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Water bath vs Pressure canning

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A question for you experienced canners:


May I pressure can jams,applesauce and other water bathed foods? Pressure canning seems much less wasteful, since you use much less water.


If I can, how do I know how long to pressure can it when the directions are for water bath canning? Are there guidelines somewhere?

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Yes, you can pressure can them. I would not do pickles where you want them crisp, though. I personally don't like my fruits pressure canned. Too soft. Won't hurt with applesauce,though. I also pressure can all of my tomatoes. You still must use the required bottled lemon juice or citric acid in tomato products even in a pressure canner. They are too low acid to not add it. The pressure canning times and BWB times for tomatoes are equal in the way they destroy botulism, etc. There are no times determined without the added acid.


There are other places, too, for info. This one was handy for me.


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