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Nido Dry Whole Milk

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Thanks Michelle, I noticed it is actually cheaper than WM band powdered milk and it is sealed in a can. I can buy it cheaper than I can order off line and pay shipping.


Think I will pick a can up Friday and try it out to see how the natives like it and if it passes their test then I guess I will stock it instead of WM brand powdered milk.

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Yes to me the taste was not any different really than the WM brand and it tastes better than the stuff I ordered from Honeyville Grain. I actually would drink some of it and the kids lapped it up. Really good substitute. The best I've found.

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Just about any store that sells "MEXICAN"..... you might have to look in the ETHNIC sections of the gorcery store! Try the stores that are NOT major chains:::::




I buy "Baking Powdered Milk" threw a Bulk Food supplier, and prefer it----- the taste is Great!


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Originally Posted By: ArmyOfFive4God
Tastes like coffee creamer to me. Half & half, maybe?

I just want it to cook with for now. Maybe in a SHTF situtation I would drink it.

Fresh milk (well WM brand) is 3.69 a gallon here or at least it was last week. and we go through a minimum of two gallons a week. I had been buying WM brand powdered milk but is now something like $16 for the 20 qt box. Which is not a savings over fresh milk.
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Nido is the only form of powdered milk we like. I've even got one can that is open in the freezer for occasional use - what I like about it is that according to how much water you add you get anything from cream to skim milk!


Wish they had bigger cans - #10 cans would be great! Walmart is the only place we've found Nido in Florida though.

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Have ya'll tried morning moo--i tricked my kidos into it and now they is all we drink. i made it up and filled the old milk jug with it. the only trick is that it has to be really cold. you can make it into cream etc by how much water you add.

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