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I put a 'wanted' ad on Craig's List for canning supplies and someone contacted me. I picked up this afternoon. I got a 16 quart Presto pressure canner, 9 pint and a half jars, 118 pint jars and 71 quarts!! There are also hundreds of new rings and several boxes of new lids (which may be too old to use....I'll try some and see). All the jars, ring and lids were free and the canner was but $15!


I'm one happy Momma! dancing

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I've been canning all sorts of things with a borrowed All American. This is a dial gauge and when I get a new gasket in, I plan to take it to the Extension Office. It looks just like this one. Not the prettiest thing, but it was cheap!


I have a question. Is the Presto site the only place you can get a replacement gasket for a canner this old? I don't want to waste my time running all around town to the various hardware stores, if they don't carry it.

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You should be able to get one for that model at the hardware store. It is made in the 70's by the color. I thought you meant an old Model 7 or something. Now, those Model 7's are old, with wooden handles.

You can probably get the three piece weight set and use it on there, too. You use it as a weighted gauge canner. No testing of the gauge ever needed then. The vent pipe seems to be the right one to take the weights. I use my canners as a weighted gauge now. Just love it. No more testing of the gauge, even though I test gauges. No more babysitting watching that dial. I just listen to it rattle away. Part number 50332 if you are interested. Costs about $10 to $12 for the set.

You got a good deal.

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What you have is called a "counterweight". It is only meant to allow pressure to build in the canner. It doesn't regulate the pressure. You do that yourself with the stove temp. That is why you have to watch that dial like a hawk.

Now, If you will not use that counterweight, and buy a three piece set, you will leave the dial on, but ignore it or just use as a reference. The three piece set allows you to use the right one for what you are canning and for your altitude. Most of us will need the 10 lb. weight. Once you vent the canner, as always, you will put the 10 lb. weight on. It will rock the whole time, making a racket, but it self vents and keeps the pressure at 10 lb. You don't have to watch that dial anymore ! Frees you up to do other things when canning in the kitchen.

I got mine from a store here, but you can order from here :


It is part 50332. It comes apart. The middle is 5 lb., add one ring 10 lb., add both rings 15 lb.

You will never have to get the gauge tested if you go to using this.

They may also have the gasket for yours, I don't know.

There are also other sites online. Something like RedHill, I ordered from and got fine service.


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I too posted under "barter" for canning equipment, canners, jars etc as well as camping stuff like tents, lanterns, and even another one for cast iron cookware, enamel ware, etc... Who knows, mabe I'll get lucky too!

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