping' in with a pre approved list. )


I bought evaporated milk for 50 cents a can. I can use that in gravies, cooking soups, etc. instead of fresh milk. I bought 10- cans and hope to buy 30 more today. That should last us a year.


I bought cake mixes for 69 cents each. I bought 12, which will be enough for a year. I also bought frosting on sale so we have frosting for the cakes, but I hid those under my bed so my SON won't get them. LOL





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Organizing and cleaning to spif up my place. Hope to get it all done by Sunday afternoon so I can start sewing. I got some good basic fabric for my winter family room curtains. I may have enough that I can line them and the ones for the bedroom which will be a different print.

Also finally found a nice traditional womens blouse with collar and cuffs but a nice femenine pattern that took plain cotton blends and cotton, instead of just stretchy stuff, and picked out a nice dark blue with a pattern I thought was rather nice. I can also make dresses with that pattern and summer wear as well. It was also an inexpensive pattern as well.

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Originally Posted By: HannaLee
I've canned! Nothing like most of the folks here, but I'm just learning! Total cost...$21. Most of the food was given or gleaned. Jars were free of of Craig's List, as was all the canning equipment. I did have buy some of the lids, though.

you go Girl!!! Looks AWESOME! cheer
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WOW!! I've never canned anything but am looking forward to trying.


In keeping with the subject at hand:


Bought a little ammo

Bought a little fishing supplies

Vacuum packed 20 lbs of rice

Vacuum packed 10 lbs of flour


Tomorrow, I am going to try to bake a loaf of bread. I did this several years ago but did not have any success.

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Went to a "bent and dent" and racked up:


shampoo .50

cold meds and orajel .50 - 1.00


Found some canning stuff on clearance at Walmart. Have no idea what I bought or if I need it but it was on clearance and I got it just in case. Was hoping that they had a canner or jars but it was all gone.


something that keeps fruit from turning brown 1.50

pickling/preserving salt .75

packets of stuff to make jelly .75


I dropped by the thrift shop and they had a cardboard box full of Bell jelly jars for $2. I was in a hurry but I'm going to try to go back and get them if all goes well with my Mother in Law tommorrow. They were having a huge sale at Piggly Wiggly and i was hoping to stock things from there but it will depend on her surgery.

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