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Got my mits around a very nice brass oillamp and a cast-iron waffle iron at a church sale this afternoon. Was there in the morning and they asked too much for the lamp. Went back near closingtime and haggled them down to halfprice.


Last week I've submitted the plans for the strawbale building I want to build on a small piece of land I want to buy. The way the world is going now, I might even buy it if buildingpermit is not granted (in time). Cos even if not granted, I have to decide before the 31st of december if we go ahead or not under the preliminary contract.

It's very far away from where I live and I dread thinking how I'd have to set up a tent, insulate it, fix some sort of stove inside and prepare in case my adults offspring needs to join me there for safety.

There's always a place for me and offspring with a lovely person in the USA and we'd go there last resort. But it'd be good to have something on the same continent, just in case.

So without buildingpermit, it's brain-wrecking how to doll up a tent so that it's fine for long term use. Plus storage plus safety plus... Nah, for survivalists it's a fantastic location.


Other than that, just battling to get some health back.

Sorry C4C, been in bed and not started canning yet.

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Just picked up 16 wide mouth pint jars at a thrift store for $5. I had passed up some there in the last couple of weeks, then everybody keeps talking about not finding any, or way too high prices. I guess I should be slapped for passing up some. Also, replaced most of the store bought cans we opened this week and added a few extra things.

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I ordered a lot of storage preps from the co-op I belong to. I thought my dh was going to say something about it, but he told me to get whatever I thought we needed. I then showed him the Berkley that I want for Christmas and he seemed interested. I even saved it as a favorite so that he can find it easier....lol. Now I just have to keep reminding him about it. I told my dd that this year presents were going to be about needs and not so much wants. So we are looking for a beginning gun for her and some things for her BOB.

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yard sales


Candles 1 dollar for about 50 of those long taper candles.

15 dollars for clothing for Katy and Tya -- winter is coming on fast.

three cases of NEW jars (two pint, one jelly) 1 large water bath canner with rack, a garlic roaster and a butter crock, all for 6 bucks. woo hoo!

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Bought 25# sugar, 15 cans of veges, 2 cans cooking sprays, 2 extra cans coffee, 2 bottles garlic powder, 2 boxes stove-top stuffing, 10 pkgs brown gravy mix, 1 large bag "blow-Pops" suckers (comfort food).

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DH and I went out of town yesturday to buy preps.Got 25#sugar,cocoa,flour,vanilla/lemon extract,several types of seasonings,dog vitamins,large containers to store things in.Stopped by one of the home improvement stores to get lumber,hardware so DH can build some "furniture" for spare room that will house hidden compartments. woohoo


We hit two of the thrift shops searching it out,spotted an oil lamp but a lady grabbed it up before I managed to get to it.I followed her all over the store in hopes she would change her mind and set it down.No such luck.DH was laughing the whole time,said he never figured me for a stalker. rofl


Could not make it into the parking lot of one of the gun stores.It was soooo crowded.So,we drove to several of the bigger pawn shops there,they were super busy as well.Could not get to the gun counters,and the area desinated to "pawn" had lines.We really haven't made the mind up on what kind yet anyway,but wanted to check it out,make the decision,and go for it next week.


Got home and realized I had forgotten the ax handles that I had planned to buy and store.Bad thing it was on my list.It's pretty bad when it is written down on the list you have in your pocket of your jeans and you still just don't get it in your head to read the dadburn thing.Mimi smile

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At the grocery store they had a lot of buy one get one free offers. I saved almost $40 dollars. I only got stuff we use and not the things offered that would go to waste. I have found that it is nice to be able to just buy stuff when it is on sale, as I have more than enough to wait for those sales and then I stock up. I really need to focus on spices now. I want to have some flavor in my prep foods when I have to eat them.


Mimi54- I do that about 1/2 the time. Makes me wonder why I bother taking the time to make it in the first place.

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Not nearly as exciting as gunpowder and lead...but I started processing acorns. I have been researching them for a while and been collecting them as they fall. A free and abundant food source. I'll know more in the next little while if I can (a) make them work and (B) get the family to try them.

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Tractor Diva, I'd like to hear more of your acorn project! grin Sorry, couldn't resist!


Seriously, I would like to know about your plans.


My two little goats are trying to rid my yard of them, they're soon going to be called pigs instead of goats!


Maybe you could start a thread in the Kitchen forum about the acorns. We're making pine needle tea for the first time today due to another post someone made.


We often look right over so many things that are free and available.

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I am right now, digging out my garage-dumping/donating/rotating

food and prep "other". Pulling out fall stuff. Scrubbing cleaning etc.

I needed a small break then back at it.


Where did I get all this stuff? Stuff stuff not prep stuff. grincrazy


Cataloging (I lost one of my prep list books...I refuse to cry just recatalog and burn a computer copy too frown ).


I can't afford anything right now so this is my prep work. It feels tiring but good.


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Got up after alarm went off and got up! Early, when I could have just stayed home in bed... getting a tad bit more disciplined and feeling better overall with more of a routine.

Completed 80% of the tasks I wanted to do this weekend, but also knew after so much, I needed to rest my body and my mind so I took off Sunday afternoon and watched football and iggied the IM box!

