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off the floor?

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I'm obviously not figuring this search tool properly. I know this subject has been touched on before, but can't for the life of me find it.


DH is on vacation and we're going through the cellar, organizing and taking inventory. We have great shelving down there, but the shelf above the floor is quite high and there's at least a foot between the cement floor and shelf.


I know I've read not to store anything directly on the cement floor. How high off the floor should we be? DH is buying more shelving supplies tomorrow so I just want to make sure I give him the right info.


Can anyone help?? TIA

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Here's one piece of info I found and I'm looking for more!


Dehydrated foods should be stored in a cool, dry area. Use your imagination: under beds, in closets or in the basement, if dry. Never place the cases directly on a concrete floor or against a concrete wall, as concrete will sweat and the moisture may cause the cans to rust. Put them on racks or boards so that the air can circulate freely around the food.



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Here's another tidbit...


Store your food in a cool, dry place. Do not store food in an attic and try not to store it in the garage, especially if you live in a hot area. A basement is best, but you should not store your food on a cement floor or against a cement wall; elevate it an inch or two.




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Edconaluke.....LOL the search thingie hates me too. shrug


The main thing is to insulate from that moisture transfer which is due to a difference in temperature. So don't stack food containers directly on cement blocks but the wood shelf would insulate. Leaving a small air gap also does the insulating. I KNOW you want to be able to use every inch of storage, huh? happy02



Ah, another thot. If you have ANY possibility of that area flooding with .... (sewer problem, massive rain, whatever)....make sure you have it up high enough for that. I have the potential for ice 'flowing' off the roof and running under the garage door and causing me problems.... {sigh}


I finally cleared more space in my basement and *remembered* to stick scrap pieces of rigid foam between my buckets and the outside cement block walls tooooooo! cheer




MtRider [ Space....I need more space to organize!!!! ]

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What about a basement that has a Pergo-type (engineered hardwood, actually, rather than laminate) over the concrete. Is it okay for things to be placed on the floor there? That's what I've been doing, but now I'm just wondering ...

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I wouldn't Genoa. We once lived in a house built on a slab. The carpets were frequently damp. If I were you, I'd throw down some 2x4's to create a grid. That way there is room for some air circulation beneath your items.


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Thanks so much guys!! That's exactly what I was looking for! Hubby is going to by some 2x2's and place them on the floor and then put some wood or something on top of that.


Haha......Mt_Rider, yes I definitely want to use up every bit of space possible! DH originally thought I was going a tad overboard, but humoured me by never saying anything. Now with the current economy and high cost of things he's all for stockpiling. I've always done it, but I'm really serious :-)

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FWIW, when I had a basement and used metal garage type shelving, I liked to lay down a layer of cardboard, like the flat the cans were in, so cans were not sitting directly on the solid metal shelves.


I also had an small old upright freezer that was non-working in the basement left behind by the previous owner. I cleaned it well and used it to store dry box mixes, noodles and bags of sugar. I threw a few of those de-humidifying packets in for good measure. Totally mouse proof storage!

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We have a basement and have learned indeed the HARD way NOT to EVER put anything directly on the floor, even if it's a TOTE. The tote will eventually trap moisture and the contents will smell funky.


We have 2 x 4's and old grids from a futon in the basement for bucket storage. On old concrete, part of the basement does have the old tile. We do have carpet on that and it is fine, but the concrete underneath has been sealed.


Where we have linoleum on the concrete, moisture is trapped. Wood or metal is your best friend for lifting things off the floor.

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A quick solution to storing things off the cement floor is to get some pallets and use those. You can usually find these for free. At least around here, we can. (nothing like seeing a whole pallet of toilet paper in your basement LOL)

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