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I found canning jars on sale at wal mart for 4.50 a case so I got 25 cases. plus lids were on for 1.00 a box so I got all they had(about40). They had canning /pickling salt for .75 (so I got all of that too(about30)!

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That is so great you were able to buy all the canning supplies. What are you going to can ?

I have a few quart jars and a few pints, half pints that are empty. I need to make jelly for holiday gifts, but not sure what I will put in the other. I should can something to have on hand.

I hear meat will keep getting more expensive, so I may can some more meats.

I got more toiletries on the free after rebate deals. Also got a few more canned goods.

I also had my dh put up some of the clear plastic film on the back storm door window to help keep the heat in the house. I hope it helps. Looking for more things to save energy this winter.

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i can just about everything. I am hoping that between all my family members we will get about 10-15 deer next month--i like to can up stews, chili, deer sausage, deer hamburger, etc. plus, the big garden will be going in later this year so I'll have them when i need them. I have to confess, once I got home and started thinking about it, I went back to town and went to the other Wal Mart and cleaned them out as well. Those prices are just to hard to beat. I got 20 more cases and lots more lids. I feel like I just won the lottery!!!!!!!!!! So any of you thinking about checking at your local Wal Marts, I just wanted to tell you that if it looks like it has been completely cleaned out, then you know I have been there.

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Just in case or rioting here. (In hopes that Obama doesn't win)

I went and purchased what I consider to be 'emergency prep splurge today. I bought 20 rounds of ammo (I will NEVER buy there again 28.99 for 20 rounds, I will go to cheaperthandirt.com and order there). I also bought a cleaning kit. I cleaned and oiled my gun (It was dirty from not being cleaned almost 12 years ago when I shot two rounds through it, and had never been oiled. Bad gun owner, bad bad!)


So I have 50 rounds of ammo, plus the 20 copper tipped stuff.





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yea, we are very concerned about riots in the town that is about 30 minutes from the house--where we work and go to school at. One of the towns close by is where Rev Jesse and Rev Al like to go to stir up trouble, so there will probably be some around here. I saw on the NRA website, that Obama plans on putting a 500% tax on ammo in his first 100 days, so we have been buying a box of ammo for each gun in the house every week for several months now, so we are good to go on that one.

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I am going to try to buy some ammo each month if obama is elected, from the website cheaperthandirt.com. Only problem I have with buying it is, in the store, I don't have to give my name, can pay cash... no one the wiser. With the website, it has to be shipped to an address. Not a good thing. :-(

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Ogre, If you paid through PayPal, the only thing you will be out is some time.


If the seller does not want to make good on the items, contact PayPal and explain the situation to them. In about 3 weeks you will either have replacement items or your money back (usually your money back). You do have to try and resolve it with the seller 1st though.


If you paid by CC, contact the CC company and request a "charge back" if the seller doesn't come through. The CC usually take longer than PayPal to resolve things.



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Our Mennonite Community is having their 25% off sale, since it is the end of the season. Since my garden is mostly done, I am wiping out theirs.


This week, I have bought twelve, 25 lb. boxes of green tomatoes. Ten of those are Romas. I bought 2 boxes of butternut squash, 4 boxes of acorn squash, a box of rhubarb, 2 boxes of Rome apples, two boxes of Arkansas Black apples, 20 cooking pumpkins. The pumpkins were 10 for $5, the squash 5$ a box, the tomatoes 8-$10 a box, the apples $8 a box-the 25%. I just can't turn away boxes of food, for this price. These apples are such good keepers. Now I need to find some yellow delicious, so I can "can" my 83 year old friend, lots of applesauce in 12oz. jars. She is on a limited diet and applesauce in on the list.


A friend let us pick, to our heart's content, all the sweet peppers we wanted. I have 4 bushels of those and two of eggplants. Two bushels are in the dehydrator or freezer. They gave me a box of pears and two bushels of butternut squash, also. Today I am taking them sweet potatoes.


We are getting ready to load the van up and head back for more produce, and 20 more cases of jars....Of course!


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They had a one day sale at the Piggly Wiggly. I had never shopped there before but happened to see their ad. It was great


canned veggies asst .29 a can limit 12 and 3 for $1 after that. I got a case


bags of cereal $1 no limit


4lb bags of sugar $1.49 no limit


vienna sausage .29 and 3 for $1 after the limit. He gave me a case for $10


paper towels .29 limit 6


assorted pasta dishes $1 no limit


3 ltr Faygos .99


Then they had 5 packs of meat for $20...you pick


I then left and went to Freds where I got boxes of cereal bars $1, Poptarts $1, Boxes of snack size peanuts for $1, and Castlebury beef stew $1


You have no idea how excited I was about this...we are so limited with our funds right now and I was able to stock some without paying a fortune.


Now I am concentrating on small things that I can add to it to make it stretch.

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Bought the last of the stuff to hook up the woodstove and will be putting it in this week. And they marked the yarn I've been buying on sale down even more so I picked up 15 more skeins today.

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We bought a new to us van and were able to pay cash for it. Our first vehicle without payments!!!! Whooo Hoooo! It is eight years old but so wonderfully maintained with low kms. on it. Cheap driving for, we hope, another eight years.


We know the older people that upgraded to a new vehicle and know that the van hasn't seen any hard driving or gravel roads.


While we were at the car lot we test drove some others that would have meant payments and were so relieved when we DIDN'T

DO THAT!!!!! There was a time when we might have said oh what the heck......and been sick about it when we got home.

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We've about got our house ready for its first 'rough wiring' inspection. If that goes ok, then the ceiling goes up followed by the insulation. Then we stain the floor, and begin moving in. We'll be camping out as we put in sheet rock and paint, etc, but we'll be mortgage free!


Getting more ammo and food put by; now searching for chest freezer and a good deal on a grain mill.

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we finished the drywall work today on my daughters house cheer

plus, i finally decided that next week i am going to order an all american canner canning--thanks to the post on here (i had been wondering if they were worth it) loveplace i think that probably after deer season i will have some old canners to get rid of. :ebay: plus i found a place on the screen porch to store all those cheap jars i got yesterday

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I got something else accomplished.....I started printing!!! I loaded a new print cartridge and printed until the black ran out. Now I'm trying to figure out if I save each item I want printed to a word document if I could change the color of print to blue then I can run the color out as well.

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We got a lot of goodies today. Went and cleaned up an old shop for dh's uncle. We got all the piping for our new gutter system going in. A couple of picnic tables, some other tables and stuff. I also got a 100lb hanging scale, a good sized washtub, and a few dozen planter pots. Oh and a half a dozen crates too. I couldn't believe my luck.

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