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Crofton Pressure cooker - your opinions/reviews?

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We just had an Aldi's open up near my workplace, and they are advertising a Crofton SS Pressure cooker for under $40.00 - so I'm wondering if this is a good deal or if I should pony up almost double the price for a Presto SS one?


Thank you!

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I don't know without seeing it. I do agree, though, get stainless steel and not aluminum.

I found two at the thrift stores for $15 each. One was brand new, the other just slightly used. My friend got an older model Presto for $7 at Goodwill. Just in case you want to try to find something less expensive yet.


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Thanks, it is for cooking. I see that the maker of the Crofton pressure cooker is out of the country - so it would probably be difficult to find the replacement parts for it.....


Guess I'll put the Presto on my Christmas wish list!

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Originally Posted By: Violet
I think she justs wants a cooker, not a canner. That is what I though she was asking. The only thing is not being able to get replacement gaskets or parts later on.

Hokey smokes! I got backup replacement gaskets, overpressure plugs and regulators for my canner, and never gave a thought to my pressure cooker! Thanks Violet!
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