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Well, my sweetie finished basement shelves for canning, so as I am able, I am moving into them. Today I moved meats & veggies and some fruits.


He recycled these 'bins' from his DJ days. They used to fit 50 cassettes a piece...now, they will house 30 wide mouth pints on a single layer and another 2 dozen (in trays) on the top.


So far, there are 5 trays for me to fill, so 54 x 5 = 270. I still have 1 dozen odd balls left over. AARRGGGHH!

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I mentioned to my son, when he asked what I would like for christmas:

Hunting rifle.... Probably no go on that one!

Excalibur or a cheapy dehydrator that had a fan and temp controls... ( We'll see, )

Foodsaver, not the newest model that doesnt work right, did not have a 'good' model number at the moment, but explained its vacuum sealing abilities and that the canister set would be awesome and it wasnt too much, and basically very light to do S&H....



And got all my grocery shopping done ! With preps included to add to the cupboards elsewhere than the kitchen shelves!

Still putting things up. I just saw the state of the half of the cupboard I want to use and am tackling that, also organized my binders I have to go through, and figured Ive got less than half an hour of more clothes organization tonight too.

Keeping busy! But touching base here too.

Also as many times as I carried the dense food up those stairs to get it up here, I got in a good twenty min. workout, and that was with help from my hockey friend..... gave her a workout too! LOL, so its been a great day for me.

I have fruit and potatoes to dehydrate this week as well.

Also continuing to straighten up things in general.

I need to get some five gallon buckets and extra lids, then i can store my dry goods better.

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If your son wants to get you a hunting rifle, I suggest a Saiga hunting style rifle with either the 16 1/2" barrel or the 20" barrel (16 1/2" barrel would be more "maneuverable" for home defense) in 7.62x39 (Cost new is ABOUT $300 - $350). Ammo is relatively cheap and out to 100 yds (or more) will drop a deer with no problem. It is also very effective on ALL KINDS of predators.


Perceived recoil is very light, but the stopping power is almost the same as a 30-30.

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DH and I made a quick run to a couple stores last evening.Lowes in the nearby town had blueberry,raspberry bushes knocked down to over half price.Got some to add to my fruit garden.I was soooo happy to find them.Walmart did not have any canning supplies left,but "Fresh Fruit" marked down to 75 % off,grabbed a bunch.Got my printing ink,been out for a while now.Stocked up on more butter,sugar,bread making supplies.Oh yeah,dehydrated apples yesturday as well.


This morning I've got the dehydrator going with strawberries.Printing some things off from here,making bread,and just trying to work off this nervousness.


Arby,I am so happy for you that you made it to the store to stock up.I know you are relieved about that.


Rootdiggr,hope you don't have to use the 2x4/s either.We picked up some stuff at lowes to add to our protection as well.

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DD#1 is going shopping and will be buying "extra" for the pantry. I will go Saturday and get serious about the pantry. We have alot of holes that need filling and I need to stock up on yeast, Baking soda and Baking Powder and flour.

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I was #3 in line for voting. In and out in less than 15 minutes. The man behind me in line, a black gentlemen who had never voted before and he was 57. Of course he also learned quickly that you are supposed to vote at your designated precinct and this was not his. Fortunately we got him squared away and he filed a provisional ballot.


And then I too went shopping at Wal-Mart to clean out more of their canning supplies. Jars all gone. Only regular lids and a couple mixes.


Now I'm settled in to watch everyone else cancel out my votes.


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Some bad news on the economic front today.........makes me feel like I'm light years behind in our preps. I just need money and time.


This week has been a soft week on preps. Only got a few pounds of beans, flour and some canned ham. Thus far I estimate, we have about 8-10 months of food but lacking in fuel and ammo.

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Originally Posted By: LeeAnn
Some bad news on the economic front today.........makes me feel like I'm light years behind in our preps. I just need money and time.

This week has been a soft week on preps. Only got a few pounds of beans, flour and some canned ham. Thus far I estimate, we have about 8-10 months of food but lacking in fuel and ammo.

LeeAnn, just take it one step at a time. You will never be completely prepped and ready (you will always be adding something grin ).

Just do what you can afford. Remember, what you have (whether a lot or a little) puts you way ahead of those people who keep putting it off or just can not "be bothered".

As for ammo, I would suggest getting some extra now. The "O" is saying he wants to put a 500% surcharge on guns and ammo, however, that is most likely not going to happen until the middle of next year or later.

For fuel, I HIGHLY recommend using "Pri-G" instead of "Stabil" for the fuel. Stabil will preserve the fuel for 1 year. Pri-G will preserve the fuel for 2 years and tests Pri-G have done state that they have taken 9 year old gasoline, added Pri-G to it and the gasoline is comparable to most gas freshly pumped. This could be a good thing if you need to scavenge gas in a SHTF situation. They have a formula for gasoline (Pri-G) and a different one for diesel (Pri-D). NAPA stores MAY have it (or can get it for you). I had to mailorder mine.

Hope this is of some help.
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Haven't done much the last couple weeks. Got some learning things at the thrift store for my DGS (that has Autism), got some extra clothes there also. Picked up some extra sugar, splenda,tea and flour. Thats about it.

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More toilet paper and Kleenex stocked. Got a good deal on hot dogs. Ok, not the best thing in the world, but it is food that is frozen. If we are hungry we will eat it and not complain one bit. Got another bottle of cooking oil on sale. I don't know where else to store things. I have things in the craziest places !

I am still looking for some reasonable priced heavier curtains for winter. They should help hold the heat in. Going to find some for my daughter, too.

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Violet, I've been looking at getting blackout curtains. They run about $20 panel. I found a site that sells the blackout fabric fairly cheap though. http://www.onlinefabricstore.net/SearchR...CFQpjnAodN0vvQg

Its $4.80 yd, only $4.30 yd if you get 10 or more. The prices get cheaper the more you buy. I figure this will be much cheaper than buying the premade panels. Maybe that would help you too.

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