Also, I worked on my 2nd Depression Scenario and actually wrote ten action packed, well dialogued pages! If I had not been tired, I could have written all night, but I forced myself mentally to shut it down and got to sleep after a time.


(I dealt with a coping skills class, and my feelings about dear Twilaps relative, regarding how he was treated, and was pleased to see others that I knew, at the classes today, were also flat out upset and angry over how the whole thing had been handled by the LEO's. WE all want Christopher to get the help he needs right now and we are incensed over the injustices done, and sad for the loss of his father and the roommate/friend of the family.)

They add their prayers too, for all of Twilaps family, today. girl


And........I know there are chores I need to get done!

Putting on my helmet..... tinfoil and getting to :

vacuumingdishesbandclothesline and whatever else I can get done today.... baking anyone?

( Raising skill levels with baked goods).

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Now this is something that was said on another board, could be nothing but bull but I thought I would mention some of it to see if anyone here has heard any of this. OK they said Biden, Collen Powel and others had mentioned to people during the elections that Jan. 21 & 22 something big was going to happen and Obama was going to need the support of a lot of people with influence because the American people was not going to like it or understand at first why Obama had to do this. Did not say what he was going to have to do. Said he was going to need these peoples influence to calm people. C. Powel & Biden did not mention what would happen and other higher up people made the same remarks. Like I said take this for what its worth, I just feel like I need to tell what was suppose to have been said so everyone can make of it what you like.

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Kelly I can think of threads this would be good on: Red Flags and So Whaddya Think so anyone can view it. I think getting as many preps done and figuring out how to let the kids in the family get used to the idea there may be some stuff happening and you were doing your very best for everyone in the family every day.


Maybe something really is going on then, we wont know til it does. Sort of like the October surprise concerns. They did not happen.


For me, I find keeping busy, and if I'm worn out physically, doing distracting mental activities, or focusing as the case may be, to get my mind in a settled way as much as possible and making my grown son aware of things and hoping he and his fiance and roomie will prep for anything and that my son carries Pottasium Iodide in a daypack with a water filter water bottle and other small survival items it is not illegal to travel in planes and other countries with, as his work is now international, to be ready, to be watching his surroundings and the people. To rehearse mentally what he might have to do in a shtf situation, exits, alternate routes... to make sure he and his team ( all veterans) to have a plan to rondevouz if they can, how to leave the country, even if its on a freighter if there are emp blasts.... to be able to eventually get back to America . This could also be from economic collapse....

Just do what you can. Everything you do as preps and your mindset are whats important.

this site helps us function even when we worry;.


I am trying so hard to do what I must. It looked insurmountable but its had progress and I am looking forward to the tasks now. I see some results and it is so uplifting, and knowing there are others like all of you, doing the same and trying to be the best for your family's sakes, and the amazing amounts of tasks you get done, it is all good. It helps to know we are all over, doing what we can to take care of ourselves when we find ourselves adrift.


I think it will be partly economic related. Just watch the stock market news for a week.... 'nuff said. As to all else, it just makes me prep harder and faster.



But lets try and think what needs doing and what we can do in the meantime. If I let these comments freak me out I will freeze in fear and be a sitting duck. It does happen, and I would rather see what my strengths and resources are. I am alone, living single, and I sometimes envy some of you with such loving husbands, but there is a reason or two I know , that God has, for me being single. It is enough to work on just taking care of myself, but I can raise others awareness, among my family and friends who are opening their ears now. Some are anyhow.


Whatever good thing I can do, if I can wrap my head around a scenario, and figure out what I have or can buy or make, or trade for or recycle for something that will help me in a situation is what I need to do. I do feel the Lords direction in this, for whatever may occur. I am getting somewhat better about it too. There cannot be anymore procrastination on my part.


And really, it keeps me occupied, it is increasing my health in body, soul and mind, and I reap the benefits and feel a good bit more secure and empowered. I also see my creativity, logic and abilities increase along with my memory improving.


This is why this forum is the way it is. I write this in the Spirit and mean well and to encourage you to not get freaked!

Most of us want to really understand what is going on though and I appreciate the spirit in which you did your above post.


I have had to clamp down on the worrying parts and do things that are really good for me and help me be prepared. I feel much better that way, and I stay alert and try to also learn about things as much as I can too, but have to limit how much I let myself think about it. The depths of fear are a really bad bunch of places to be in. We need to develop our confidance and skills and thats why MrsS is so great. It also encourages moderation, and faith of some sort that you may favor. It helps me do that, more and more and I'm lovin' it!



Now, back to our regularly scheduled report.... wink

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I have just subscribed to a local service that delivers local, organic produce. It's $25 a week (or you can do longer subscriptions for discounts) and they deliver either your choice of items, or "farmer's choice" which is always worth more than $25 (looks to me more like $40) along with recipes for a few of the less common items. They identify which farms they get produce from. You can also pay extra and add things like eggs and goat cheese to your order.


so we're supporting local farmers and getting produce which does well in this area without petrochemicals. Some is great for seed saving. Now that we know we like "Adirondack Blue" potatoes, we can simply plant some of them. Or native garlic or cheese pumpkin seeds. We're also trying new foods which grow well here, like jerusalem artichokes. And we're establishing a regular connection with irregular food distribution that has nothing to do with supermarket chains.

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