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Since I am new to this site, this may have been posted before.


Anyway, I save my dryer lint and pack it full into paper egg cartons, melt and pour old used candles that you can find at garage sales for little or nothing, pour hot wax over the lint untill filled. You come out with a dozen fire starters. I ended up with 10 dozen cartons. That was my weeks work, By the way you need no kindling to start the fire, just put the starters under the logs and light it up. Honey on Ham


Honey on Ham

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Started a spreadsheet of food I have on hand, how much I want, est. cost of each item and total cost to complete my stock.


Started planning my next set of spreadsheets.


Started looking for the things I want to print and then my printer ran out of ink.


Didn't have much to spend on preps but I did sneak a few. I was at Fred's and they had cereal bars 5 for $5. I bought 6 boxes. They had the boxes of snack size peanuts (6) for a $1. I bought 4 boxes. Also bought some more Campbells soup for .60.


I also started budgeting out our Christmas Club into a spreadsheet to see how to spread it all around and make sure the kids have a good Christmas. KB Toys is have a huge sale online. And for you ladies living in the South...the Southern belle online store is having a special 13.99 per tshirt if you buy 5 and no shipping. HUGE bargain.


Realized last night that although HUBBY seemed he was supportive of my mindset and plans he actually thinks it's silly and all will be fine. Probably our financial situation and him not wanting to think about it.

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I finally located a single burner flat propane stove for a decent price that uses the canisters... It can double for heating if we lost electricity for too long. ( -20F in the winter time is no joke. ) Plus it will fit in my BOB easily!

I have to wait til my payday, and as long as the internet and electric stay up til then I can get it! It probably will.


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I bought a new printer so I can get back to printing out info we need on hand. I'm going to pick up some winter items later this week though. Waiting to hear back from a woman about a treadle machine right now **crosses fingers** praying

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canning and canning and canning apples....with a DF..... sale on them and we've got nearly all of them done.


AND had to clear/clean/organize a corner of garage for storing the jars of canned apples..... laugh


Meanwhile, my beets, taters and turnips wait in the garden.






I am SOOOO tired.... [& sore...I fell again today... rollingeyes ]



MtRider [checking my stock of ibuprofen...... sheeeeeeesh....]

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my excalibur came yesterday... I am ready to get stated, but not sure what is most importan thing to do first. I was wondering about eggs. Has anyone successfully done, or heard of dehydrating them? I was wondering could I do that and then either blend them or grind them to produce the same version that is sold in cans. I just bought a manual canner (for 2.5 cans) and am wanting to can what I can, while I can.





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Drying eggs is not considered safe. You can get sick from drying your own.

I know some people push the envelope, so you have to decide if you want to do that with your family's safety or not.

We tell folks not to dry their own eggs. Freeze extra eggs. If you want dried, buy them commercially done instead.


We juiced grapes yesterday. Today I am going to can it. I don't have any freezer space for it, so have no choice. Have about 2 1/2 gallons of juice.

Also got 15 lb. of thick sliced bacon for 79 cents a lb. yesterday. Going to keep 10 lb. and give 5 to my daughter. What a deal ! It is BarS brand.



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Good Morning all,


My local commisary is having a sale on organic whole canned tomatoes (Mur Glen)- 28 oz for 49 cents a pice. I purchased to flats already, but wanted to get more...if I have some ideas on what to do with them.


Forgive me.. I am a newly converted sheeple busted




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One more thing.

I have been prchasing ZOTE from Walmart.. it is about 97 cents and hasn't gone up a lot in past months. It is a laundry soap.. I hear its good, and its cheap(LOVE that) but have not used it myself.. any comments or tetimonials?


Thanks for being patient with all of my qiestions!

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You can take the tomatoes and add them to rice, beans, puree them into a sauce and cook the sauce down for pizza sauce. You can thicken it with vinegar and spices for ketchup...thin the puree down with cream for tomato soup...add them to a veggie soup for minestrone...the list is endless. I love tomatoes. smile

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Dear Son-in-law went back to Az to work on one of the power plants that had a problem, so he brought back two more guns to add for protection if TSHIF. Bought more hunting arrows for the hunting bow that I bought for him this month (early birthday gift).


My grandson and I have had so many doctor's appointments these past two weeks that DD#1 and I haven't had much time to do very much by way of preps. I did buy more fabric (on sale) to put in my stash in case we might need to sew our own clothing in the future.


We did go through all the preps that were in the freezer and pulled out the flour, and pastas so we could seal them seal-a-meal bags and store in tubs with beans and rice that we did the same to earlier. Since we don't have the $$ to purchase anything right now, we decided to clean things out, re-arrange things and take stock of what we have and what we need yet.

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