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I am very frugal with the lights on when I am home alone. I usually just leave the light on in the kitchen over the stove.


Last night, I heard our dog barking/growling softly, which is something she doesn't usually do, so I knew something was up. I got to the front as quick as I could (I was at the other end of the house) & turned on all the outside lights and lights in here. I wasn't sure if maybe she just heard a cat or something, but I wasn't chancing going outside (I've lived in the city way too long before we moved out here! lol)


This morning we figured out they had taken some of the packaged wood we had hidden on the porch and we think some of the cut wood in the yard frown I think all my gardening tools are still there - I'm pretty sure I caught them right as they were starting to take things.


We live in a park, so it's got to be somebody here. They must have been either watching us bring things in lately to have known they were there, because it was stacked on a shelf that you cannot see from the street, and we have it gated at the top of the stairs to come in here/access to the porch. Our yard is completely fenced (wood).


I've learned my lesson, I'll start keeping the porch light on. My question is: what would you do to add to the security of here outside? I was thinking some motion sensor lights around the yard to start with, and definitely another flood light facing our shed. Another dog isn't an option, because we're already past the park limit for pets. wink (or believe me, I'd have been down at the shelter this morning!)


Now I'm paranoid with my preps! frown

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I agree more lights and LOCKS


I would look into a metal cabinet that locks for my fire wood or another building. Something that I could lock up. It won't stop them but it will slow them down.

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Originally Posted By: mi_familia

We live in a park, so it's got to be somebody here.

And that's the problem in a nutshell. Just about anything Nature can throw at you, you can weather with a bit of luck. People are the most dangerous beings on the planet and the thing to look out for most.

Any bulk food and other prep items bought, are brought into the house at dark. No need for anyone to see how much goes through the door and estimate what we have.

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Ohhhhh how scary!!!! A gun2 is my solution to everything--but that's just me. shrug


I have the motion lights and they work well. You can even set them so animals won't set them off.


An inexpensive "driveway" alarm can be set up anywhere and it will ring in your house when the barrier is broken. You can set them up on the sidewalk or whereever you think they entered.

Conceal everything!!


Don't let anyone see what you have. If they don't know it is there, they won't want it.


Maybe, also, make things hard to take quickly, like putting a bunch of "noisy" junk in the way. They won't want to take the time and if they do move it, you have an even better chance of catching them. The more noise it makes the better--like empty cans with rocks in them on top of the pile, etc.


Remember to be extra careful--thieves who have found something they wanted are very likely to come back SOON!


Also, NEVER underestimate your dog!!!


But I think the main reason I don't have any problems is my reputation to ALWAYS have a gun in my hand. trip2


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Someone was stealing my DD's decorations right off her front porch! She got a motion light and hook it up so the light came on in her bedroom when someone came up on the porch. I think it was a neighbor because after they hooked it up it never happened again.

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I second the motion detectors. The thing is though that with the cheap ones, you can outsmart them by moving slowly. So, sometimes, a bright light that is always on is best.


I also LOVE those driveway alarms. They are SO great! They tell you the second someone crosses a certain pathway. They even have different chimes so you can get two or three for various areas - front drive, side drive, etc. and they're inexpensive!


My uncle has one of those croaking frogs on a corner of his porch. It's higher than his dogs, so a human has to set it off. If he hears that thing go off and they're not expecting anyone, he opens the door with Mossy.


One of his dogs also is a trained attack dog, so he has let him out before. Nothing like 120 lbs of drooling, snarling, snapping dog to knock someone down and hold them there while the police are called. smile All you would have to say is "Identify yourself" while letting the dog out. Chances are, the dog would get them and hold them within seconds and you've got your perp.

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Thank you everyone! I'm going to definitely get some motion detectors then and fix a spotlight on the back of the yard so that one is always on. I'll block off the back steps to the yard with junk here this afternoon.


We do mostly bring our preps in at night. frown I had figured the regular grocery bags with a few things would be alright as we are a bit fluffy and anyone would think we like our food, but I won't be doing that anymore either unless it's frozen stuff.


This has finally convinced DH that I could get a gun. He's been afraid I'd just shoot someone, no questions asked. (me? wink )

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Uh thats the point of a gun... if you feel you're in danger, shoot first, ask questions later. I think thats why we don't have any problems here, like deer said people know I tend to keep a gun in hand. Nothing like the fury of a ticked off housewife with a gun rofl. Get the motion sensors and be safe!



Thats so cool about the driveway alarms. I've never heard of them. Off to find some for this place now. running

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I have to admit this is part of what worries me where I live. I do live just outside of town. It is a very small town. ( Not even a little market. In fact the whole town is less than a square mile in size. I can walk the whole town easily.) There have been a few problems though. My daughter, who is just a half mile away has had her car broken into several times and her house once. Someone has also been stealing gas. Of course, maybe they were "borrowing it" the last time. Suddenly yesterday morning she got up and found that she had almost a quater of a tank of gas when she was on E the night before. Someone slipped gas into her car!!! Who would have expected that.

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Deb2of9 - Your daughter should pick up a locking gas cap. We bought one for DS car when gas started to rise to keep people from stealing his. Much easier to find a car that doesn't have one.


I haven't heard of the driveway alarms, I'll have to check into those. What brand are you using? Or is there only one?

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Sadly, people in my area don't bother with gas caps, preferring to just use an ice pick to the bottom of the tank. They do a whole row of cars in a parking garage in a few minutes and nobody is the wiser (at first).

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There are tons of different driveway alarms--you can get them at most Lowes and Home Depot or over the www. You can pay from $25 up. My front driveway one was about $100 because of the distance (over 1/2 mile) and the denseness of the trees.. You don't even have to wire them in--just set them up with batteries.

I have a different (cheap) one in the back since that is not a good point of entrance anyway. ( I use that one mainly for DEER. Don't tell anyone deerslayers secret to knowing when a deer in on the dirt path out back. ) busted

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OOOOOOooooo, I gotta look for one of those driveway sensor thingies. We live waaaaaaay out in the hills, and security has been a sticky point with me for a while. The layout of our property and the number of trees makes it hard to hear a car coming down the driveway.

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I can hear vehicles near us but thats the problem... I can hear everything. I'll be up half the night thinking I hear someone pulling in the drive but its just people going down the road. One of those I could just listen for the alarm. Might get some sleep then...

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Motion lights are great. I have also seen ads for battery operated motion lights. I don't know how much actual light they would put out, but it might be worth checking out for areas without readily available electricity (sheds, near the wood pile, etc.). If nothing else, it would easily pinpoint the area the intruder is in if you have several likely "targets".


For buildings, they sell battery operated alarms. They work like the window type - 2 magnets.


I have one on my storage shed. I have it set with a 10 second delay so I can put my code in to stop the 115 db alarm from going off.


Yeas, it is a bit of a pain if I want something quick out of the shed, but my stored gasoline and other items are relatively safe. The nice thing about the battery ones are they will run the alarm for about 30 minutes before the batteries wear out (takes 3 AA batteries) AND there is almost no way someone can bypass the magnetic latches.


For the driveway detectors, if you have people turning around in your driveway a lot, place them about 20' up the driveway, otherwise put them about 5' up the driveway to keep trash and such from setting them off.

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