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Good evening army of 5,


I always check out the shipping before I checkout. I placed in several items (I think the total was 71.00?) and the total was unchanged and it said that the shipping and handling was free.


DO you have a cheaper source for peanut butter powder?





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Oh yeaaaa! I found a medium size washtub at a flea market today for $5! A little bit of elbow grease and its a beauty! Also found a little shop that has lots of older parts... they have new washboards, family and small size, I'm going to get next week. They also have washtubs and lots of cast iron. That little store is a gem!


The flea market owner I bought the washtub from is going to call me back about a treadle sewing machine too. Singer model that I may can get. Hooray!

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On the Foodsaver deal, it doesn't give a coupon code, it just has says on all orders at check-out. Through 10/26 at midnight.


I wonder if it's only if you got the e-mail and click through the link? I'm not sure- you might try going through their check-out to see if you can get it.

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Originally Posted By: Cricket
Originally Posted By: Crazy4Canning
We also finally set aside enough for a Foodsaver. Thank the Lord we can get one that does a great job!

C4C - Do NOT get the newest Foodsaver model V3840 with the auto bag sensing and other gizmos. It is very finicky, uses excess bag material (they are not cheap) and the thing shuts itself off when you try to do too many too fast. I had one and after about two weeks I returned it for a full refund. The last straw was when I was trying to bag meal size portions of a bulk meat purchase, and the thing kept shutting off, and it was so finicky about how you feed the bag in that you had to do it real slow, that I ended up pulling out my ancient Foodsaver Vac 550 to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Hey Cricket,

Thanks for the advice. I remembered a previous thread about that on here so I sought to avoid that model. Costco had an outrageous coupon so that's where I got it. I'll be running it through its paces tomorrow (when I'm less tired and spending all day in the kitchen) so I'll let everyone know how it goes.

So far, all I have to say is WOW! With the new look and buttons, this is NOT my mama's foodsaver. My husband was pretty tickled, too. He was looking at the smaller bags saying, "Oh hey...socks would fit well in here for camping...my long johns would fit well in here too...hmmm...so could SNACKS! All right, many uses! A good purchase, babe!" smile
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3/4th of my shipload of seeds have arrived this morning. The last quart will be delivered at a later date.

Me no like cos it's meant to be mix'n sealed away in mylar for deep storage. As the list went through the entire alphabet from aubergine to zucchini, it's a box that weighs about 5kg. eek

Did I really order this amount of seeds? Uh yep!

And there's more coming.

This summer brought rain rain and some more rain. Those cloudy days meant not enough light and the bulk of the harvest (poststamp sized garden) failed. So no new seeds from plants.

Thought it best to play safe and make sure I could replace 10 miss-harvests in a row if necessary.

So impatiently stamping foot until the other seeds arrive. Then it'll be a balanced combination and sealing time is here.

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Originally Posted By: Cricket
C4C, which model did you get? Let us know the model and how you like it. Please, Ma'am!

I still want to get a newer Foodsaver before my poor old Vac 550 bites the dust, just not the uber model that I didn't like.


Our Costco sells the V3825. Sounds like a model or two below the one you don't like. Regular price it was $150, the Costco coupon which expires tomorrow was $30 off. They also had a coupon for bags - a box of 4 lg rolls & 2 small ones is about $40.

So far, I've used it to seal white sugar...mainly because I had 40# sitting in tupperware bowls on the counter and needed something to do while waiting for the chicken to finish in the canner last night.

Impressive. Very impressive. It seems to take the same amount of time as the old 550 OVERALL, but the sealing process is quicker. It is slower in the sense that you do have to wait for the bag to cool before it releases it....I find that annoying. I'm one to be done with a task ASAP. The seal itself is thicker and definitely stronger.

BUT...given the fact that my dad (known for his impatience) and husband are going to be using this....that could be a good thing.

I tell you, they've done about all they can to idiot-proof this machine. I remember burning my fingers on the seal, getting a crinkled seal, ruining a bag while trying to get it around the little flat vacuum mouth...and double-sealing to try and get the job done...and my mom tearing hers apart to clean...

It doesn't take up as much counter space. Very sleek, modern looking. Has removable 'trays' for crumbs & liquids.

DH had to seal some gloves, socks, & underwear for camping. Notice I said "HAD". Yeah. Well, it worked. He's happy.

I haven't used the jar attachments yet or done 'wet' food or meats.

