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Stress Relief!!! what are you doing about it?

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Alot of it will depend on why I'm stressed. Sometimes, I can deal with the cause of stress. Sometimes I just need to deal with my perception.


Reading is a great escape. I can't think about my problems while immersed in fiction.

Walking is a good way to release stress.

Laughing is wonderful. An amusing tv show or movie with some crocheting to keep my hands busy so I can relax with the tv is lovely.


Prayer.. definitely.


Examples of dealing with the cause of stress. Worried about how to manage to do something. You research it and find out how, and break it down into bits that you can deal with. I was on bed rest while pregnant with my youngest. When I started grocery shopping again the price increase was just killing me. I joked that it was post-traumatic *shopping* disorder. And I found that more frequent trips with smaller purchases helped. I was spending the same amount but in increments so it wasn't effecting me as much.


And I don't say no to the occasional glass of wine with or after dinner.

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Spent 26 years in stress taking care of 1st husband, then his death after being married for 42 years...stress. Then God gave me a vision, and it totally set me free. Then He put Mountain Man in my life. Nothing seems like stress any more, seriously. I & Mountain Man start our mornings out in quiet, waking up casually just talking to one another & saying hello...before we even get out of bed, then just reading and having a hot cup of coffee for me and hot chocolate for him. Then breakfast. We seldom really "start" our day before 11:00 am ... unless he's working on a job site. All through my day I thank my Lord for His gifts in my life. I clean, vacuum & do laundry at Mother's every week and cut her hair once a month, and spending time with her is often nice. Did that today. Mountain Man has "adopted" her as his own (both of his parents have moved to heaven) and helps me take care of her things when he's not working. Today he put together a new vacuum for her (hers gave up the ghost) and I did laundry, swept & mopped her vinyl's and then when he was finished, he worked in her pantry while I ran the vacuum. These things may seem like "work" but when I'm working with him, it's such a blessing. Son lives in our upstairs apartment, so he often comes tripping down to say hello. Things are pretty "even" for him right now. And of course...having our Abby-girl (lab-brat) always has tons of entertainment! We both love to play solitaire on the computer, and we watch alot of movies on Amazon (we're Amazon-prime people and wifi) so we can choose what we want to watch and when. Being retired has it's advantages for sure...and the biggest is being able to "destress" at just about any time we feel we need to. Just a quick mental reference to Ps. 57:1 & 2 reminds me of the futility of me getting strung out. If we get the snow they're thinking we'll get (6"-18"), we'll be looking forward to digging out our snowshoes & poles and heading for the Little House for a hike in the snow!

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Stress......... :runcirclsmiley2:










... pray

... clean the house

... paint a painting, sew by hand, crafty things

... go for a walk

... cry

... find a place of solitude

... try to formulate a solution

... pray more











(... too much stress in my life right now ...)

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