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Well, Bear Grylls just filters his own urine through sand and a t-shirt . . .




If it's good enough for Bear, it's good enough for my family!


(Just kidding. Let's see, I have several bottles of water purification tablets, a couple of katydyn backpacking filters, and if all else fails, I can always filter the darn stuff through a coffee filter then boil it. But I am also contemplating a big filter - berklee or katydyn. I really don't want to drink my own filtered urine!)

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Brita pitchers just filter using a carbon filter. They will not purify your water. If you are just looking for improved taste, I prefer Pur over Brita. They take out more taste, protozoa and some bacteria.


However, if you truly want water purification, you will need reverse osmosis or a Berkey. No experience with them, but from those others on here that love their Berkeys, it looks like they are the best. I have reverse osmosis, but it won't work without electricity to pump my well.

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I chose Katadyn pocket filter for portability....Just in Case a bug-out is absolutely necessary.


Also have tablets.


Also have water purification bottles...the sport bottle type.




Berkey has many very satisfied customers here at MrsS. Be sure to get acquainted with the black filters and the white ones that CGA just mentioned. Black ones are probably the most astounding for removing EVERYthing from the water. But their working lifespan is limited so you'd need to store replacement filters $$$.



And the other reputable companies who make the 'berkey type' filter have fans here too at a lower price. Somewhere, there is a thread on making your own 'berkey' using buckets and buying their filters.



MtRider [Water is nearly always #1 in my priority list.... ]

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Whee thats better than what I'd seen so far although I hadn't looked a whole lot. I might can swing that! Thanks! Still wouldn't mind seeing that thread on making your own for a backup....

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Okay I found the thread: http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthrea...p;Number=191426


It was posted when the page they linked to was new though and its no longer on the front page so here's the new link they referenced:



And I also found this page that gives similar suggestions:




Something worth looking into!

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Have just recieved my Big Berkey unit, because of a problem with another{franchise} SELLER GOT 25% OFF FROM MILLENIUM CONCEPTS} 205 with 2 black berkey filters. Have also ordered 2 back ups. The black filters have an advertised life of 3000 gallons. Only my girlfreind and myself so should be sufficeint. My brother {whose home is our main bug out location} has had his unit for 8 years and is still on the original set of 4 white 9 inch filters. He also has a set of four spares for backup a private well and generator hardwired to his home. The main difference in the white and black are that 1. the white filters have a higher capacity and they have a rating of about 99.99% effectiveness. The black filters actually get a rating of 99.99999% which means that it is rated as a water purifier. More simply stated the white filters leave no more than 1 part per ten thousand of the original contaminant and the black filters leave no more than 1 part per ten million. That is 1000xs the filter rating as per the EPA's rating system. Also there are instructions on the net that show how to make a home made system 2 five gallon or so food grade buckets and a little hardware, think the cost was around forty bucks with good prices found for the buckets and hardware {check with restaurants and so on} but you still have to dish out $100 for each set of two filters. Hope this helps a little.

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Originally Posted By: HannaLee
So what would be best, white or black filters? Can you even get white filters for the bigger models?

BTW, thanks for the link. I'm trying to get a Crown for Christmas. We have 10 in our family, so I want a big one!!

Yes, it comes with the white filters:
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