I'll come back mid-week with a better opinion after I've sealed lots of stuff.

It also came with a teeny roll of large bags...and a few rectangular ones...and a marinater.
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Started taking stock of things in my closet in the bedroom. Managed to neatly stack my luggage Im not using but with the stuff I could use as a pullalong if I BuggerOut to the woods to take extra food and gear. Also started storing half my water in there, and..... Im trying to think of where to put all the binders I have. They will need sorting out. Guess the cat will be miffed... but..... I have a place for them! And on it goes. band

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Dh brought home a 3000 gallon water tank for me today! He's going tomorrow to get my 1000 gallon tank. He also got a lot of pipe for my gutters for free. Hooray! Got the ceiling put up in the new living room too. Things are starting to come along. I can't wait to get the rainwater system up and running though.

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Just a note to thank the many of you who provide sound advice and suggestions.


When it finally hit me that I was competely uprepared it came in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. We live in Ohio and have a weekend retreat about 60 miles from the house. The retreat is called camping but not really as we have water, sewage, electric and satelite. In anycase, on that Sunday we heard that our area was due for some very high winds. Rather than staying in our "retreat" we decided that we should head for the shelter of our brick and motar home. On the 60 mile drive, we encountered high winds which made it difficult to keep the car on the road. Corn stalks were flying everwhere, hitting the windshield and scarring the hebe gebees out of us. Finally, we got to our neighborhood and trees were down everywhere, our electric was out. Got in the house and not a flash light to be found, no batteries for the radio as they were all at our "weekend retreat" I had some decorative candles which I lit, my decorative oil lamp was there but I had no oil. DH went back out on the streets looking for batteries, flashlight, emergency radio and something to eat. He found a store open and got the batteries and emergency radio but no food as the electric was out throughout the area.


Fortunatly for us, the electric was only out for 24 hours, however, in other neighborhoods, the power didn't come on for almost 2 weeks.


Long story but the moral is that the light went on immediately and I have stored nearly 6 months or more of food, have a supply of batteries,flashlites, cooking fuel, first aid, two years of heirloom seeds and have researched and joined many survival sites. Then came the stock market, Oh my!!


Went from a sheeple to a preparer in less than a week.



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Our family didn't buy any food stores this week, but we did stock up on feminine hygene articles for DGD, toiolet paper,laundry detergent, zip lock bags, etc.


DSIL has tags for mule and white tail deer for archery season and he got himself an nice little 3 point muley yesterday evening just as the sun was setting, so guess what DD and I did all day today? Yup, we butchered and prepared the meat for the freezer dividing it up as stew meat, roasts, steaks, and thinly sliced jerky meat. I'm tired!


DD became so overwhelmed that she just started crying and i told her she "wasn't Laura Ingalls" and to just take her time and to stop and rest for a spell. We had most of the meat in the frig anyhow, after DSIL cut it from the carcass. Sheesh, you'd of thought she had to do everything by herself. Needless to say she didnt want to eat anything today. LOL.

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Got more large garden tools dh brought home today. Waiting to see what other goodies he finds me. Also got the printer up and running so I'm on a printing frenzy to get my info binders loaded up.

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Oh thats a good price. I might need to swing by and get some tonight. Thanks. Dh just came back from his uncle's with another goodie... a welder thats also a generator! I'm having a really good prep day today.

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Originally Posted By: Cecilia
I can't afford a land line, but plan on getting a cell phone due significant health issues of a few family members.

WOO-HOO! I got it yesterday. Am I ever so glad! If anyone wants my number, just PM me.

Happy Sunday!
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C4C - Thanks for the Foodsaver model information. I'll have to keep my eye out for that one.


Our big "prep" news this week is the purchase of a small tiller and a snow blower. They are used but in good shape, and purchased for a fraction of the cost for new.


The tiller is for expanding our garden. It is small enough that I can handle it by myslef. The snow blower is because they are calling for a hard winter, and DH is no longer able to shovel our entire driveway by hand. frozen


And I canned a bushel of apples over the weekend, as applesauce!

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Monique, I really love my All American. It is an old one with a dial gauge, but I do have a wt for it, just need a stem. It is usable as is, but the weight makes it more convenient to use.


I like one that takes 7 qts. Any larger and it is too hard for me to lift.



For my preps I just bought some new-to-me oil lamps. Figure I can't have too many!

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