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I got a GOODIE. I won the auction (EBay) for a NEW IN THE BOX Coleman 2 burner camp stove for $36 INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!


It is an older model, but can use either unleaded gasoline or the Coleman fuel. If SHTF, propane cylinders may not be available, but I have several 1 gallon cans of Coleman fuel for the lanterns.

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Originally Posted By: ncnewbie
Hello all,

I have my dehydrator (excalibur), but I also wanted a pressure canner to can things as well... which type and size would you recommend?

Monique, here's a thread devoted to your question: http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthr...ge=1#Post200093

In fact, we have a whole forum, with two subforums devoted to canning ! Can you tell that Da Boss queen is a die-hard canner? wink

OTOH, if you don't know where to ask a question, this is a good place for it!
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My husband recycled some metal and purchased one of those really good quality "Thermo-lite 2.0 Bivvy Sack" for his BOB. He really wanted one for the times when he is out in the weather.


This has a foot vent and is not of the space-blanket material. This material actually breathes, keeps you toasty, and only weighs 8 ounces!


They retail for around $30 - $37. I highly encourage the inclusion of this in packs if you can afford one.




This is $33 at full retail, he paid about 8 dollars less at a Sportsman's Warehouse.


Neato-gift idea.

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DS hit a sale at W-M and bought up a lot of knitting yarn, knitting needles of several sizes and lengths, and several sizes of crochet hooks. He has been teaching me to crochet and I have been "teaching" him to knit (a fine example of the blind leading the blind, but we have some books). We did this when we were homeschooling but that was 10 years ago. He is 25 now LOL.

Also cleaned up the garden and started digging a bed that had gone to grass (we have bermuda or it has us!). Covered up the eggplant and the mint, as it is to freeze tonight for the last time for the next week.

We are waiting for word from an electrician to see if we are ready for an inspection so we can actually hook up the wire we have run and have LIGHT in our burn victim house.


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Found ground chuck on sale for 1.87 s lb. So we had lucious big hamburgers one day,sloppy joes the next,and processed 3 jars of meatballs(15 per qt.)4 jars of hamburger patties,7 jars of chili and cabbage rolls are in the crockpot for dinner tonight.Sent DH to the store after more meat while its still on sale,and we also had a big pot of chili to eat this weekend.I also tried the recipe for green tomato relish.IT IS GOOD! Now back to the last of my apples.It's very cold here today with another freeze warning for tonight.

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I cant believe it! My husband ON PURPOSE bought some flannel-lined work clothes "just in case".


There is a new store in town called Ollies... just opened today. I bought a case of shrimp bisque and red crab bisque (YUM)for 1.99 a can. The topic what would you miss got me thinking.. I LOVE seafood. The only other store in town that even sells it is 6 bucks higher ... per CAN!


I bought an emergency filter (3 liters a day for 3 days) from Sams, and 10 lbs of salt, 7 lbs of brown sugr and one of the LAST 4 packs of propane fuel. I got a double-padded oversized cot (for DH) on clearance for 20 bucks! I bought a couple #10 cans of potatoes and green beans and one of sliced pickles (never seen in can, always in glass.. MOunt Olive Pickle is KING here.


I am happy for every extra day, because I can prepare even more. SO many holes.. I just started a month ago.. I pray for MORE time...




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The only place I had to store preps was the garage, nicely stacked and organized and visible to anyone driving by when the door was open. I've taken the advice of the many senior preppers on this board and this weekend, DH, converted one of our overstuffed closets into a very efficient storage closet with sturdy wide shelves. Enough space for all for the food, buckets and more.


Now all I have to to is go through the clothes and other items that were stuffed to the gills in the former closet and now on the bed in the guest room.


Other preps included a big shopping run at Costco and Walmart,

vacuum packing all of my dry beans, flour and corn bread mix.

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Ordered 2 of the heavy duty "space blankets". Hopefully I will have them in a few days.


Still "playing" with the new stove (I WILL get it under control sooner or later). I am STILL trying to get a better heat regulation out of it (right now it is about 88 in the room and I have the door to the unheated garage open)

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I am on a roll. Just won a Petromax 500CP lantern on EBay for $46 including shipping.


Some days I live right. Most days I wonder why I am living. grin

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I picked up 40 cans of Burns chicken, turkey and ham yesterday, for $1 each.

For a bigger prep. - we have incorporated our farm business. We will save on income tax, paying a lower percentage, than what we do now. Of course it is costing us money up front, but in the end we think it will be better.

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I got a case of refried beans. Mmmmm. Yummy. Add some homemade tortillas in there and maybe some cheese. Burritos. Good for making Hillbilly bubblebath.



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Bought a sweet cherry tree! I'm so excited. Hubby planted it this morning. I want to get more fruit trees, etc.... but am starting late in the season. Most of the nurseries are closing this weekend.


Anyways, I forgot to ask the gal at the nursery. How many years do you think it will take till we get cherries??


The tree stands about 8' tall and the diameter of the trunk is about 1½". It has about 4 small branches off around the top and lots of buds.

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I'm gutted. I bought 4 Walkie Talkies from an American E-bayer. They arrived in the UK today and 2 of them don't even power up. They were purchased to provide long distance Comms (up to 12 Miles instead of the UK 1 1/2)in a PAW situation. Unable to do that properly now.


I've emailed the seller, so I'll let you know how I get on.




(On a happier note the accordian I won is fine lol)

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