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Hello from Alaska

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I just discovered this site a few days ago and am really enjoying reading here.My dh and I have been married 18 years. We have 3 children(16,11,7) and baby on the way due in April.We also homeschool.We have 3 cats although dh really wants a dog.He wants to get a Bull Mastiff eventually. We just can't have one living here. We live in apartment right now(once lived in the country for about 4 years and really miss it)I miss the garden, drying clothes on the line, acreage and fresh country air.We have a heart for old fashioned skills and living. I enjoy baking, cross-stitching,crafts,reading, gardening and frugal living. I am slowly teaching myself to crochet and sew.I also want to learn canning. Since there is obviously no room for a garden here, I plan to try my hand at container gardening this Spring.I look forward to getting to know you all.



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Welcome Tina, glad you joined! This site is great!


Lots of folks here who have some land and livestock may have some really great ideas about types of dogs. Most of them have working dogs that are at least dual purpose or will guard them and their children well. They can give you plenty of advice, although you may want to get that mastiff to be DH's best pal!


I hope you are able to return to country living. I am living singly in a tiny apartment here and just started prepping this year. With a fixed income I have plenty of challenges but MrsS has provided wonderful and encouraging friends. I have alot I can do that doesn't always require money once I have the tools, and things I need to make the stuff.... and getting organized has taken some time with some health challenges, but I find support from many folks here on any account and I learn alot everytime I read forums and ask questions.


I love country living and eventually will move, South probably, as my son and his new wife are in the Southeast and she is from north of Houston, so the East Piney Woods of Tx or Louisiana or MS maybe my next residence. I am trying to scrimp and save now as I go along and maybe in a few to five years I can go there.


Right now I live in the area my father was raised, in the Adirondacks in NY State. I have lived in a number of states and prefer country living and good values over the fast city life.


So hopefully we will both get to our dreams as well as learn to be well supplied for any tough times we are going through!


( I am amazed at the ways folks here come up with to store stuff in small spaces).


Of course, right outside my door is a huge wilderness along with farms and such too in this region.... and although I adore four seasons, I am getting too old to deal with all the cold of winter months! ( Also a good reason to move to a warmer climate). So that has become a real challenge lately, and so I keep having to plan and do what I can to prepare no matter what I want to do! LOL.

so, MrsS is very very helpful to me, a wonderful sharing place filled with great members. A great thinktank !

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Welcome to Mrs. S! Tina, you can still do old-timey things you enjoy through crafts and even with soap making or candle making and such. Container gardens are fun! If you buy your cat litter in buckets, they make great containers! (Add a drainage hole and you're good to go) I grew lots of cherry tomatoes in those buckets, enough dry some in the dehydrator for "sun-dried" tomatoes! My inlaws live in Los Angeles and have a tiny postage stamp size back "yard" which is mostly patio. They grow everything in containers, including a giant ginger tree that split its pot. They had cukes on trellises in huge wash tubs, and rows of tomatoes. They used all sorts of containers--and even grew pole beans over one of those arched trellises that went over their walkway. So start collecting containers and plan where to put them. Somebody on here even grew melons in containers!

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Welcome to the Family. You'll find everyone here is full of info and sincere in their offers of friendship and encouragement'. I've been comming here since 1998 and a better bunch of people you'll not find anywhere.

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